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DEV-1185: IBM Notes Performance Boost - Reloaded – IBM Connect 2017


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Maximizing IBM Notes client to performance doesn’t have to be complicated! Reloaded for the latest IBM Notes 9 version, join Chris and find out what can be tuned – and how to resolve it. Learn how to debug your client, deal with outdated ODS, network latency and application performance issues and the measurable benefit that provides to users. Gather best practices on how to streamline location and connection documents and why the catalog.nsf is so important. Improve your IBM Notes client installations to provide a better experience for happier administration and happier end users! As a special bonus, Chris will show you how to increase the startup time of virtualized IBM Notes Clients (Citrix / vmware / etc) up to 70%!

A presentation by Christoph Adler

Published in: Technology
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DEV-1185: IBM Notes Performance Boost - Reloaded – IBM Connect 2017

  1. 1. IBM Notes Performance Boost - Reloaded DEV-1185 Christoph Adler, panagenda
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  4. 4. Senior Consultant at panagenda 15+ years of IBM (Lotus) solutions experience Focused on • IBM Notes Client Management • Analysis and Optimization of ICS infrastructures • Cloud onboarding Good to know • Lives in Germany • Frequent traveler • Wine or beer? Beer! • Don’t give energy drinks  squirrel mode Christoph Adler 4 3/1/2017
  5. 5. Make Your Data Work for You 3 things before we start ... 5 3/1/2017
  6. 6. 1. Thank you! Francie Tanner 6 3/1/2017 Florian Vogler Daniel Reimann
  7. 7. 2. Notes is not dead – at least until Sept. 2021 7 3/1/2017 IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 extends support and enhances its collaboration toolset with social capabilities from IBM Connections V5.5 Link:
  8. 8. 3. Most import :-) I (still) love Notes. 8 3/1/2017
  9. 9. Make Your Data Work for You Let‘s start with some numbers 9 3/1/2017
  10. 10. IBM Notes 9.0.1 Fix Pack 7 Interim Fix 2 3/1/2017 ~35.000 files (Notes 6/7 | 8/9 Basic used to have ~550) = +6.300% • 28.600 files in Notes Programframework in 2.700 subdirectories – 11.200 (largely undocumented) .properties files – 1.200 .jar files – 1.300 .html files • 600 files in Notes Dataworkspace in 250 subdirectories – 40 (largely undocumented) XML files – 40 (largely undocumented) .properties files • Which is – 35.000 files in 2.950 subdirectories – 11.280 largely undocumented files – ... and around 60 NSFs/NTFs – ... and the good old notes.ini file 10
  11. 11. IBM Notes 9.0.1 Fix Pack 7 Interim Fix 2 (cont.) 3/1/2017 Add over 80 preference/dialog boxes • Each dialog has ~15 settings at average For a total of 1,200+ settings sprayed across • address book (very few) • notes.ini (few) • and XML files (lots) Plus any plugins, widgets, add-ons, etc. “you“ or the user may have added to the Notes client install 11
  12. 12. IBM Notes 9.0.1 Fix Pack 7 Interim Fix 2 (cont.) 3/1/201712
  13. 13. IBM Notes 9.0.1 Fix Pack 7 Interim Fix 2 (cont.) 3/1/2017 Workspace (nsf) Physical nsfs 1, 2, 3, … n 13
  14. 14. Make Your Data Work for You What makes the Notes Client START slow 14 3/1/2017
  15. 15. IBM Notes release 3/1/2017 If you‘re not on at least 9.0.1 yet  9.0.1 is a significant improvement Software lifecycle of IBM Collaboration Solutions – 15
  16. 16. Antivirus realtime scanning in Data directory 3/1/2017 ~50% of the entire data volume in the Data directory changes on a DAILY basis in most setups • 5 - 10% in Dataworkspace (up to 300 files) • DISABLE Antivirus scanning for at least *.ns* *.ndk *.xml *.properties *.jar in Data Directory. 16
  17. 17. What makes the Notes Client START slow (cont.) 3/1/2017 Client crashes/database fixups • especially bad for network based data directories clients Outdated Hardware • You need >2 GB memory if you want to use Notes AND something else • Old fixed disks with fragmentation • Fun Exercise: Buy a Solid State Disk and make Notes start off of that ;-) Tons of startup programs/scripts launching during the “boot storm” • If the disk is unable to keep up, it‘s not Notes' fault 17
  18. 18. What makes the Notes Client START slow (cont.) 3/1/2017 Outdated Data directories • Virtually 100% of all NTFs (Laptops: 90%) can be removed by • Cleaning up old Notes 4+5+6/7 templates • using ini:SharedDataDirectory= (also with Single User install!) Operating System • Windows 8.1 boots ~20% faster than Windows 7 • Windows 10 ~15% faster than 8.1 18
  19. 19. ODS of local databases 3/1/2017 ODS = On Disk Structure • ODS 16 = Notes 2 • ODS 17 = Notes 3 • ODS 20 = Notes 4 (or Templates) • ODS 41 = Notes 5 • ODS 43 = Notes 6 & 7 • ODS 48 = Notes 8 • ODS 51 = Notes 8.5 & 9 • ODS 52 = Notes 9.0.1 The difference between ODS 43 and 52 = up to 80% LESS FILE I/O This helps with ANY client AND server hardware 19
  20. 20. ODS of local databases (cont.) 3/1/2017 CAUTION: The ODS is not automatically updated when upgrading clients – ODS 51 requires Notes >= 8.5 and CREATE_R85_DATABASES=1 in notes.ini for NEW db's – ODS 52 requires Notes >= 9.0.1 and CREATE_R9_DATABASES=1 in notes.ini for NEW db's Good News for Notes > 8.5 – Use NSF_UpdateODS=1 with CREATE_R85/9_DATABASES=1 for a one-time upgrade of most local databases • NOTE: USE WITH EXTREME CARE IF YOUR DATA DIRECTORIES ARE ON A NETWORK DRIVE! • NOTE: End users can't access databases during compact OR databases will be ignored if in use 20
  21. 21. ODS of local databases (cont.) 3/1/2017 Impact examples – Startup time of a Notes 9.0.1 client with 3 ODS20 databases in Notes data = 45 seconds – After ODS upgrade: 17 seconds – Reduced File I/O of your disks/SAN/NAS after ODS41 to 52 upgrade by 60% – Removing 70% of all old files in Data directories on SAN/NAS = 45% less managed storage (backup) The bad news: There is no way to tell what is “out there” – 3rd party tools or random inspections are highly recommended 21
  22. 22. IBM helps! 3/1/201722
  23. 23. Make Your Data Work for You What makes the Notes Client START (super) fast 23 3/1/2017
  24. 24. Eclipse Workspace improvement 3/1/2017 • Every IBM Notes Client start in a virtual environment (citrix, vmware, etc.) is a first (setup) start and takes at least 23 sec on average • ~65% - 70% of time during first starts is used to build the workspace folder (at least 15 sec) • A typical new workspace folder (IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP7) consists of – >500 files – >200 folders – >85 MB (including 64MB *xpdplat_.jvm_G11 file  NotesShareClasses improvement) Building the workspace folder causes lots of file I/O 24
  25. 25. Eclipse Workspace improvement (cont.) 3/1/2017 Accelerate the IBM Notes Client start to be >65% faster (with less file I/O) 1. With a non-admin user (Windows + IBM Notes) run an initial setup of IBM Notes 2. Start IBM Notes and wait for 2-3minutes 3. Exit IBM Notes 4. Start IBM Notes again and wait for 2-3minutes 5. Exit IBM Notes 6. Create the following folder  %ProgramData%IBMNotesDataCommon 7. Copy the workspace folder from %LocalAppData%IBMNotesData to %ProgramData%IBMNotesDataCommon 25
  26. 26. Eclipse Workspace improvement (cont.) 3/1/2017 8. Delete the following files & folders in %ProgramData%IBMNotesDataCommonworkspace a. UDM b. Logs  all but .prov2install c.* d. e. f. 26
  27. 27. Make Your Data Work for You Live 27 3/1/2017
  28. 28. Make Your Data Work for You What makes the Notes Client PERFORM slow 28 3/1/2017
  29. 29. What makes the Notes Client PERFORM slow 3/1/2017 Again • ODS of local databases • Hardware Notes.ini • EXTMGR_ADDINS = (not just) local virus scanners • Disable Notes “plugins“ like virus scanners etc. – They increase Network traffic by up to 200 – 250%! Data directory on the network vs. fixed disk • Disk performance is the #1 bottleneck – think SSD vs. normal HDD ; 7.200rpm vs. 5.400rpm ; network drive vs. local fixed disk 29
  30. 30. Port settings 3/1/2017 Port settings are included in the notes.ini • Type / Active / Encryption / Compression / Timeout Legacy • LAN0 / COMx / DisabledPorts  should be removed Good idea • Use TCPIP according to the client type • PORTS = TCPIP • TCPIP = TCP,0,15,0,,12320, Desktops • TCPIP = TCP,0,15,0,,45088, Laptops • TCPIP = TCP,0,15,0,,12288, Citrix / VDI • Riverbed !? Don‘t forget the Domino servers! 30
  31. 31. What makes the Notes Client PERFORM slow (cont.) 3/1/2017 Install types: Basic vs. Standard – Basic client starts up fast, Standard client, well … not so fast IBM Roaming Users – Try replicating 80MB each time you logon to Notes before use! Connection documents – Pointing to outdated server names or IP addresses – Low priority connection documents, which can cause connectivity failures Location documents – IP addresses for mailserver breaks Policies – Outdated mail and home server information – Outdated mail file path – Outdated Catalog server 31
  32. 32. Make Your Data Work for You PERFORMANCE Tips and Tricks 32 3/1/2017
  33. 33. Performance Measuring with Client Clocking 3/1/2017 NOTE: All of this should only be done on “ONE” client – slows down client, creates huge log files! Use the following to see and measure client performance – CLIENT_CLOCK=1 – CONSOLE_LOG_ENABLED=1 – Debug_Outfile=c:debug.txt – Debug_Console=1 – DEBUG_TCP_ALL=1 (use only if needed) Fileserver or local disk Performance Debugging is virtually impossible – If on >= 8.5 try adding DEBUGGINGWCTENABLED=16386 in Notes 33
  34. 34. Performance Measuring with Client Clocking (cont.) 3/1/2017 Client_Clock=1 leads to a debug file of the following format: 34
  35. 35. Performance Measuring with Client Clocking (cont.) 3/1/2017 OpenNTF – NRPC Parser Link: Notes%20RPC%20Parser Last Update: v1.0.14 – Nov 10, 2016 Developed by: Jamie Magee, MartinScott Consulting LLC, US Andrew Magerman, Magerman Collaborative Software GmbH, Switzerland 35
  36. 36. Performance Measuring with Client Clocking (cont.) 3/1/2017 OpenNTF – NRPC Parser 36
  37. 37. Performance Tuning – Understanding cache.ndk 3/1/2017 We've all been “advised to”/guilty of deleting the cache.ndk in an effort to cure Notes performance problems/symptoms – Some companies even delete cache.ndk on a scheduled basis HOWEVER, let us explain the impact of that on Notes performance ... – Increases traffic between client and server by 4,000% (forty times more traffic, yes) (10,000+% if the data directory is on a network drive) – The more databases end users use, the worse it gets – There is always a root cause – deleting cache.ndk only fixes symptoms – Let's look at some detailed traffic analysis for just ONE application (the mail file) of ONE user ... 37
  38. 38. Performance Tuning – Understanding cache.ndk (cont.) 3/1/201738 100 users = 150 MB vs. 3,7 MB 1000 users = 1.5 GB vs. 37 MB Excluding Fileservers! After deleting cache.ndk Keeping / NOT deleting cache.ndk
  39. 39. Make Your Data Work for You Summary 39 3/1/2017
  40. 40. Summary: IBM Notes Performance Boost - Reloaded 3/1/2017 Update/clean out your ODS, databases and templates and hardware Standardize whenever and however possible – This will save you hugely on support time/cost Keep your users version/fix packs current – Each release brings performance improvements but also resource demands Work around your inability to see clients – Write an inventory agent, login script, get a 3rd party tool Any challenge can be overcome with Knowledge and Tools – All client issues are solvable 40
  41. 41. Questions? The latest version of this presentation is available here: 41 3/1/2017
  42. 42. Headquarters, Austria: panagenda GmbH (Ltd.) Schreyvogelgasse 3/10 AT 1010 Vienna Phone: +43 1 89 012 89 Fax: +43 1 89 012 89-15 E-Mail: Headquarters, Germany: panagenda GmbH (Ltd.) Lahnstraße 17 DE 64646 Heppenheim Phone: +49 6252 67 939-00 Fax: +49 6252 67 939-16 E-Mail: USA: panagenda Inc. 60 State Street, Suite 700 MA 02109 Boston Phone: +1 617 855 5961 Fax: +1 617 488 2292 E-Mail: Germany: panagenda Consulting GmbH (Ltd.) Donnersbergstraße 1 DE 64646 Heppenheim Phone: +49 6252 67 939-86 Fax: +49 6252 67 939-16 E-Mail: The Netherlands: Trust Factory B.V. 11th Floor, Koningin Julianaplein 10 NL 2595 AA The Hague Phone: +31 70 80 801 96 E-Mail: © 2007-2015 panagenda Make Your Data Work for You 42 3/1/2017
  43. 43. Thank you 43 2/22/2017