Digital Gold Workshop10 Dec09


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Digital Gold Workshop10 Dec09

  1. 1. Launch Workshop Thursday 10th December 2009
  2. 2. Welcome! What is Digital Gold? An initiative enabling ‘collaborative curation’ and extending the reach of back catalogue titles and collections A social network of industry professionals Our agenda today: Learn about Digital Gold Why we care: the problem we solve, the social enterprise model Practical ‘how to’: YOU are the prime contributors! Planning for content and applications Interactive break – prep your profile photo! First impressions, Q&A
  3. 3. Why? The problem we solve Solving a real problem for content owners and prospective audiences 50m+ hours of unique back catalogue titles Less than 1% of back catalogue hours produce revenue for content owners in any given year (not 80:20 – 99:1)
  4. 4. How? The social enterprise model A social enterprise benefits stakeholders and uses profit for good. For Digital Gold this means: Benefits to content owners and industry communities Revenue contributes to BAFTA charitable remit Two initial Digital Gold focal points: Project Traction: enabling a professional ‘insider’ community to endow content with meaning Project Right Source: focus on content quality and rights
  5. 5. Rollout Stages Four stages, introduced at 3 month intervals. ‘Insider’ community continues to contribute and act as ‘thought leaders’
  6. 6. How you can contribute:
  7. 7. Rules of the Road Who can join? Members of BAFTA, PACT, AMIA, other industry associations and guilds Other industry members, people with genuine personal or professional interest Anywhere in the world, must be over 13 Members invite members – we rely on your judgment rather than ‘member moderation’ Our policies: Your personal details will never be used outside the network, or be provided to 3rd parties No advertising for the foreseeable future No charges for contributors, ever What we expect from you: Be real human beings Constructive, respectful conversations Don’t share private information (sharing ‘group’ information in a group is fine)
  8. 8. Harnessing the wisdom of crowds Many brains are better than one Archives and production community face ‘back catalogue overload’ without ‘crowd sourcing’ assist Now, an experiment! Coming up: ‘show and tell’ then a break Get your profile photo!
  9. 9. Planning for applications Digital Gold applications coming in the New Year A mixture of concept, prototype and early release Feedback and dialogue essential – Digital Gold contributors as focus group! Fundamentals, needed for the network Interaction with ‘titles’ database (IMDB, BFI, others?) Video subsystem optimized for quality and performance Various cloud computing, web services elements Roadmap applications ‘My Friday Night In’ a discussion now, a service later Industry census-building tools / titles portal Current status of rights, master, and data
  10. 10. First Impressions? Q&A?