4492625-3460752475230-319405-6096015875<br />THE AFGHAN CHILD EDUCATION AND CARE ORGANIZATION (AFCECO)<br />Showcasing the...
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Afghan Child Education Care Organization


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Afghan Child Education Care Organization

  1. 1. 4492625-3460752475230-319405-6096015875<br />THE AFGHAN CHILD EDUCATION AND CARE ORGANIZATION (AFCECO)<br />Showcasing their newly opened USAID-funded Activity Resource Center<br />The Afghan Child Education and Care Organization provides quality education and care to Afghan children who have been denied such care for various reasons. Through the establishment of “safe houses,” AFCECO strives to create a safe, healthy environment where children can be educated and learn values and attitudes that will empower them to be valued Afghan citizens. The majority of the over 525 children are orphans, child laborers, street children and those with parents who cannot support them. These children would otherwise be hopelessly at risk due to neglect, violence, poverty, drugs, war, and insurgency.<br />With USAID’s support, in addition to the safe houses, AFCECO, through the Afghan Children Growing Strong Project, has provided also Resource Activity Centers in Kabul, Jalalabad, and Herat. These Centers provide supplementary and remedial education to the normal government education of three hours per day. These Centers, such as this one at Kabul, contain classrooms, computer rooms, art room, engineering area, practical arts room, library, auditorium, offices, and dining area, in a safe secure environment. Each room has been provided with the resources required to deliver the programs offered. The Kabul Activity Resource, rightly named “New Learning Center” provides a rounded, balanced learning environment through tutoring and extracurricular activities to children affected by war, including street and other vulnerable children living in five AFCECO safe houses..  <br />The curriculum developed by AFCECO for these Centers is a viable college preparatory program. It encompasses intensive English language classes for all levels as well as tutorials to support the existing government curriculum. All subjects are covered including English, Math, Sciences, and Humanities. Extracurricular activities include art, drama, music, and practical subjects such as carpentry, mechanics, and wood carving. <br />Utilizing the auditorium room, students participate in a leadership Preparedness Workshop. This is mainly for 58 of the oldest children, boys and girls, aged 16 -17 who are approaching graduation from secondary school. Through guest instructors, lecturers, and teleconferencing with mentors elsewhere in Afghanistan and abroad, the students gain knowledge in all aspects of Afghan constitution, Afghan law, judicial systems, and strategies already being used (especially by women) to become professionals in Afghan society. As a culmination to their training, candidates are asked to initiate a small project to utilize their leadership skills and illustrate their competency. <br />AFCECO also acknowledges the assistance of USAID in providing funding to pay the expenses of staffing the Centers and providing office and teaching consumable supplies.<br />