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cuestionario para encuestas

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  1. 1. Questionnaire 1.- When is All Saints’ Day celebrated in Mexico? a) On November 1st and 2nd b) On November 1st c) On November 2nd 2.- How do people celebrate day of the dead? a) Going to cemetery b) Going to church C) Making offerings 3.- Who is remembered in this holiday? a) Our loved deceased b) All deceased people c) All saints 4) What is the origin of the day of the dead? a) pre-Hispanic and Catholic b) pre-Hispanic c) Catholic 5.- What is an important symbolism of day of the dead? a) salt b) Calaveras(skulls) c) altars 6.- Which of these things is an important element for altars? a) papel picado b) candles c) sugar skulls 7.- When is Halloween celebrated? a) On 1st November b) On 2nd November c) 31st October 8.- What element is more representative of Halloween? a) carved pumpkins b) catrinas c) ghosts. 9.- What another name is Halloween called? a) Day of Dead b) Day of witches c) horror night
  2. 2. 10.- What is a representative character of Halloween? a) a witch b) Squeletons c) Chupacabras 11.- Which option is a Halloween’s superstition? a) Visiting a cemetery b) going out at night c) finding a black cat 12.- Underline the origin of Halloween. a) Celta origin b) Latin origin c) Western origin