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A tongue-in-cheek look at UFO data collected by the British government in 2009, demonstrating the awesome capabilities of the Palantir Government analysis platform...

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  1. 1. Leveraging the Palantir Government Analysis Platform.IMSL - Alien Activity Analysis Cell* * So Damned Secret, We Don’t Really Exist.
  2. 2. UFO Activity Reporting in the UKUp until 01 Dec09 the Ministryof Defence inthe UnitedKingdom keptrecords ofevery sightingof anunidentifiedFlying Object(UFO) reportedby members ofthe public.
  3. 3. The Ministry of DefenceWe don’t know whythe government wentto the effort ofcollecting andrecording thisdata*, but we’ve notseen any coherentanalysis of it.So what does thisdata tell us aboutUFO sightings overthe UK?* It’s possible that this was a cold war legacy issue, and there wereconcerns regarding the presence of enemy aircraft over the UK. Then again,it’s not unknown for the UK MoD to do things without having any specificobjective, logic or rationale in mind…
  4. 4. Where do UFO sightings occur?locations of individual ‘heat map’ givingincidents. concentrations of activity.
  5. 5. Where do UFO sightings occur? #2 population density of Britian. (light green = low pop density) Clear Correlations For a UFO sighting you need two things – the viewer and the object itself. More viewers = more likelihood of a sighting?
  6. 6. Where do UFO sightings occur? #2 But also interesting anomalies…
  7. 7. When do UFO sightings occur? Your best chance of seeing a UFO (as opposed to a Chinese lantern or a firework) is mid- July to mid September.No spike for new- Interesting period of heightened Bonfireyear fireworks… activity with no immediately Night. apparent explanation. Weekend closest Diwali to Chinese Lantern Festival Halloween
  8. 8. When do UFO sightings occur? #2 Saturday night at pub closing time is when you’re most likely to see an UFO. Moon Phase does not appear to influence UFO sighting.
  9. 9. Is it the drink? Left: shows UFO reporting. Right: shows Alcohol consumption in the UK. No clear correlation between alcohol consumption and UFO sightings on available data…
  10. 10. Trends and Patterns in Appearance By far the most common colour for a UFO is Red By far the most / Orange common shape for a UFO is circular / spherical. Are we seeing quite a lot of Chinese lanterns being reported as UFOs?
  11. 11. Are any sightings corroborated?By picking one day(25 Jul) we can seethat the sightings Data for these eventsare spread across the shows significantcountry. Only two discrepancies in(Reading area) are shape, colour andclose enough to be number of objects.likely to be the sameobject…
  12. 12. Are any sightings corroborated? #2 By focussing in on just oneBut interestingly colour of UFO (white) we can seethe two temporally a similarly large geographicalclose events are and temporal distribution.alsogeographicallyclose Looking at the source reporting shows that there are significant differences between the accounts.
  13. 13. So You Want to See a UFO?A 5 Point Guide for Aspirant UFO Spotters:1. Go to Cornwall or the North-West coast of Wales.2. Aim for sometime between Mid-July and Mid-September.3. Look skywards at around pub closing time on Saturday night.4. Having had a few beers may not increase the likelihood of a sighting, but it probably won’t decrease it either…5. Go alone: UFO’s don’t seem to appear to more than one person at a time. Good Luck.
  14. 14. Who Are IMSL?IMSL are experts in analysis and intelligence management.We don’t really have an Alien Activity Analysis Cell. We justfound an interesting dataset.But the question we would like you to ask is this: If a bunch of geeks can do this with some quirky data about aliens, what insight could they provide you by using the same tools and techniques on your data?.Drop us an email, and let’s talk. Because... The Truth Is Out There!
  15. 15. Further Reading...Find the raw data on UFOs here: out more about the awesome Palantir intelligence platformhere: