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Life line (2007)


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When a person becomes a patient, she becomes used to wandering (quite at random) from health professionals to health professionals.

Life line has been designed to help her organize actors around as a genuine team and to provide this group with a project oriented vision.

This presentation is already pretty old (2007) and I am currently working on an ever more impersonating concept. Feel free to poke - it is much about open source and "platform for commons".

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Life line (2007)

  1. 1. Life Line Your health is a precious asset. Now, you can have a say in how it’s managed
  2. 2. Hi ! I am Paul’s health asset manager I’m a LifeLine© Paul suffers from a chronic disorder: He is a diabetic
  3. 3. Paul had never been ill before, Then a migrating gallstone brought on acute pancreatitis which led to chronic diabetes. Paul must manage his diabetes. From this day on, he must organize his present and anticipate his future. I am Paul’s Personal Health Manager.
  4. 4. First, we had to set up his health team. In the rosace below are all the people whose common project is to keep Paul healthy. I‘m here to enables them to work concurrently and harmoniously. Paul stands in the center. Surrounded by other team members, according to their roles. I act as link, communicator, organizer, and synchronization tool for Paul’s health asset
  5. 5. Then, I helped the healthcare professionals in Paul’s team define the best health goals for Paul. • I keep Paul’s health agenda up to date. • I warn the team if useful information is missing • I warn the team if data exceeds acceptable limits.
  6. 6. I assist Paul in reaching his health goals. I help his health team monitor his progress and advise him for the best. Paul has a clear vision of his health history. I create and inform health milestones and alerts that Paul can really use. For example, the blue curve above shows that Paul’s glycosilated hemoglobin rate is back to normal. We are all very proud of it.
  7. 7. For Paul, I am a personal health manager. But also a device to communicate with his care givers and the other members of Paul’s support community.
  8. 8. If you want more information, contact Philippe Ameline