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Marketing a Blog With


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What worked, what didn't and what needs to be followed through with, regarding marketing a blog. Focused on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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Marketing a Blog With

  1. 1. Marketing A Blog With A Short Experiment with Reflection By Alicia Mudd
  2. 2. Introduction I decided to do my final project in the form of a hands on, short term, social media marketing plan. Following a plan that I built for myself I was able to learn a few new things. It is my hope that what I found will further educate you.
  3. 3. Implementation O Set up blog O Market blog through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ through Wordpress settings. O Monitor statistics within Wordpress and create a spreadsheet to track referrals. O Compare post-by-post content, tags and incoming links from other sites.
  4. 4. About WordPress WordPress is a wonderful dynamic tool for anyone starting out as a blogger. It offers many features and plugins that allow the user to interact with “followers”, fellow bloggers and many social networking sites. It is easy to use, implement and find help as it pertains to the users blog, interests and traffic generation.
  5. 5. Wordpress’ Social Sharing Tools Why To Use Them Since Wordpress offers tools for bloggers that enable them to link to various social networking accounts they can subsequently share their blog through many platforms. WordPress Social Networking Platforms O Facebook O Twitter O LinkedIn O Google+ O Tumblr O Path
  6. 6. Focus I will only focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for this slideshow. These were the platforms that I marketed my blog for during the trial period.
  7. 7. Meets Why market on Facebook? Facebook is currently signing up an astounding 1.19 billion users per month!*That’s a lot of reasons why you cannot afford to bypass Facebook for marketing. Because of Facebook’s “Groups” you can easily find a group that is interested in what you blog about. *- As reported by Craig Smith on Decemeber 1, 2013 via: DMR (Digital Marketing Ramblings) Chart courtesy of Statista - The Statistics Portal
  8. 8. Things I Found that Worked: Points to work on: I found these things via I found these things to be research* that will be helpful most successful when dealing in the future: with Facebook. O Set up a fan page O Two days prior to posting, O By having a fan page you interact with your can really give your blog a audience. Ask what they personality. It also offers a want more information great way for people to about or give them a heads find you. up about what you’re going O Set up a blog specific to post. group O Make sure that you share O Having a group can increase the blog post when you your reach if people search Facebook for your topic. publish it. * - Tips offered by David Risley on Blog Marketing Academy
  9. 9. Meets Twitter has an astounding 500 million users currently, with more than 215 million active users. Although Twitter functions much differently than Facebook it pays to have a good understanding of how the Twitter community works and what you can do to successfully market yourself there. *- As reported by Craig Smith on Decemeber 1, 2013 via: DMR (Digital Marketing Ramblings)
  10. 10. Things I implemented: I shared each blog post via WordPress to my Twitter timeline. However, I was unsuccessful in garnering any followers for my blog, but consistence will always yield positive results in the long run. Points To Work On: O Establish the brand. O “Tweet” more about blog related things and show consistency and reliability.* O Use more hashtags.* O Make sure each post uses at least one relevant hashtag. O Be more proactive.* O Find followers, don’t depend on them to find you. * - Some tips acquired from ProBlogger - Top Twitter Marketing Blog Tips
  11. 11. Meets LinkedIn has about 259 million users at present.a It can be used as a powerful marketing tool when you have the time and knowledge how to do it. According to Corey Eridon it’s 277% more effective at generating leads than Twitter or Facebook.b All it takes is a few tweaks in the right direction and your blog can be successfully promoted through the platform. a - Information courtesy of DMR (Digital Marketing Ramblings) b – Information courtesy of Corey Eridon, on HubSpot
  12. 12. My dealings with LinkedIn Points To Grow On* Unfortunately, I was O Guest blogging via unable to build much of a base within LinkedIn LinkedIn answers as it pertained to my O Group Statistics blog. Although I did share each blog post on O Subgroups my Google+ page. After O LinkedIn Events some research I have O LinkedIn Polls found some wonderful points to focus on going forward. * - Some points courtesy of Corey Eridon on HubSpot
  13. 13. Meets Google+ has around 300 million active users at the present time.* Google+ can you a firm platform to really develop your business relationships on. You can even use hashtags on Google+ while you are using them within Twitter and Facebook as well. (A good way to integrate all these together would be by using Hootsuite.) * - Statistics courtesy of DMR
  14. 14. My Google+ Implementation Although I did share all of my blog posts through Google+ I didn’t get any traffic from there. After some deeper research I have discovered points that I should have implemented from the start. Points to Grow On* O Keep profile updated O Add links to blog in contributor information O Utilize more hashtags and @’s to coincide with Twitter or Facebook posts O Use Google+ communities *Some tips courtesy of KISSmetrics and Constant Contact
  15. 15. Overall Overall in the last two months I have taken my blog from 0 – 144 views. Most of these were visits were not referral visits though. The social media platform that I receive the most referrals from was Facebook, generating 36 hits. Going forward, if I want to make my blog successful, it is vitally important that I continue to post to my blog using skills I have already acquired. It is also imperative that I strike out into unfamiliar territory and become and active user of Google+ and LinkedIn.
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