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How to get more social media bang from your live presentations


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There is nothing better than sharing ideas with a live audience. How do you encourage participants to share your information while you are presentation and after you have left the room? Pamela Slim explains three critical factors to increase the social media bang in your live presentations. Delivered for Social Media Arizona, on November 18, 2011.

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How to get more social media bang from your live presentations

  1. 1. Maximize social media bang in your public speaking Pamela Slim (@pamslim) Social Media AZ - #smaz
  2. 2. Relevance Simplicity Continuity 3 core principles of social amplification : @pamslim #smaz
  3. 3. Why are you here? @pamslim #smaz Relevance
  4. 4. Insufferable? Why are most business presentations @pamslim #smaz Relevance
  5. 5. People share content when they feel connected to the content. @pamslim #smaz Relevance
  6. 6. “ Include tweetable nuggets on presentation slides to increase social sharing” @pamslim #smaz Simplicity
  7. 7. Ask smart people! @pamslim #smaz Simplicity
  8. 8. @pamslim #smaz Continuity Slideshare!
  9. 9. @pamslim #smaz Follow participants BEFORE event Continuity
  10. 10. LEAVE THE ROOM? What happens when you Continue the conversation . @pamslim #smaz Continuity
  11. 11. Connect. Amplify. Advocate. When you know whom you serve and what they need: Continuity @pamslim #smaz
  12. 12. Let’s stay connected! Pamela Slim (@pamslim) Social Media AZ - #smaz