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Does AX and CRM are same?


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Does AX and CRM are same? AX and CRM

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Does AX and CRM are same?

  1. 1. Does AX and CRM are Same? BY UMESH PANDIT
  2. 2. Does AX and CRM are Same?
  3. 3. Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are two different products from Microsoft Inc. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a ERP (Enterprise resource planning) product where we can handle entire company process like • Finance, • Warehouse, • Trade and Logistics, • Production, • Project Accounting, • Master Planning, • CRM, • HRMS modules. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is contains Sales, Marketing and Service module. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a web application and it is a business solution.
  4. 4. Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX we have CRM module, people who worked after AX 2012 are not aware of this! Since Inside AX CRM was a small module in AX 2009! Well, the primary differences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM module are in the areas of User Experience (UX), software delivery (cloud), Outlook integration, offline operation, mobility, social, extensibility, cost and integration to ERP. For Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Differences and Similarities please check this web link.