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Amp up the "personal" in your brand


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Personal branding has been a big buzzword lately, but what does it really mean? Business coach and author Pamela Slim gives 4 tips for creating a screaming personal brand.

Published in: Business, Technology
  • Awesome presentation! Thanks Pam. So glad I found you through Communicatrix!
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  • Wow Pam! What an absolutely terrific presentation. Hearing your calm voice take us through your experiences, backed up by well prepared slides, was quite something. Your advice is excellent - especially for a relative newbie blogger who's planning an imminent career change. And I'm really impressed with this form of technology. It's incredibly good.

    The timing for this slide show is good for me since I'm about to leave for three weeks of vacation and I have your new book packed.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    Jim Taggart
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  • Thanks for doing this fantastic presentation at SMAZ09, Pam. If more companies saw this and learned how to put their real selves into social media, rather than simply pushing links to their product sites, I'm sure they'd do better business, and I'd have fewer annoying Tweets to put up with.
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  • Great presentation, examples, advice and clarity.. Your videos are awesome.

    Stephen Dorje
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Amp up the "personal" in your brand

  1. Amp up the personal in your brand Pamela Slim Escape from Cubicle Nation Original presentation for: Pam on Twitter: @pamslim
  2. AMPLIFYING Personal branding is who you really are* *Inspired by the rocking Colleen Wainwright (@communicatrix).
  4. SELLING The fact you are Something is not interesting.
  5. You make in the world IS interesting. MEANING
  7. Get a gang member coach. UNCLEAR?
  9. YAWN. “ As you grow your business, it becomes challenging to balance multiple priorities and align your long-term strategy with tactical decisions .”
  10. New Section Crack pipe or wheatgrass juice?
  11. Cindy Willick, YouTube, “Body Image”
  13. OUCH. “ True confession, but I’m in one of those towns where I scratch my head and say “I would die if I lived here.”
  15. a PULSE and a CREDIT CARD You don’t want anyone with Know who you want.
  17. Pamela Slim, un-crafty Mom
  18. Thanks! More at: On Twitter: @pamslim