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Free Delivery on UK Pet Carriers


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Best Quality Discounted UK Dog Crates, Puppy Crates and Pet/Cat Carrier Options can be found at our website:

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Free Delivery on UK Pet Carriers

  1. 1. ==== ====For Quality Discounted UK Dog Crates, with Free Delivery Click Here: ====Dog crate training can either be a very simple process or a hard process, so we have put togethersome simple dog crate training tips for you to ensure your efforts will be a success.Why Use Dog Crates?A dog has a natural instinct to be in a den or a similar enclosed area. A dog crate is an excellentarea to give your pet that will satisfy this natural desire. This should be your animals sanctuaryand not somewhere that you put them for punishment. You want them to be comfortable in theircage, and if they are scared of it then you will not be able to use it for training. By following thesedog crate training tips, you will be able to avoid some of the most common mistakes that can ruinyour chances of successfully house breaking your dog.A dog crate is one of the most effective ways of house training your dog because they naturally donot want to use the bathroom where they will be sleeping. In addition to that, it will also help toprotect your house and your dog while you are not home.Everyone knows that dogs can get into trouble when they are left unattended around all of theentertaining things that we like to leave sitting around our houses. Obviously, nobody wants theirpet to destroy their personal belongings, but many people do not think about the potential harmthat can happen to your dog from this devious behavior. Many dogs get hurt every day from bitinginto live electrical wires and ingesting things that they shouldnt.Simple Tips To Start Training Your DogThe best time to start crate training a dog is when they are a puppy, simply because it is easier forthem to get used to it when they are young and it can also help with separation anxiety from itsmother. Adult dogs can still be trained, but it may take longer and may require more patience. Youshould generally wait until at least four months of age until you start using a dog crate, becausethey will need to use the bathroom very frequently until that age. Even then, you will want to besure to give them regular access to walks and free time outside of the cage.You should start by preparing your dog crate to be a more comfortable place for your pet. Themost common kind of dog cage is a wire dog crate of various sizes. You should make the doorstay open and put some kind of cushion between the removable tray and the bottom of the crate.You dont want to close the door with your pet inside of it until they have become comfortable withthe environment. The cushion on the bottom of the crate will reduce rattling noise that can spookyour dog. Good choices for cushions can be towels or cardboard.You can put toys or dog treats in the back of the dog crate to help to invite them in, but you want to
  2. 2. make sure that these are not items that your dog can choke on. Water should be provided for youranimal if you leave them alone in the cage for more than an hour. They will easily spill typical dogwater bowls, so you should use something that can hang on the side of the cage like a hamsterwater dispenser. You can also allow your dog to have some type of bedding inside of their crate,but you will want to be sure to monitor their behavior with any bedding or towels. If they tear up thebedding, use the bathroom on it or simply push it to the side, promptly remove it.When you are ready to introduce your dog to its crate, put it somewhere very close to where youwill be hanging out for the majority of the day. You can make your dog curious about the cage byputting some random dog treats inside of it. Never try to force them into their crate before they areused to it. Try feeding them inside of their crate or even make a game out of hiding treats and toysin there. You can encourage your pet to investigate it or look for the hidden items, but always allowthem freedom to come and go as they please during this phase. When they have becomecomfortable hanging out inside of their new home, you can try to lock them up inside of their cagewhile you are still near them. Once they are comfortable locked up in the crate, then you can leavethe room for brief periods of time to get them used to being in there alone.Dog Crate Training Tips and AdviceOne of the most important things to remember about dog crate training is that this is your dogsnew home and they need to feel safe there. Do not allow anybody in your home to handle your petor mess with its cage. This is its own private area and should be respected just like you wouldsomeones bedroom. If you can adopt this frame of mind for your dogs crate, then you will alreadywin a large part of the battle.Do not try to crate your dog too soon or for too long, although overnights can be an exception tothis rule. Six hours is an absolute maximum amount of time that you should crate any dog. If youare introducing a puppy under four to five months old to crate training, you will need to keep theirconfinement time limited to only an hour or two. You should always walk your dog on a regularbasis and especially right before they are crated. Make sure they have used the bathroom beforethey are put in their crate for any extended period of time.You should never use a cage if your puppy is sick or shortly after they have consumed a lot offood or water. This can lead to unpleasant situations for your pet. If they do have an accident, youwant to make sure to not punish your dog. Clean up the mess but do not use cleaners withammonia.If you have followed all of our dog crate training tips, your dog should feel at home in their dogcrate and be happy to go inside of it anytime. Your sanity will be intact and so will your furniture,rugs and your favorite pair of shoes.To properly crate train a dog, you will need to make sure you have picked the correct cage from allof the available dog crate sizes that are available today. If you choose the wrong crate size, yourdog can easily have enough space to feel like they can eliminate inside of their cage and sleep inanother part of it. This can be extremely counterproductive to your training efforts and you mayfind yourself fighting with this problem forever. Take a moment to measure and weigh your dog if
  3. 3. they are fully grown or research how big your dog breed will become. The best dog crates comewith divider panels so you can buy a cage that will work for your dog their entire life. These dividerpanels let you change the living space of their crate to adjust your dog as it grows. Once you knowhow big your dog is going to be, take a look at a very helpful dog crate size guide so you can pickout a proper home for your best friend.Article Source: ====For Quality Discounted UK Dog Crates, with Free Delivery Click Here: ====