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The new MarvelClient Essentials


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You may have already heard from IBM and HCL's announcement at CollabSphere that we've been working together to provide an easier, faster and cheaper way to the upcoming Notes 10: MarvelClient Essentials.

While the intent is for MarvelClient Essentials to be built directly into the Notes 10.x Client later this year, we’re proud to announce that you can download and install it on your current IBM Notes 9.x Clients – free of charge – starting October 3rd. What a perfect way to get ready for IBM Notes 10!

To learn more read our announcement on our blog and please join us for our enablement webinar.

We look forward to sharing how MarvelClient can help you!

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The new MarvelClient Essentials

  1. 1. 1 MarvelClient Essentials for IBM Notes and Domino customers
  2. 2. Daniel Klas Inbound Marketing Coordinator panagenda @panagenda Florian Vogler CEO & CTO panagenda @panvof Speakers Join the conversation using #MarvelClientEssentials & @panagenda
  3. 3. Welcome! Thank you for your interest in MarvelClient Essentials! Join leading companies in over 70 countries with more than 11 million licenses of panagenda MarvelClient 3
  4. 4. Agenda • What is MarvelClient Essentials (MCE)? • What all MCE can do for you • Existing MarvelClient customers and MCE • Where and when to get MCE 4
  5. 5. What is MarvelClient Essentials? • Makes it easier, faster and cheaper to upgrade to IBM Notes 10 • Provides valuable insights into Notes client landscapes for Notes 9.x and beyond (works from Notes and Domino 6 and up, but not supported) • Helps reduce helpdesk tickets, support, client maintenance and upgrade efforts • Best of all: it’s FREE! • Runs on all Notes client platforms supported by IBM – Intel Mac 64 bit, Windows, Citrix and VDI • Runs on all IBM Domino platforms supported by IBM 5
  6. 6. MarvelClient Essentials architecture • Two Server side Databases – MarvelClient Config – MarvelClient Analyze • Single binary on the Notes Client – Deployed to the Notes data directory – Activated via EXTMGR_ADDINS in notes.ini MC Config MC Analyze Avg. 20-70 KB Upload Avg. 1-4 KB Download
  7. 7. Easy server-side installation
  8. 8. Easy client-side deployment options • Email • Mailfile PostOpen Script • Corporate software deployment
  9. 9. The MarvelClient Config(uration) database • Readily prepared backup Action to upload data into the Analyze database 9
  10. 10. The MarvelClient Config database: more Actions • Run Programs – E.g., run batch files, executables or open an intranet page upon client start • Deploy small files including unzip support – Additional dictionaries, for example • Deploy large files (e.g. install packages) without bloating your network • Manage Notes user preferences • Manage notes.ini • Manage any *.ini files • Manage Windows registry (HKCU) 10
  11. 11. The MarvelClient Config database: more capabilities • Restrict Actions to certain users, groups and/or certifiers – Including the ability to exclude users, groups and/or certifiers • Restrict Actions to client attributes – Notes Release – Operating system – Machine type, such as Laptops, Desktop, Citrix, VMWare – IP-Range and IP-Adapter properties • Create one-time, periodic and permanent Actions 11
  12. 12. The MarvelClient Analyze Database • MarvelClient Essentials visualizes the following for all your clients: (customizable if you want to collect less) – Over 100 client properties for Notes and the operating system – Workspace pages and desktop icons, including view in web browser – Notes.ini settings – Also collects details about bookmarks
  13. 13. The MarvelClient Analyze Database: Views • By Notes Name • By Certifier/Hierarchical • By Mailserver • By Operating System • By Client HW Type • By Resources • By Computername • By OS Username • By IP Address • By Screen Resolution • By OS Locale • By Notes and MC Release • By OS and Notes Release • By Directory • Mail Overview • Notes.ini by User • Notes.ini by Entry • Preferences • Desktop Icons by Server, User, Title, Position, Pagename and Replica ID • Plus: more collected data • Plus: Charts 13
  14. 14. The MarvelClient Analyze Database: Notes & OS details
  15. 15. The MarvelClient Analyze Database: Folder locations 15 Drill down into categories to see which clients do not match expectations/your corporate standard
  16. 16. Upgrade readiness (view by Resources)
  17. 17. Reports Report on distribution of Notes releases
  18. 18. Reports 18
  19. 19. MC Essentials for existing customers • Any existing MarvelClient license allows to do even more • All of the features in Essentials are of course also available to all existing customers, for free • No need to download and install Essentials, or turn on anything • Just update to MarvelClient 10, which will be available soon • Essentials detects an existing MarvelClient installation – We’ve taken care of any Essentials/full MC related co-existence questions 19
  20. 20. When and where to get MarvelClient Essentials • Intended to be available directly in the IBM Notes 10.x client – No need to deploy MarvelClient to end users – woot! • Available as a stand-alone download to get ready for Notes 10 today 20
  21. 21. Questions and Answers 21 Again, thank you for your interest in MarvelClient Essentials! Join leading companies in over 70 countries with more than 11 million licenses of panagenda MarvelClient
  22. 22. Daniel Klas Inbound Marketing Coordinator panagenda @panagenda Florian Vogler CEO & CTO panagenda @panvof Questions and Answers Join the conversation using #MarvelClientEssentials & @panagenda
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