GDI WordPress 3 January 2012 (white background)


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GDI WordPress 3 January 2012 (white background)

  1. 1. Plugins, Widgets and Themes
  2. 2. Todays Plan● Review● Plugins● Widgets● Themes and extension - "child themes"Goals● You will understand what widgets are and how to use them● You will know the definition of a plugin● Youll have the basics of child themes down, and might have one of your own!
  3. 3. Review Exercise● Name the two ways we can add a theme to our site● Whats a permalink?● How do you get to the WordPress backend?
  4. 4. Review Exercise (Answers) ● Name the two ways we can add a theme to our siteSearching for it within the backend & file transfer ● Whats a permalink?The permanent location of something on our site; ex /about ● How do you get to the WordPress backend?MYSITE/wp-admin
  5. 5. Plugins extend thefunctionality ofWordPress.
  6. 6. Exercise: PluginsComplete/Answer the following: ● Toggle the activation of the Hello Dolly plugin. What does it do? ● Delete the Hello Dolly plugin. What are the two components of deletion youre warned about? ● Go to Featured plugins and install and activate the Stop SOPA Ribbon plugin. Gold Star! [Extra Credit] ● Add the Hello Dolly plugin back. You miss it. ● How can you find the lines that Hello Dolly choses from? ● Search and add the WP PHP widget to your site. Activate. [Youll have more to play with in the Widgets exercise!]
  7. 7. Widgets are a form of plugin thatcan add functionality to differentareas of your site, without needingto code.
  8. 8. Exercise: WidgetsComplete/Answer the following: ● Use a widget in your sites theme ● How can you remove a widget but keep its settings? ● Can you use a widget more than once? Gold Star! [Extra Credit] ● If you installed the PHP widget, play with running "Hello World" PHP code in a widget area ● Does the PHP widget support HTML? ● Change themes - did widget support change? Widgets.
  9. 9. Child Themes: The What● A Child Theme is a theme based on another theme (the parent)● It uses all components of the parent theme unless you specify otherwise
  10. 10. Child Themes: The How A folder and a style.css file
  11. 11. Exercise: Child ThemesMake a Child Theme. Gold Star! [Extra Credit] ● PLAY (start customizing the theme!)
  12. 12. Lessons LearnedCan you ... ● Define what plugins (and widgets) do?Are you ... ● Able to install and activate plugins?Are you ... ● Able to customize your site with widgets?Do you ... ● Understand the concept of child themes?Are you ... ● Able to make and activate a child theme?
  13. 13. Homework!● Search for and implement plugins and widgets on your site● Make a child theme of a theme youd like to modify (if you havent already)● If you have hosting, download FileZilla and install it on your machine