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Cypress Hiring


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Cypress is hiring experts in RTL, ASIC, STA, Timing Closure, Physical Design, PHY Layer, MAC Layer, SoC Verification, WLAN, IOT, Zigbee, BLE experts at all levels. If you think you are one of them please reach out or visit

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Cypress Hiring

  1. 1. Req Id Job Title Exp Brief Skill Set Link 706 Prin Elect Design Engr 10-15yrs RTL, Microarchitecture, ASIC Apply Here 714 Staff Elect Design Engr 5-7yrs STA, Timing closure Apply Here 1863 Software Engr Sr Staff 7-9yrs WLAN device driver, IOT Apply Here 2866 Prin ASIC Design Engr 10-15yrs SoC Verification, AMBA Apply Here 3223 Prin Software Eng 10-15yrs Embedded, RTOS, TCP/IP Apply Here 3342 Staff Elect Design Engr 5-7yrs Physical Design, Timing closure Apply Here 3415 Sr Prin Systems Engr 15+yrs Physical Layer, RF, C++, Systems Apply Here 3416 Sr Prin Systems Engr 15+yrs MAC Layer, Wifi, C++, Systems Apply Here 3417 Prin Systems Engr 10-15yrs Coex architecture, MAC Layer Apply Here 3420 Sr Staff Systems Engr 7-9yrs MAC architecture, Wifi Apply Here At Cypress, we believe in winning. And the same spirit of excellence that drives our company forward also drives our efforts to help build strong, self-sufficient communities. Through our strategic investments in solution-oriented programs, we are partnering with public, educational and non-profit organizations to help address the many challenging issues affecting the communities where our employees live and work. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE JOB OPENINGS