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Engage 2018: Finding the Right Path for your IBM Domino Applications


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Plotting the right path forward for your IBM Domino applications can be challenging! Join Henning and Luis to learn about IBM’s strategy on how to get started with application landscape transformation and the brand new version of ApplicationInsights! Find out how to create your own custom insight searches that turn your very own data into actionable solutions. Learn more about code similarity and ApplicationInsights' easy to understand dashboards that show application usage and business value. Gain a clear understanding on what applications can be archived, rewritten or modernized easily and how to take the next steps forward.

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Engage 2018: Finding the Right Path for your IBM Domino Applications

  1. 1. Adm05 Finding the Right Path for your IBM Domino Applications Luis Guirigay (IBM)• Henning Kunz (panagenda)•
  2. 2. Luis Guirigay - WW Executive IT Specialist at IBM Experience• 20• + years in the IT industry Published Author• 30• + Technical Certifications Technical Lead for IBM Collaboration• Member of the IBM Academy of Technology• Evangelist, Speaker, Thinker, Problem solver• Good to know• Venezuelan born• 🇻🇪 Lives in South Florida• 🇺🇸 🏝 ☀️ 🏖 Frequent traveler• Father of four• 👶🏻👧🏼👦🏻🐶 2#engageug
  3. 3. Henning Kunz – CEO panagenda Consulting Experience• IT Service guy since the• 90 ies Mostly Collab Infrastructure• Returned to the analytics stuff• he was doing in his first life Good to know• Lifelover• Husband, father (kids and dog)• panagendian• ;-) Nuclear Physics in first life• Defender of the• german Genetiv 3#engageug
  4. 4. #domino2025 Page 4 / © 2018 IBM Corporation Let me start with…
  5. 5. #domino2025 Page 5 / © 2018 IBM Corporation “Buying IBM Notes/Domino just because of its email capabilities is like buying a Ferrari because you liked the ashtray” A happy customer somewhere
  6. 6. Page 6 / © 2018 IBM Corporation Why are we here?
  7. 7. #domino2025 Page 7 / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. #domino2025 Page 8 / © 2018 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. ® 2018 IBM Collaboration Solutions 9
  10. 10. ® 2018 IBM Collaboration Solutions 10
  11. 11. ® 2018 IBM Collaboration Solutions 11
  12. 12. ® 2018 IBM Collaboration Solutions 12
  13. 13. #domino2025 Page 13 / © 2018 IBM Corporation Migrating ? Really…! Apache, nginx, GWS, MS IIS Tomcat, Jboss, .NET, ASP.NET, COM+, PHP (Zend, Exchange, SendMail, Zimbra, WinGate Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Informix, Derby LDAP, Active Directory, Apache, openLDAP HTTP Server Mail Server Database Server Directory Server Application Server Business Logic Files
  14. 14. #domino2025 Page 14 / © 2018 IBM Corporation IBM Domino Open Platform Integration and more…. Our ecosystem
  15. 15. #domino2025 Page 15 / © 2018 IBM Corporation • Domino vs. “You name it” • better workflow capabilities without the need for 3rd party solutions • best security in the market based on Public Key Infrastructure • lower administration overhead • requires less skilled app-dev team • Most secure and flexible messaging platform in the market • faster time to build a solution compared to MSFT an others. • doesn’t require an expense MS SQL license to run an app • NoSQL databases vs Domino • Replication and work offline support • Domino was the original NoSQL database • Strong security model and access controls • Doesn’t require a full stack developer to build an app Rapid Application Dev (RAD) Enterprise Grade •Secure •Scalable •Proven Modern Powerful Workflow• Offline• Mobile•
  16. 16. #domino2025 Page 16 / © 2018 IBM Corporation Developing a brand new enterprise app:• 3 SOW Quality Tracking Web App• Mobile UI• Executive Dashboard• Integration with• 3rd Party DB Multiple Workflows• Dynamic User Roles• Q&A Tracking Application
  17. 17. #domino2025 Page 17 / © 2018 IBM Corporation Optimizing and Transforming IBM Domino Applications 17 Apps Leave as is Sunset / Archive Modernize for IBM Notes Optimize Modernize for Mobile / Browsers Migrate • Many IBM Domino applications are not used anymore, outdated or require design updates • The less apps have to get touched/invested in lower the TCO • Which applications are business critical? • Which applications are suited towards cloud, hybrid or on-premises? • Where is the right place to go with important applications?
  18. 18. Page 18 / © 2018 IBM Corporation Let us show you the first next step!
  19. 19. #domino2025 Page 19 / © 2018 IBM Corporation and introduce
  20. 20. #domino2025 Page 20 / © 2018 IBM Corporation ApplicationInsights Entitlement version available via IBM for customers under S&S (current license runs until 04/2019) Value packs available via IBM or panagenda, in 500 db instance packages
  21. 21. Which are your most valuable and important applications? Which applications can be archived for immediate cost savings? Which applications are suited towards mobilization, cloud, modernization or sunsetting? How to reduce the scope and cost of your transformation project? Collaboration Transformation 23 Usage Analytics Design Analytics Transformation 100% of all applications __% of all applications
  22. 22. • Current usage needs to be thoroughly analysed: • What applications are being used? • How are they used? Are they mostly read from or written to? How often? • Who is using them? Number of users, VIP‘s, departments? • From where are they being used? • Through what access method? Browser, rich client, mobile devices? • Are they used offline, too? Who has local replicas? Transformation Starting Point - Analysis 24
  23. 23. Use segmentation to make the right decision for the right user group / platform / client access method, while reducing the cost of transformation Use scalable, on-premises data warehouse capabilities to navigate across project scope without re-running analysis Such• as from modernization to optimization From• cloud to migration Transformation Starting Point - Analysis 25
  24. 24. What is panagenda ApplicationInsights? Turnkey Virtual Software Appliance• Analyzes your entire IBM Domino Environment• Continuous collection of data across your• entire transformation cycle 26
  25. 25. Dataminer • Web API to the data in data warehouse • Get all your custom questions answered • Additional Docker Container • Free of charge • Gives access to the “licensed data” 27#engageug
  26. 26. DEMO 28
  27. 27. Status Dashboard
  28. 28. Environment Overview
  29. 29. Application Inventory Info
  30. 30. Application Catalog
  31. 31. Db Instance Details
  32. 32. Db Instance Details - Views
  33. 33. Db Instance Details - Usage
  34. 34. Db Instance Details – Design Insights
  35. 35. Usage – Sessions vs Complexity
  36. 36. Usage – Web vs Client Usage
  37. 37. Design Complexity
  38. 38. Design Similarity
  39. 39. Design Insights
  40. 40. Custom Insights – Manage Existing Rulesets
  41. 41. Custom Insights – Search Across Your Entire Code Base
  42. 42. Dataminer Query 44#engageug
  43. 43. ApplicationInsights Resources 45 • panagenda ApplicationInsights download/information • panagenda Academy: tutorials and more • ApplicationInsights setup tutorial • ApplicationInsights setup guide • ApplicationInsight User Guide • ApplicationInsights blog • IBM Entitlement FAQs • DataMiner Download
  44. 44. Questions