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“ I came across your site while trying to decide if its right for me to leave my job right now to pursue a passion of mine since i was a kid.  I’m 23 now, and have worked at this job straight out of college at 21, and recently was given the opportunity to play semi-pro baseball in germany .  the catch being the team can only pay my rent, so it is a great opportunity cost to leave.  I have a nice chunk of money saved up, so financially im ok to do this for a summer, but this is a really good and high paying job that im sure a lot of people would kill tohave right now.  this should be an easy choice, because i hate this job and cannot see myself in not only this job, but this entire field, ever again .  baseball has been my love since i can remember, and this would be the perfect end of an era for me to say goodbye to my playing days with this trip, as my job allows me to do basically nothing with my free time.

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