Mobile Phones and the Empowerment of Women in Developing Regions


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The role of mobile phones in creating social and economic opportunities for women

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Mobile Phones and the Empowerment of Women in Developing Regions

  1. 1. Mobile Phones and the Empowerment of Women In Developing R i W I D l i Regions Pam Kahl University of Washington MCDM Digital Media in Emerging Markets Fall 2009
  2. 2. Fertility Choices Ch i Tolerance for Domestic Violence EMPOWERMENT Economic Independence Decision Making M ki Autonomy
  3. 3. MDG3 Promote gender equality and empower women Education Political Employment Decision Opportunity Making
  4. 4. Key Findings • Positive • Ownership equivalent to five extra years of education • Tool for economic empowerment • Less tolerance for domestic violence • Sense of possibility • Less • Fertility preferences • Independent decision making • Negative • Source of distrust
  5. 5. SIMM Marketplace – Grameen meets Ebay
  6. 6. UmNyango – Spotlight on gender-based violence
  7. 7. CycleTel – Family planning goes SMS
  8. 8. No Silver Bullet • Phones and Airtime Cost $$ • SMS requires literacy • Aggravates gender conflicts • No guarantee of access
  9. 9. Looking Ahead L ki Ah d • Increased access to information and social connections improves sense of opportunity • Positive indicators that economic empowerment can foster attitudinal shifts • Must socialize new ideas with men as much as women • Change takes time
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  13. 13. Photo Credits Associated Press Brendan Bannon/CARE Phil Borges/CARE Josh Estey/CARE David Rochkind/CARE