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Dementias Platform UK


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Clare Mackay Department of Psychiatry, Oxford Univerisity on The MRC Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) project.

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Dementias Platform UK

  1. 1. Dementias Platform UK Stage 1, Oct 13, £6M - Establish cohort(s) Stage 2, Jan 14, £6M - Establish EM platform Capital, Jul 14, £36M - Imaging - Stem cells - Informatics Director: John Gallacher, Oxford • 14 work packages (infrastructure, resource building, EM, methods development)
  2. 2. Dementias Platform UK Informatics Network Network lead: Simon Lovestone Clinical Informatics Mike Denis, Oxford Imaging Informatics Clare Mackay, Oxford & Seb Ourselin, UCL Wearables & devices John Ainsworth & Ian Bucham, Manchester Genomics Julie Williams, Cardiff Brain banking Seth Love, Bristol Informatics portal Ronan Lyons, Swansea Core DPUK work package Capital projects
  3. 3. Dementias Platform UK Imaging informatics Date: 30th Mar 2015 Version: 0.6 Author: Lars Engstrom DPUK-Imaging Informatics Conceptual Model Central XNAT Hub (P1) Fed. Search Portal (Landing Page) Aggregator Centr. Analyses I m p o r t XNAT Node UCL (P1) Cohorts XNAT Node Cambridge (P2) Cohorts XNAT Node Imperial (P2) Cohorts XNAT Node Newcastle (P2) Cohorts XNAT Node Edinburgh (P1) Cohorts XNAT Node Other (PX) Cohorts XNAT Node Oxford (P1) Cohorts XNAT Node Kings (P2) Cohorts Cohort Catalogue (P1) Cohort Search Conceptual model