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Tech Class Cms

  1. 1. TINT Technology Class Getting Organized to Make the Most of Your Technology Beth Gemar Pam Mendoza
  2. 2. Goals for this Class ·See how Digital Kits can be utilized to organize your curriculum files · Set up Files within Curriculum Digital Kits
  3. 3. What is a Digital Kit? A collection of digital (tech) materials based on a unit you are teaching (ex. Australia) Pictures and Clip Art Video Segments Sounds Music Web Sites Citations
  4. 4. How to Create a Digital Kit 1 - Create a folder for your Unit - Australia 2 - Set up sub-folders for the digital materials you will be using 3 - Label the folders ( videos, pictures, sounds, student samples, lesson plans, etc.) 4 - Create a Word Doc. or Inspiration page to cite sources and keep a log of web sites for citation purposes and reference, save this to your Citations folder Sydoperahouse
  5. 5. Finding Great Pictures! · Discovery Education or United Streaming · Pics 4 Learning - · Morgue File - · Public Domain Photo Database - · TIME & LIFE PICTURES - · National Geographic Photography - · Culture Grams - great pictures of Countries and States I PERSONALLY do NOT like Google Images - you get a LOT of misinformation.
  6. 6. Audio Sources D iscovery Education Culture Grams - for National Anthems Freeplay Music - F ind Sounds -
  7. 7. Video Segments ·Discovery Education is the BEST source for videos Setting up your Discovery Education Site............
  8. 8. How to Use Your Digital Kit 1. Enhance and differentiate instruction 2. Students can use for Power Points, Photo Story, and other presentations 3. Distribute by burning on to a disk, put into an Inspiration Web, placed on a shared folder for student use, sites loaded on your e-Board.