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Pangea Shellfish Signature Products


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More details and specs on our signature products including our exclusive oysters, Perfectly Purged Steamers, Hollander & de Koning mussels and more shellfish.

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Pangea Shellfish Signature Products

  2. 2. About Our Company Our mission is to source and distribute the best oysters and shellfish in the world while respecting our oceans, customers, vendors, and employees. QUICK FACTS ABOUT PANGEA 2001 Year that Pangea first opened its doors 1 OF 5 Massachusetts businesses permitted to have a wet storage system OVER 12 MILLION Number of oysters Pangea distributes in a year BOSTON We’re located near the Boston Logan Airport and major freight transfers like Araho and Peninsula
  3. 3. Why choose us? We know shellfish. • One-stop shop for high quality shellfish products • Over 70 oyster varieties throughout the year • We grow our own oysters • Later cut-off times • Outstanding customer service
  4. 4. Our Signature Products
  5. 5. Click on each product for more details. Standish Shore Oysters Exclusive Oysters Perfectly Purged Steamers Hollander & De Koning Mussels Willapoint Shucked Oysters Manila Clams
  6. 6. STANDISH SHORE OYSTERS® CRASSOSTREA VIRGINICA ABOUT PRODUCT DETAILS Beautiful Duxbury oysters grown on our farm by Ben himself. Our Standish Shore Oysters are grown on our farm in Duxbury Bay, MA. They’re the perfect Atlantic oyster because of their well-balanced flavor, hearty shells, and sweet-buttery meats. Our oysters are bottom-planted, a growout method that produces robust and strong oysters. We cull each oyster by hand for quality and shape, and only the finest Duxbury oysters make it into our bags. You can learn more about our growing process and our farm on our website at FarmedProduct Harvest Location Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA Sizing Standish Shore Select: 3.5” Standish Shore Petite: 2.75” Culture Method Bottom-cultured FlavorProfile Sweet and buttery with a pleasant ocean flavor. FlavorInfluencedBy Salinity: 2.9% (3.5% is full oceanic salinity) Tides: 10 ft. tidal range of nutrient-rich waters Bottom Makeup: Sand and silted tidal flats Average Shelf Life 2+ weeks stored at 38-43° F BEST SERVED SEASONALITY Rawon a half shell Availableyear-round; limitedavailability in the summer Back to list
  7. 7. PRODUCT DETAILS SEASONALITY MAYFLOWER POINT® PRODUCT DETAILS SEASONALITY THATCH ISLAND® PRODUCT DETAILS SEASONALITY SUMMERSIDE® PRODUCT DETAILS SEASONALITY BRISTOL BAY® EXCLUSIVE OYSTERS CRASSOSTREA VIRGINICA FarmedProduct HarvestLocation: East Dennis, MA Size: 3.25” Culture Method:Tray-cultured Flavor Profile: Medium brine with a clean finish. Available July through February FarmedProduct HarvestLocation: Barnstable, MA Size: 3.5” Culture Method:Rack-and-bag culture Flavor Profile: Moderate salt content with a clean, prolonged ocean finish. Available year-round;limitedin spring and summer FarmedProduct HarvestLocation: PEI, Canada Size: 3.5” Culture Method:Bottom-cultured Flavor Profile: Briny and buttery with a sweet finish. Available May through February FarmedProduct HarvestLocation: Portsmouth, RI Size: 3.5” Culture Method:Tray-cultured Flavor Profile: Medium brine with a clean finish. Available September to March;limited in spring and summer Back to list
  8. 8. PERFECTLY PURGED STEAMERS® MYA ARENARIA ABOUT PRODUCT DETAILS BEST SERVED You can expect a 99.9% yield on our Perfectly Purged steamers! SEASONALITY We buy high quality steamers from Maine and occasionally Cape Cod, and we purge them in our wet storage system for at least 48 hours. We triple-wash them, pick out any large or broken, and hand pack them in styros with gel packs and bubble wrap. This process ensures restaurant-ready steamers without the usual hassle of preparing steamers. Wild Product Harvest Location Maine & Cape Cod Sizing 16-22 clams/lb. Sold in 25 lb. units Harvest Method Hand digging with rakes and forks Average Shelf Life 5 to 10 days stored at 38-43° F Steamed with butter Availableyear-round, but highly weather- dependent Back to list
  9. 9. HOLLANDER & DE KONING MUSSELS MYTILUS EDULIS ABOUT PRODUCT DETAILS Every mussel is washed, graded for size, de-bearded, and purged of any sand. Once you try them, you’ll never forget them. Hollander & de Koning mussels are the only Dutch-style mussel in North America. They are special because they are grown on the ocean bottom unlike other mussels, which are rope or pole-grown. This technique produces superior meats that are robust, hearty, and flavorful. The de Koning family has been growing mussels for six generations since 1776. With their expertise and the pristine waters of Bar Harbor, Maine, Hollander & de Koning mussels truly are the best premium blue mussels on the market today. FarmedProduct Harvest Location Mount Desert Island, Maine Sizing 15 mussels/lb. Sold in 10 lb. units Culture Method Bottom-cultured Harvest Method Harvesting vessel brings the mussels up from the bottom where they are graded, de-bearded, purged, and bagged all on-board Average Shelf Life 7 to 10 days buried in ice stored at 38-43° F BEST SERVED SEASONALITY Steamed in a whitewinesauce Availableyear-round; limitedduring summer spawning months Back to list
  10. 10. WILLAPOINT SHUCKED OYSTERS CRASSOSTREA GIGAS ABOUT PRODUCT DETAILS Never worry you’ll get more liquid than juicy oyster meats in every half gallon tub. Of all the shucked oysters we’ve tried, these Willapoint oysters are the best. They are plump, sweet, and hold up well for numerous cooking uses. The advantage of having a West Coast shucked oyster is the guarantee that the liquor will not weigh more than 10% of the unit weight. You can always expect at least 3.5 lb. of oyster meat from every half gallon. These oysters are also great because they are triploid oysters, which means you can expect their meat quality to stay plump and consistent all year. FarmedProduct Harvest Location Willapa Bay, Washington Sizing Approx. 16 pcs/lb. Sold in 4 lb., ½ gallon units Culture Method Bottom-cultured and suspended-culture Harvest Method Jet-driven boats harvest the oysters then unload onto a conveyer system straight to the processing facility. Oysters are hand shucked then packaged. Average Shelf Life 21 days from shuck date buried in ice stored at 38-43° F BEST SERVED SEASONALITY Deepfried, baked, broiled, stuffed, or stewed Availableyear-round Back to list
  11. 11. MANILA CLAMS VENERUPIS PHILIPPINARUM ABOUT PRODUCT DETAILS Beautiful shells and sweet, tender meats. A great addition to brighten any dish! These native Asian clams were accidentally introduced to the US when cargo ships pumped out their ballasts. Since then, they have become a Pacific Northwest staple and an interesting ingredient chefs like to feature in their seafood specials. Our manila clams are flown from Washington and then wet-stored in our HACCP- certified seawater system to rejuvenate them and increase their shelf life. They are available in two sizes, small and medium. FarmedProduct Harvest Location Washington and British Columbia Sizing Small: 30-35 pcs/lb. Medium: 20-25 pcs/lb. Available in 10 lb. units Culture Method Bottom-cultured Harvest Method Hand digging with forks and rakes Average Shelf Life 5 to 7 days buried in ice stored at 38-43° F BEST SERVED SEASONALITY Steamed, sautéed, or on the halfshell Availableyear-round; best in winter, and limited in July and August Back to list
  12. 12. Looking for other items? Contact Us Pangea Shellfish Company 314 Northern Avenue Boston, MA 02210 (617) 439-4999 Visit our website at for our complete product catalog.