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North Fork Elementary Tours The World by Mrs. Waybright


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Follow the instructions on the slide show presentation. Due in 3 weeks.

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North Fork Elementary Tours The World by Mrs. Waybright

  1. 1. North Fork Elementary Tours the WorldWelcome to the continents of the world and the plethora of facts that await you.
  2. 2. You have been hired by an investment corporation and they are curiousabout whether it is a good investment to bring their businesses to yourcontinent. You are a world traveler and you will need to report back toNFES Inc. of your continents ability to support growth and futureinvestments. You will research your continent and submit a power pointpresentation to the investors of NFES Inc. Your time is limited and youmust report back no later than 3 weeks from today. Good luck and happytravels as you explore the future of your continent. Make sure you visit allhyper links within this assignment and submit all required requests. The Management
  3. 3. The site below will show you a view of the continents. As you read through this site, answer the following questions for the top 5 countries on your continent: Origin of the continents of the world and their roots The highest populations and the capital cities The languages spoken Native language Highest point Largest lake Longest river 
  4. 4. Also answer these few questions as you conduct your research….. What continents comprise the 5 Olympic rings? Who designed the 5 rings and when? Is this information a sell factor for your continent? Does the continent have any famous monuments? Is so, what are they? Could these famous monuments bring businesses to your continent?
  5. 5. From the previous site, include in your power pointpresentation any sacred mountains, famous places ofworship, and city icons.YOU NEED TO BE CONVINCING AND ASTHOROUGH AS YOU CAN BE WHEN YOUPUT TOGETHER YOUR INFORMATION…
  6. 6. From this site, research what is an ocean and find out as much as you can about the worlds oceans, seas, lakes and water supply.
  7. 7. This site allows you access to facts about your continent and the countries of your continent. It is updated weekly so be sure to check it frequently.
  8. 8. what google lit trips are and if they could encourage others to visit your continentand make sure you browse special projects and search under grades 6-8 for google littrips already out there. Is this a worth while adventure or not?
  9. 9. Are there any current issues concerning climate, biomes, plants or animals that you canconclude from your research of this site? Evaluate the effects of physical geography and thechanging nature of the earth’s surface on transportation, culture, economic activities. (CSO6.4.5
  10. 10. The world is facing a natural resources crisis worse than a financial crisis. Why? What’s going on in our world with our natural resources? What ecological footprint impact does your continent have? Analyze the relationship of people with their environment regarding population demographics, settlement and trade. (CSO 6.4.3)
  11. 11. You need to include in your presentation the following:• Show the top 5 • Top 5 states or city countries of your capitals and tell who is continent ‘s flags along in political office. For with a map of each example: country. • Who is president? • Who is state senator? • Who is governor? • Who is mayor? and
  12. 12. You have the liberty to inform NFES Inc. on any topicyou feel would be of interest to them in helping themmake the decision to invest or not to invest in yourcontinent.
  13. 13. References:1. The nations online project. Klaus Kastle. One World-Nations Online. Copyright 1998- 2011 2. (n.d.) Oceans and Seas - Retrieved from: 4. Strahler, Arthur N., Strahler, Arthur H., Elements of Physical Geography. John Wiley & Sons, 1984. Juliette Jowit The Guardian, Tuesday 28 October 2008 The World Factbook is in the public domain and may be used freely by anyone atanytime without seeking permission. images provided from Clip art on Office Online.