Circle untuk kelas 8


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Circle untuk kelas 8

  1. 1. MATHEMATICSMATHEMATICSSTANDARDSTANDARD: VI: VIBombay Cambridge GurukulBombay Cambridge GurukulCircle
  2. 2. SRadiusOMCentreMChord PQPEDQG ArcREOFDiameter DECircle in daily lifeCircle in musicCircle in sportsCircleCentreCircumferenceCircular regionRadiusDiameterChordArcSemicircleSegments of a circleCrossword
  3. 3. A circleBACK
  4. 4. Many musical instruments have a circular surface.For example:Bingo Drum TablaSnare Drum Bass DrumBACK
  5. 5. Five rings in the logo of Olympic gamesBACKA circle
  6. 6. A circle can be drawn with the help of a circular object.For example: A circle drawn with the help of a coin.A circle is a closed curve in a plane.BACK
  7. 7. This fixed point (equidistant)inside a circle is calledcentre.A circle is a closed curveconsisting of all pointsin a plane which are at thesame distance (equidistant)from a fixed point inside it.OCentreA circleA circle has one and onlyone centre.BACK
  8. 8. The distance around a circle is called its circumference.OCentreA circleABACK
  9. 9. A circle divides a plane into three parts.2. Interior of a circle3. Exterior of a circleA planeOCentreThe interior of a circle together with its circumferenceis called the circular region.1. The circleBACK
  10. 10. RadiusA line segment that joins any point on the circle to its centreis called a radius.MA point on the circleCentreO(Contd…)
  11. 11.  Radii ( plural of radius) of a circle are equal in length. Infinite number of radius can be drawn in a circle.RadiusCentreKOLMN(Contd…)BACK
  12. 12. Diameter ABA line segment that joins any two points on the circle andpasses through its centre is called a diameter.ABA circleO Centre(Contd…)
  13. 13. A circleOM Infinite number of diameters can be drawn in a circle. As the radii of a circle are equal in length, its diameters tooBQ(Contd…)CentrePAN
  14. 14. The length of the diameter of a circle is twice the length of itsradius.Radius OMCentreMONRadius ONDiameter MNDiameter MN = Radius OM + Radius ONRadius OM = Radius ON(Contd…)BACK
  15. 15. A line segment that joins any two points on the circle iscalled a chord.OBAA is a point on thecircleB is another pointon the circleA line segment that joinspoint A and BChord
  16. 16. Diameter is also a chord of the circle.OChord CDC DMNKLChord MNChord KL(Contd…)Diameter CD
  17. 17. The diameter is the longest chord.ODiameter CDC DM NChord MN(Contd…)C DM NChord KLLK
  18. 18. LKM NChord MNO CentreInfinite number of chords can be drawn in a circle.Chord KLChordGHGHBACK
  19. 19. OCentreAn arc is the distance between any two points on thecircumference of a circle.K L(Contd…)
  20. 20. OCentreLKAn arc is named by three points, of which two are the endpoints of the arc and the third one lies in between them.XNaming an arc(Contd…)Arc KXL
  21. 21. OCentreLKXYAn arc divides the circle into two parts: the smaller arc iscalled the minor arc, the larger one is called the major arc.Minor Arc KXLMajor Arc KYL(Contd…)
  22. 22. An arcAn arcBACK
  23. 23.  Half of a circle is called a semicircle.CentreODiameterD ES A semicircle is also an arc of the circle.RArc DSESemicircle DRE(Contd…)Semicircle DSEArc DRE
  24. 24. ECentreO DiameterSemicircle DSESemicircle DRESemicircular regionSemicircular regionThe diameter of a circle divides it into2 semicircular regions.DBACK
  25. 25. A chord divides the circular region into 2 parts, each ofwhich is called a segment of the circle.CentreOD EChord DEMinorsegment of a circleMajorsegment of a circleSR(Contd…)
  26. 26. CentreOD EChord DEMinor segment ofthe circleMajor segment of thecirclePQMinor arc DPEMajor arc DQE The part of the circular region enclosed by a minor arc andthe chord is called a minor segment. Minor segment does not contain the centre of the circle. The part of the circular region enclosed by a major arc andthe chord is called a major segment. Major segment contains the centre of the circle.BACK
  27. 27. Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleCentreO
  28. 28. Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleRadius OMCentreMO
  29. 29. Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleCentreEDDiameter DEO
  30. 30. Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleCentreChord PQPQO
  31. 31. Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemiCircleCentreEGArc PQROF
  32. 32. Radius Diameter Chord ArcSemicircleSCentreODiameterSemicircleD ESemicircle DSESemicircle
  33. 33. C2CUMFERNCEAEIDown1. The distance between any twopoints on the circumference of thecircle.2. The distance around the circle.3. The distance from the centre of thecircle to a point on the circle.RDIUSR1C3RAAcross:4. The line segment that joinsany two points on the circleand passes through itscentre.5. A closed curve in a plane.6. All points on the circle areequidistant from this point.7. A line segment that joins anytwo points on a circle.4D A M TE E5 I R L E6C E N T EH RO D7