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Cano Coco Atlantic May 11, 2008


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Cano Coco Atlantic May 11, 2008

  1. 1. Closing in on the property the red brackets are a general boundaries rty
  2. 2. Main bay of the property
  3. 3. The waves are breaking on the rock formation very similar to how Cancun is
  4. 6. The property ends before the hill, this parcel of land is for sale as well
  5. 7. This is a different shore this is a large flat rock surface which extends for about 200 yards, the tide is generally a foot on high and low so this is really never totally under water
  6. 8. This is the rock formation - the designs for the hotel incorporated this area for rooms elevated off the water and then make individual pools in the rock
  7. 9. More of this rock formation
  8. 10. This is the entrance to the river, this could be widen and dredge for depth and created as the entrance to the marina
  9. 11. The shoreline the property continues around to the left
  10. 12. Heading inland from the beach
  11. 13. This is the main are of the beach, like Cancun was before the removed the rocks next to the beach the movement of the keeps the pool waters fresh you would leave the ocean front rocks alone
  12. 15. Looking inward from the shore
  13. 16. The property line runs from the base of the hill and goes to the right. White stake is the property line
  14. 17. In the tropics thing grow very fast
  15. 20. More pictures of the shoreline
  16. 21. Wave action in the dry season we have the trades wind and the seas have more action
  17. 23. This does not show it but you can see the mountains in the background
  18. 24. General only a 1 foot tide change, twice a year they will get a 4 foot tide change
  19. 31. Most of this is undergrowth which a cat can remove in a very short period of time
  20. 36. In order to make the marina you will have to dredge this river and widen it
  21. 37. Looking out towards the ocean
  22. 39. This is the flat rock surface just under the water
  23. 40. Notice the depth of the water on the fellow
  24. 41. This might give you an idea of how big this rock surface is - check out the fellow standing
  25. 42. He has moved back even further
  26. 43. This is the passage to the river for the marina