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e-Therapy for BC Schools

Occupational therapy for special education students with live online and onsite blended services. Meet IEP goals, save transportation time and costs. Help students learn skills with effective therapy using videoconferencing.

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e-Therapy for BC Schools

  1. 1. e-Therapy for BC Schools Live Online Occupational Therapy For Special Education --- Canadian Children’s Therapy --- ---
  2. 2. Telepractice (e-therapy) is Evidence-Based Research studies conclude ● world-wide exponential growth in number of healthcare visits delivered remotely ● tele-therapies provide equivalent efficacy and outcomes as face-to-face in a variety of settings with a variety of disabilities ● client satisfaction is generally high ● significant savings of travel related costs --- Canadian Children’s Therapy --- ---
  3. 3. Why e-Therapy in Schools? Greater Access ● serve students in locations with provider shortages, using experienced, state-licensed school therapists, without the expense of staffing agencies Lower Cost ● judicious use of itinerant travel Regulatory Compliance ● comply with special education regulations to provide IEP related services in support of goals aligned with core curriculum standards --- Canadian Children’s Therapy --- ---
  4. 4. What is Online Therapy? ● remotely delivered therapy services by licensed therapist ● using videoconferencing technology & other select applications for on-line learning ● delivered to same regulatory, quality & professional standards as face-to-face ● as a supplement to on-site services --- Canadian Children’s Therapy --- ---
  5. 5. Blended Online OT Service Model Remote Live Online ● IEP, Child Study & other meeting attendance ● observation, re-assessment, and consultation during classroom tasks and activities ● direct therapy instructing student’s engagement in therapeutic motor activities ● teacher support & consults via videoconference (augments phone and email contact) Face-to-Face ● initial assessment of student ● beginning of school year assessment of space and equipment needs ● assistance with student transitions to new settings ● splint adjustments ● evaluation of muscle tone --- Canadian Children’s Therapy --- ---
  6. 6. Equipment Needed On-Site ● medium or high speed internet connection ● desktop or laptop with recommended/provided videoconference software downloaded and installed ● built-in (or peripheral) camera, microphone and speakers ● headset optional (recommended if computer is in busy classroom) --- Canadian Children’s Therapy --- ---
  7. 7. For More Info or to Get Started The Opportunity: Canadian Children’s Therapy is offering Occupational Therapy via a blended-model of online and on-site services for schools throughout British Columbia. Contact us now to explore how to bring this to your district. Contact: Pamela Hood Szivek, OT Registered Email: Phone: 250-818-2034 --- Canadian Children’s Therapy --- ---
  8. 8. Canadian Children’s Therapy e-Therapy for BC Schools --- Canadian Children’s Therapy --- ---