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Patents_Benefits and Procedure in India


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Patents - Benefits & Procedure in India

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Patents_Benefits and Procedure in India

  1. 1. Patents <br />Benefits <br />&<br />Procedure in India<br />
  2. 2. Patents help you..<br />
  3. 3. Basic Patent Procedure Flowchart for India<br />PCT/ CONVENTION/ PROVISIONAL APPLICATION<br />FILING OF PATENT APPLICATION<br />WITH THE INDIAN PATENT OFFICE<br />PUBLICATON (18 MONTHS)<br />Possibility of Pre-grant opposition<br />REQUEST FOR EXAMINATION<br />(WITHIN 48 MONTHS FROM DATE OF PRIORITY OR DATE OF FILING <br />Examination<br />FIRST STATEMENT OF OBJECTIONS<br />(Patent Office Action)<br />COMPLIANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF PATENT OFFICE<br />OBJECTIONS STAND<br />REJECTION<br />GRANT<br />Possibility of Post-grant opposition<br />
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