IBM Lotus Notes Client Management and MarvelClient


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Do you know what's wrong with your IBM Lotus Notes clients? Any idea why there are so many support tickets or reports of "Notes is slow" in your environment?
Find out exactly what's going on, why and then turn around and FIX your users Notes issues, and keep them fixed 365 days/year with the help of panagenda MarvelClient.

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IBM Lotus Notes Client Management and MarvelClient

  1. 1. ... or how to start reducing the TCO of your IBM Lotus Notes clients© 2007 - 2012 panagenda
  2. 2. panagenda solutions make IT efficient while lowering TCO• MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 2
  3. 3. MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 3
  4. 4. PAN-MarvelClient-PF-100222.pptx 4
  5. 5. The Client Management ChallengeIBM Lotus Notes client management doesn‟t start now, it started years ago • Clients have been upgraded 3 times since then • Install directory and client type changes • Shared workstations vs single client installs • Outdated or wrong templates, id‟s etcMeanwhile, new apps got rolled out and decommissioned • Icons and bookmarks were added – but probably never REmoved • Local replicas got created, abandoned, re-created – but probably never Removed • Mapped drives, outside the data directory, inside the data directoryMeanwhile, servers and users changed • Consolidations and name changes leave orphaned client pointers • Name changes and moves leave wrong location and connection docs • The impact of a wrong catalog.nsf or homer server are tremendous MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 5 5
  6. 6. The Impact of Notes 8.x 17„000 files in Notes Program directory in 1„800 subdirectories • 7„500 (largely undocumented) .properties files • 1„500 jar files • 1„200 HTML files 3„000 files in Notes Dataworkspace directory in 2„400 subdirectories, out of which 1„850 are empty • 900 (largely undocumented) XML files • 100+ (largely undocumented) properties files In total, that is • 20„000 files in 4„600 subdirectories • 8„500+ largely undocumented files • Many (many many) subdirectories are plain empty, especially in Dataworkspace • ... and around 100 NSFs/NTF„s • ... and the good old notes.ini file MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 6
  7. 7. Add to that over 80 Preference Dialogs Each menu has 15 setting on average for a total of 12„000 settings! • In your local address book • In your notes.ini • In your XML files7„500Which does not include any plugins,widgets, addons, that you or yourusers may have added to the Notesclient install. MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 7
  8. 8. The Policy Challenge Policies depend on an already functioning/setup client • In my experience less than 75% of users actually receive policies They don‟t provide you with an inventory before making changes • Client Management “in the dark” They don‟t truly adapt to your users‟ unique situation • LAN vs VPN, Citrix user, function outside the data directory They aren‟t predictable • Can happen anytime.... or not... Most settings cannot be UNset once set • Think about it... They typically cannot repeat actions • So if the user breaks something it‟s broken until they call for help MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 8 8
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  10. 10. Transparency = Foundation of a Healthy Notes Environment What is out there • Client types, HW details, release version, available disk space, where links are pointing to, list of databases, all existing replicas, memory present, configuration details, etc... The difference between what was expected and what actually is • Never requires guesswork, always shows up-to-date client inventory at all Opportunities for improvements • Reduce managed storage by deleting 40% of outdated local databases and templates • Upgrade ODS for a client performance boost How (non)healthy the client infrastructure is • what needs to be fixed orstandardized Icons, bookmarks etc that users have • Typically shows that Notes is used much more than previously assumed (often prevents migration to Microsoft), MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 10
  11. 11. Sample views for enhanced transparency (1/4)see panagenda MarvelClient Analyze database for further views and details Client types Install types (note: Basic vs. Std. Warning category)„Our corporate standard install is 8.5.1FP2. We had no idea about all thedifferent versions out there“ -MarvelClient customer MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 11
  12. 12. Sample views for transparency (2/4) Network latency Client startup times  performance monitoring (includes deep diving possibilities) Deployment consistency (inconsistency and non-genericness of typical SW deployment projects is a huge challenge for upgrades) MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 12
  13. 13. Sample views for enhanced transparency (3/4) Do users have databases outside of Notes data directory? (and if so, which)  Archiving, compliance, security, control Who has which desktop icons and what servers do they point to?  consolidation and configuration monitoring MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 13
  14. 14. Sample views for enhanced transparency (4/4)• More view examples: Which databases inherit the design from which template Which databases claim to be which templates Size spreading of databases Detailed and total size of all databases per user Notes.ini settings Notes.ini preferences „deciphered“ ECL Analysis ID file monitoring (activation, expiry, key issuer, ...) All Locations and Connections - even those pointing to an IP rather than a hostname CPU, memory, disk space, hardware present and used, SW, potentially also processes ODS monitoring example  Notes 7 and 8 clients with bookmark.nsf ODS 41 ... MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 14
  15. 15. PAN-MarvelClient-PF-100222.pptx 15
  16. 16. Fixing and Standardizing existing deployments• Without transparency, it‘s virtually impossible to fix and standardize You can„t predict the outcome of any sweeping changes/fixes You don„t know what„s out there You don„t know how well your deployed changes are working You don„t know „what„s left“ to do You don„t know how well you„re doing (can„t prove reasons/success to upper management)• Fixing and Standardizing can mean many different things One time changes such as adding a variable to the notes.ini Enforced configurations such as local replicas for mail, or unchangable location documents Roaming: standard configuration across multiple devices, done intelligently Comprehensive, flexible, consistent, predictable control over many different things, such as:  Icons, bookmarks, replicas, replicator pages, locations, connections, toolbars, notes.ini, „Eclipse“/plugins/widgets, etc. MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 16
  17. 17. StandardizingYes, we know “comprehensive, flexible, consistent, predictable“ is a lot in one sentence! However, all four are required for proper client management: • Comprehensive - to accomodate users installs and situations of all types • Flexible – to accomodate different types of users, traveling on VPN, using Citrix etc • Consistent – fixing a problem once is great but preventing the issue entirely is even better • Predictable – to ensure intended changes are taking place while knowing when that will happen MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 17
  18. 18. Fixing• In most cases, fixing is just another word for: Lack of transparency and standardization Desperate symptom fighting  „We don„t know what„s wrong, let„s re-image Notes“ Second most expensive form of client management = help on demand  1000 similar problems remain 1000 support calls persistent standardization significantly reduces number of individual fixes/ number of help desk incidents  Most expensive = do nothingIn short, fixing is not a way to manage or control IBM Lotus Notes clients but merely a one time change applied to users MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 18
  19. 19. Consolidations, Upgrades, Recertifications, Mergers etc• Server consolidations: fewer servers = less cost• Upgrading hard- and software and ODS on servers = gaining efficiency• Leveraging new features by upgrading• Recertifying domains, mergers and server expansions• Load balancing and clustering servers = gaining efficiency and reliability• During such projects, companies often face huge challenges on the client side How do you repoint user links to new servers while being able to turn off old server immediately? How do you re-point replicator page entries or history to new servers? How do you prevent cutoff date problems with existing local replicas? How do upgrade inconsistent environments in which I can„t predict what a change may cause? How do you upgrade all local databases without impacting my bandwidth SAN/NAS? How many help desk calls can be expected during such projects? How do you prevent them? How do you ensure best possible client performance and implement maintenance? MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 19
  20. 20. The Notes Client Management ProblemWork / Work /Effort Audit Configure Benefit Effort Audit Configure Benefit Time Time Classic Helpdesk client management only panagenda MarvelClient transparently offers one-by-one management resolves client issues and prevents them 1,000 helpdesk calls remain 1,000 management All actions can be permanently enforced incidents Benefits increase over time and can reduce Repeated efforts lead to limited, over time decreasing benefits helpdesk calls by over 80% Provides Admin flexibility to move/upgrade/rename servers/domain as they => Only reduces time see fit spent on each helpdesk call => Reduces number of helpdesk calls AND time MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 20
  21. 21. PAN-MarvelClient-PF-100222.pptx 21
  22. 22. Architecture Overview Single .dll or .so or .dylib  deployed via built-in mail function, mail post-open script, Altiris, SMS, ZENWorks etc Two Notes.ini entries  EXTMGR_ADDINS=mc.dll  MC_DB=%notes_homeserver%!! panagenda/config.nsf MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 22
  23. 23. MarvelClients’ 7 Modules Deesigned to Reduce Lotus Notes TCO Module Function Benefit Inventory of current issues, impact Analyze Gaining Insight into your Notes client infrastructure assessment for new projects Migrate Mass Changes for consolidations, cleanup, mergers Automatically redirects all client pointers Manage Client configuration and Eclipse management Up to 80% fewer helpdesk calls Intelligent server connectivity for travelling users, Increased end user satisfaction with Realtime Citrix users and consolidated environments „Notes just works“ 80-90% smaller client profiles Roaming Full client roaming with 90% less data requirement 80-90% less network & server load „Throttled“ package deployment and automated Touchless and intelligent upgrades while Upgrade client upgrade, including of components also standardizing client installs Zip/Unzip 25% smaller mail files Automatic attachment compression and file blocking File Blocking 40% less network load MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 23
  24. 24. Module 1: ANALYZE – Finally, Transparency over the Notes ClientSee Notes client machine configuration, spot problems, predict theimpact of planned projects and identify client performance issues. For the first time, organizations can see how and where Notes client are installed, who doesn‟t have the latest hotfix, or who is not standardized, all without a single desktop visit. MarvelClient Analyze collects over 200 configuration points from all Notes clients, occasionally used non-work PC‟s, Citrix users, floating laptops etc. The result is a powerful knowledge in a single database, essential to resolving support issues, performance problems and potential security risks. Know who has which icons, bookmarks or replicator entries pointing to servers that were turned off years ago. Spot long startup times or users with outdated location. Identify who has un-encrypted and outdated databases on a public network share, outside the Notes data directory. MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 24
  25. 25. Module 2: MIGRATE – Mass Changes Made Easy Typical MIGRATE Project Most Common Request for MIGRATE •Recertifying, renaming, moving or consolidating Consolidating Servers servers and/or single databases have a massive effect on Notes clients. With no native tools available to cope, companies end up with many support calls, unhappy end users and an unnecessarily high Cleanup of existing, outdated client info TCO of IBM Lotus Notes. Example of a SMALL environment: 1„000 Mailfiles, 500 application replicas Re-certifying users or servers 1,500 moves to 1,000 users = 1,500,000 change instructions (including delegates) Large Example: 100,000 Mailfiles, 50.000 replicas Domain mergers 150,000 * 100,000 = 15,000,000,000 (billion!) change instructions MarvelClient Migrate can transparently process 10„000 instructions per second while preventing support calls! MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 25
  26. 26. Module 3: MANAGE – Total Control to Fix AND lock down Notes Define “the perfect Notes client” for any user group, hardware type, Notes version, geography, department etc and then automatically setup and enforce that configuration without costly and error prone manual setup  Makes touchless new client setups fast, automated and easy  Automatically configure Eclipse plug-ins, widgets, location and connection documents, notes.ini settings, local replicas, bookmarks, preferences, profile docs, signatures, dictionaries, full text indexes, ECLs, toolbars and more Since all MarvelClient actions can be set to execute once, a __ number of times or persistently, not only are Notes clients deployed perfectly, they remain perfectly configured , 365 days a year  Over 80% support call reduction is easily achieves as help desk calls are prevented entirely Our cleanup feature identifies local duplicate replicas, outdated unencrypted data, rogue local archives and other security threats  Take control of your environment by removing or moving data or just disabling security threats Manage ID files in a reliable and secure way with our “ID Vault” like storage facility  ID files, certificates etc are transparently uploaded, downloaded and unlocked as needed MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 26
  27. 27. Back-upModule 4: REALTIME – Dynamically Redirect & Restrict Based on ConditionsMarvelClient Realtime ensures that mobile users always connect to the best available servers. Perfectfor Citrix, Realtime also restricts and prevents local database creation and/or deletion. Functions Optimal Server Connectivity • Optimal server connectivity by automatic Locations of company servers and dynamic redirection of all client Locations of a mobile Notes user during travels pointers to appropriate servers • Differentiates between LAN, WAN, VPN; works on the fly without Notes client restart • Redirects icons, bookmarks, location and connection documents, replicator entries based on geography, connectivity or any With REALTIME, mobile users are automatically other condition. connected/redirected to the right servers to optimize connection speed. • Dynamic restriction of database creation Without REALTIME, or deletion Notes automatically connects the the user to his home server, no matter • Reliable prevention of harmfull actions how disadvantages this may be for the connection speed. MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 27
  28. 28. Back-upModule 5: ROAMING – Bandwidth Friendly Notes Backup, Restore, RoamingMarvelClient Roaming grants true admin flexibility whileefficiently moving data end users depend on. Just 2 MB network storage needed or up to 4 MB including Eclipse settings One-step upgrades by roaming data from (for example) Notes 6 single-user into Notes 8.5.2 multi-user clients Fast and comprehensive client backup during Notes shutdown Issue new machines with the appropriate client data Save up to 95% network traffic and disk storage while roaming from Notes to Citrix, Notes to Notes or just within Citrix Makes Notes clients with data directory on network drives efficient and manageable Network independent while the Notes client is running MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 28
  29. 29. Back-upModule 6: UPGRADE – Reliably Upgrade, Patch or Standardize Our configurable SmartFile Downloader ensures upgrade packages are deployed in a network friendly “throttled” way, over time Transparently deploy Notes client versions, embedded Sametime versions, eclipse components, new features such as Connections, hot fixes, language packs, templates etc When software packages are locally available, end users are asked to upgrade and offered to delay, similar to the IBM SmartUpgrade interface Unlike traditional Windows login scripts, SMS, ZENWorks, Altiris etc, MarvelClient Upgrade is Notes aware and can move, change and standardize Notes client installs as part of any upgrade Works hand in hand with our Roaming module to fix and standardize Notes install locations and types MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 29
  30. 30. Module 7: ZIP/UNZIP – Save 40% Disk Space on Top of DAOSMarvelClient Zip/Unzip reduces storage and network costs without end user effort. •Automatic compression when attaching files leads to: Average compression = 30 - 40% Reduces Mailfile-sizes by 20 - 30% Reduces DAOS footprint by 30 - 40% •Automatic decompression when detaching, viewing and editing files •means there is no end user training or effort required. •Drag & Drop support and standard Zip-compatible MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 30
  31. 31. Module 7: ATTACHMENT BLOCKING – Intelligent and Efficient File HandlingMarvelClient Attachment Blocking ensures that files are blocked BEFORE entering the network, thussaving both network traffic and storage cost. Internal Internal & External •More than 100 digital „fingerprints“ Senders Network Recipients allow for tamperproof file blocking Fingerprints include files of type cad, avi, mp3, mpeg, exe, dll, id, nsf, ... Users cannot bypass blocking Blocked attachments never even reach the network or by simply renaming an .exe file to servers .txt •Block files directly on clients before Attachment Blocking they„re sent to the server to be rejected by the firewall Rules for blocking can be fully customized by • Sender • file content pattern • file name pattern •Saves 100% disk-space and network • file size • ... traffic for each attachment blocked • or any combination of these criteria MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 31
  32. 32. PAN-MarvelClient-PF-100222.pptx 32
  33. 33. MarvelClient BenefitsMarvelClient saves up to 90% of time for common administration tasks, reduces storage and networkcosts by 20-50% year after year, reduces project cycles for upgrades, consolidations - and much more Administration Project Duration Cost of Data Storage End User Effort and Effort & Transfer Experience Examples: • Automatic attachment • „Self Healing“ clients • Setting up new • Migrations compression • Willingness to invest in employees • Upgrades • Intelligent restrictions Notes further • Change of department for sending • Less down time and • Deleting databases • Consolidations attachments frustration • Recovering databases • Efficient Notes client • Re-certifications • Up to 70% faster • Distribution of new data roaming with only 2-4 bases • Mergers MB Notes startup times MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 33
  34. 34. MarvelClient in SummaryMarvelClient significantly reduces operational cost, storage cost and network cost for IBM Lotus Notesenvironments while granting companies the flexibility to upgrade, migrate or change as neededwithout negatively impacting end users.This not only reduces Notes TCO but also enables companies to effortlessly invest in new Notesfeatures and versions. 100% successful initial setups and ongoingFastest client configurations change up to 10,500 links per second 95% less network load compared to Notes What other products do in minutes, we do in Data on network drives seconds 70% faster Notes client startup timesMost used & proven 80% less help desk calls Based on longest client management experience in the market 70% shorter projects for migration, consolidation and 4 million licensed and used modules recertification on clients Large consolidation and migration projects 50% less mail network traffic • 120,000 users; 200,000 replicas from 200  40 Domino servers 25% less disk space for mailfiles • 140,000 users; 250,000 replicas from 1,300 (40% smaller DAOS footprint)  90 Domino servers MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 34
  35. 35. Questions? Francie Tanner Technical Director, Americaspanagenda Inc – Client Management, Server Monitoring & more60 State Street, Suite 700 Boston, MA 02109 (USA)Skype: francietanner Cell: +1 264 584 1060Fax: +1 415 449 5940 E-Mail: MarvelClient and IBM Lotus Notes Client Management 35