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Deploy an Early Warning System for Microsoft 365 Outages

Abstract: Microsoft’s track record in reporting outages is usually 30 – 60 minutes after you experience the downtime. Even when Microsoft sends out the report, you receive little information to identify the impacted data centers and services. This slows down the response time of your IT support teams to notify their helpdesk engineers with useful information such as call quality degradation for your employees in different geographies. What if you had an early-warning system?

OfficeExpert EPM provides you with a new approach to generate the insights required to react quickly when outages occur at Microsoft data centers around the world. IT support teams use this information to have your users reschedule their meetings or find different communication methods if those services are still available.

In this webinar, you will receive an overview of the performance metrics for your Microsoft 365 cloud service. If you want to know the truth about uptime and availability of your Microsoft cloud and identify issues quickly, then please join us in pulling back the curtains and shedding some light on how to leverage accurate data analytics.

During the webinar demonstration you will explore topics such as:
• Service outage alerts for IT administrators
• Detailed performance metrics for Microsoft data centers
• Availability and performance trends for each workload

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Deploy an Early Warning System for Microsoft 365 Outages

  1. 1. Actionable Insights Microsoft 365 Service Performance Monitoring VP of Products and Innovation BEN MENESI Managing Director, North America CARL BAUMANN Early Warning System for Outages
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Who is panagenda? 2 What We’re Hearing from Customers 3 Solution Overview: OfficeExpert 4 Demonstration 5 Actionable Insights for Service Availability Monitoring 6 Q&A
  3. 3. Overview Enterprise Experience & Awards 2007 Initial software release: • IBM Domino monitoring and data analytics solution 2009 Surpassed 150 customers: • Customers in 20 countries • Opened new EMEA offices 2013 Surpassed 450 customers: • Customers in 40 countries • Global licensing agreement with IBM 2011 Company Expansion: • New Domino application analytics and evaluation toolset • Expanded company with new offices in North America 2015 Surpassed 700 customers: • Customers in 75 countries • Initial release of Enterprise E-Mail Analytics 2016 Transition to Microsoft: • Design and architecture for OfficeExpert solution • Began customer interviews and business requirements analysis 2018 Focus on Microsoft M365: • v1.0 Release of OfficeExpert v1 • Data analytics for TEAMS usage and M365 licensing 2020 Announced OfficeExpert v4 • Comparison Analytics • License Chargeback Accounting • Endpoint Performance Monitoring (EPM)
  4. 4. 145M 145 million daily users for Microsoft Teams which is a 100% increase since March 2020. - Microsoft financial report in April 2021 Teams Users
  5. 5. What We Are Hearing from Customers Actionable Insights Proactive Support Readiness Testing ▪ Real-time performance and availability tracking ▪ Early warning for pending outages based on trends ▪ Tracking and reporting for service availability history Faster Response ▪ Reduce user confusion ▪ Alert users proactively ▪ Inform users to reschedule Teams meetings ▪ Direct users to leverage communication systems that are still online Preemptive Guidance ▪ Perform network performance testing at remote sites ▪ Validate performance metrics before user rollouts ▪ Identify necessary upgrades prior to deployments at remote sites Planned Upgrades Help monitoring Microsoft 365 service performance and availability
  6. 6. Business Use Case: Service Outage Alerts Data Collected Actionable Insights ▪ Detailed Service Performance on each Microsoft 365 Workload ▪ Performance for Geographic Data Centers ▪ Specifics on Microsoft Cloud Service Availability by Workload / by Data Center ▪ Performance Trends Over Time to Distinguish Anomalies ▪ Notify users to reschedule Teams meetings or switch to telephone conf call instead ▪ Alert Helpdesks to provide updates ▪ Gain 60-minutes lead time on outage notifications by Microsoft ▪ Notify users of workarounds based on specific outages
  7. 7. Specific Example: March 15th Global Outage
  8. 8. Specific Example: March 15th Global Outage 12:13 PM PST Teams unavailable for all users 12:39 PM PST MO244568: outage potentially affecting multiple M365 services worldwide 12:58 PM PST OneDrive & SharePoint Online unavailable to all users 01:04 PM PST Announcement: Global Impact 02:01 PM PST Root cause identified, no resolution ETA 02:13 PM PST Reporting: Teams service recovery for all users across organization 02:28 PM PST Reporting: SharePoint and OneDrive back to normal in North America 07:13 PM PST All services recovery in Europe 03:34 AM PST Mitigation complete with some exceptions
  9. 9. March 15 outage Takeaway ▪ OfficeExpert EPM detected the outage 27 minutes before initial announcement ▪ Regional impact: important – North America recovered 7 hours earlier than Europe ▪ Customer eligible for service credit for 1.5 hours of downtime for both SharePoint Online and OneDrive, and 2 hours of downtime for Microsoft Teams ▪ Recovery: just as important, customer notified of complete services recovery over 12 hours earlier than Microsoft’s announcement.
  10. 10. Transforming Hidden Data Actionable Insights
  11. 11. Actionable Insights Demonstration
  12. 12. Proven Advantages Utilize accurate metrics for call quality troubleshooting based on full visibility of user end-point performance Easy to Deploy 1 2 3 No IT infrastructure to purchase Simple Web UI and API integration Secure data storage provided as SAAS Improved response time for outages by providing guidance to helpdesk and users Reduce licensing costs by repurposing inactive/disabled accounts Actionable Insights for Microsoft 365
  13. 13. Next Steps BROCHURES CASE STUDIES WEBINARS DEMOS DATA SHEETS Offering free 60-day production pilot REGISTER Today!!! Signup for a Teams call quality assessment workshop Start gathering your M365 service performance data now Actionable Insights for Microsoft 365 Service Availability
  14. 14. Actionable Insights Questions and Answers ?
  15. 15. Prize Drawing Contact: +1 908-309-3997 Kevin @ Crown Castle (May 2020)
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