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Engage 2018: What’s the Story of Your Community Building Programme in Your #SocBiz Journey?


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Online communities are the key driver of social business adaptation programmes. There's a great chance you already have an on-going community building programme using IBM Connections. You're now thinking about how you could help accelerate that adaptation process for your different communities.

WHAT IF data analytics could help you with that? What if you'd find an effective way to engage your top contributors & SMEs to influence user behaviour? Do you know where your lurkers are? What if you could identify some of the core activities within your communities so you can encourage more active participation & engagement? What if you could spot right away potential trouble areas slowing you down in your community building efforts?

Time to act now!

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Engage 2018: What’s the Story of Your Community Building Programme in Your #SocBiz Journey?

  1. 1. #engageug What’s the Story of Your Community Building Programme in Your Social Business Journey? Luis Suarez - panagenda @elsua 1
  2. 2. #engageug Business opportunities 2 • Embracing online communities as a new operating model: more openness, clarity and transparency • Helping accelerate your digital adaptation & change initiatives through online communities • Facilitating ‘Community’ as the new Management (‘Connected Leadership’)
  3. 3. #engageug Business value of communities 3 Communities Enterprise Knowledge Organizational Capabilities Value Social Networking Open Collaboration Forums Content Sharing Wisdom of Crowds Collective Intelligence Knowledge Retention Good Practices Cross Pollination Knowledge Database Worker Efficiency Problem Solving Business Processes Decision Making Innovation Understanding Customers Insights Profitability Better Products Better Services Operational Efficiency Customer Sat. Higher Quality 1. Customers 2. Employees 3. Partners 4. Other Stakeholders Find Experts
  4. 4. #engageug Critical components 4 Capabilities 1.Create a content repository 2.Connect members to content 3.Identify most valued content Methodologies 1.Community templates 2.Community education offerings 3.Daily/weekly community leadership activities Relationships 1.Easy for members to form new relationships 2.Linkages with other communities People 1.Community Manager is passionate 2.Exec Sponsor is committed and models collaborative behavior 3.Members share a common interest Management System 1.Secure resources (& funding?) 2.Form a Core Team & establish a Community Charter 3.Establish cadence of meetings 4.Manage to a balanced scorecard 5.Create sense & respond capability People TechnologyProcess Knowledge Technology 1.Rich Member profiles 2.Simple to use social collaboration platform 3.Community Manager Tools 4.Platform measures value, participation, and reputation of membership
  5. 5. #engageug But how do we evaluate their health? 5Source -
  6. 6. #engageug Traits to look for - The Community Charter 6 Name: (The name of the Community, i.e., Developer Community, Customer User Group) Target Member Demographics: (List the characteristics of the members that the community is hoping to attract) Purpose/Intent: (What is the purpose/intent of the community?, i.e., Skill Building, Listening, Learning) Domain: (What is/are the topic(s) of interest that best supports the community’s purpose) Assigned Roles: (Identify by name the individuals who are filling roles) 1. Community Sponsor(s): 2. Community Manager(s): 3. Core Team Members: Critical Business Issues: (Identify the critical business issues faced by the community) Collaboration Tools: (List the primary collaboration tools that will be used) Resources Required: (Identify the resources required to support the community, i.e., existing resources that are available, required contractor support, and content that needs to be developed) Measures of Success: (List measures of success.)
  7. 7. #engageug Active members over time 7Source -
  8. 8. #engageug Open vs. closed 8 Source - Source -
  9. 9. #engageug External communities 9Source -
  10. 10. #engageug Multiple community leaders 10Source -
  11. 11. #engageug Most ‘popular’ Communities 11Source -
  12. 12. #engageug Overall health of the ecosystem 12Source -
  13. 13. #engageug How discoverable are they? 13Source -
  14. 14. #engageug Active members vs. lurkers 14Source -
  15. 15. #engageug Most active contributors 15Source -
  16. 16. #engageug Document centric vs. people centric 16Source -
  17. 17. #engageug Social Network Analysis (SNA) 17 Source -
  18. 18. #engageug Storytelling & anecdotal evidence 18Source -
  19. 19. #engageug 19 But that’d be a topic for another time…
  20. 20. #engageug Thank You! 20 Luis Suarez Digital Transformation & Data Analytics Adviser panagenda GmbH – Make Your Data Work For You Lahnstr. 17 ● 64646 Heppenheim (Germany) Skype: l.s.r. ● Cell: +34 679 722 947 Office: +49 721 47040-111 ● E-Mail: