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Draft 3 planning

  1. 1. Assignment 16: Planning Amy Cleary Monae Minors Gibbs Jodie Foster- Pilia Pamela Younes
  2. 2. Amy ClearyCandidate number: 7338 Colour code: Green
  3. 3. Monae Minors-Gibbs Candidate number: 7413 Colour code: Orange
  4. 4. Jodie Foster–Pilia Candidate number:7362 Colour code: Blue
  5. 5. Pamela Younes Candidate number:7488 Colour code - Red
  6. 6. Close up of Long shot Side shot Jodie going Establishing of Jodie Mid shot of Close up of the of Jodie Close up shot into theFox shot of Kensal sitting at Jodie sitting on screen. sitting on of the timer. flashback.searchlight Green. the the bench. station. the bench.pictures. 0-25 25-28 28-29 29-31 33-36 36-38 31-33 38-40 Over the Long shot shoulder Close up of of Jodie on Mid shot Close up of Side shot of Jodie’s Jodie’s legs Side shot of shot of of Jodie Jodie coming bench, her legs are legs shaking. Jodie looking Jodie Close up of shaking out of the Close up shot shaking. at the looking the words. her head. flashback. of the timer. shaking. screen. at the screen. 40-43 43-45 45-46 46-48 48-52 52-54 54-56 56-58 58-60
  7. 7. Shot reverse shot Over the Slow zoom of JodieClose up of Long shot of of Jodie and mirror Shot reverse shot shoulder shot coming out of theJodie going Jodie putting Close up of of Jodie and mirror of Jodie flashback.into the Jodie’s reflection looking at on her beard.flashback. in the mirror. herself in the mirror.1.00-1.02 1.02-1.04 1.04-1.06 1.06-1.09 1.09-1.11 1.12-1.14 1.11-1.12 Over head shot Mid shot Close up of of Jodie. Close up shot of Jodie Monica’sMid shot ofJodie wiping her Mid shot of going into the dancing in Mid shot of Mid shot hand on the Jodie flashback . the Jodie’s mum. of Jodie doortears mirror.1.14-1.15 1.15-1.17 1.17-1.19 1.19-1.20 1.20-1.26 1.26-1.27 1.27-1.28 1.28-1.29 Long shot of Close up of Long shot Close up shotTwo shot of Close up of Jodie shaking of Jodie of the timer.Jodie and Mid shot of Jodie Mid shot of Jodie sliding Monica down the door. her head. standingMonica Monica up.1.29-1.31 1.31-1.33 1.33-1.35 1.35-1.40 1.40-1.47 1.47-1.49 1.49-1.51 1.51-1.53
  8. 8. Close up Close up of Over the of Jodie Three way shot. Mid shot of ipad Mid shot of Mid shot Close up of shoulder going into Monae Amy of Jodie ipad shot flashback. 1.53-1.54 1.54-1.57 1.57-1.60 2.00-2.03 2.03-2.05 2.05-2.08 2.08-2.11 2.11-2.14 Over the Close up of Close up of Mid shot of Long Jodie POV ofMid shot of shoulder shot of ipad Amy and shot coming out tracks andAmy Monae Three way shot. Jodie of into train. flashback. 2.14-2.17 2.17-2.19 2.19-2.23 2.23-2.26 2.26-2.29 2.29-2.31 2.31-2.33 2.33-2.37 Close up Close up of Close up Close up ofClose up shot POV of Close up of of train Jodie Jodie of train Jodies feetof the timer. tracks and train. 2.37-2.39 2.39-2.44 2.44-2.49 2.49-2.52 2.52-2.54 2.54-3.00 3.00-3.04
  9. 9. Genre and purpose Genre/subgenres Purpose of filmThe genre of our opening sequence is • To demonstrate the feelings and emotions ofdrama transsexuals • To extend and possibly change peoples views andThe subgenres within our film are: opinions on transgender• Suicide drama( Main character is suicidal • Allows transsexual people to relate and at the end) understand some of the issues put forward in the• Transsexual drama(She is unhappy with film her gender and wants to change.) • Focusses on hard hitting issues• Identity drama (character is finding her true identity)• Prejudice drama (main character is always forced to be a certain way and isn’t accepted)
  10. 10. Conventions Use/develop/challenge Similarities/Differences How? Why?1. Conflict with Use because in most drama films The family are allfriends/family. there is conflict and the conflicting resolution is them sorting it out. with each other because of an issue. The differences is that it is about terminal illness not transgender.2. Follows the Challenge, because ours doesn’t The differences arecharacters journey. really follow the characters that this follows all journey because you only see of the characters snippets. journeys as they learn new things. Similarities are that they are students and experimenting and gain knowledge of different things.
  11. 11. Genre conventionsConventions you are Use/develop or challenge? Similarities/differences toapplying in opening How? Why? real films (annotatedsequence pictures)Identity issue Use Boys Don’t Cry- similarities • Suicide attempt because of not finding herself Secretes (transgender out and the dad • Pressure from family and wanting friends to dress as a girl Female to kill to a her maleFlashbacks Develop Memento- similarities • Flashbacks of the Also the characters past memories character • Main character is left is confused confused Having flashbacks
  12. 12. Genre ConventionsConvections Use/develop/challenge? Similarities/differences to real filmswe are How?/Why?applying inopeningsequence Film: Slumdog millionairePortrays USE Refers to characters past to explain how and why hejourney of a HOW is playing who wants to be a millionairecharacter The constants use of personal flashbacks, allows the audience to understand how and why the character is in a suicidal situation and the stages of their journey WHY To shows the stages of their journey which establishes characterExhibits real USE Film:Train spotting This character wants HOW to get clean, andlife situation Shows the daily experiences of a transgender person stop using drugs, WHY which is a real life People with the similar situation may be able to relate to situation, that the issues within the film, which is typical of a drama film people faceDramatic USE Film: My lovley bones HOWstory line to The main character is so emotionally unhappy with her This film is about amove the physical and mental state and could commit suicide this young girl who wasaudience is an emotional storyline murdered by her WHY neighbour. This Allows audience to experience a feel of apprehension and film has a moving uneasiness for the audience story line.
  13. 13. Genre ConventionsConventions you are Use develop or How? And why? Similarities/differences to realapplying in challenge filmsopening sequenceAbuse Develop When she would get shouted at by her mum for wanting to change her identity. Film: She’s the man  This is similar because…  She dresses like a boy  She does what guys normally do  And her personality and thoughts are like a guy as well  And her mum is convincing her to start wearing dresses and to forget about football.
  14. 14. Genre ConventionsConventions you Use develop or How? And why? Similarities/differenceare applying in challenge s to real filmsopening sequenceCrime use When Jodie commits suicide because of her depression as no one gets her and excepts that she wants to change her Film: Man on a ledge identity  This is similar  The person wants to commit suicide  This would be a crime
  15. 15. Genre ConventionsConventions you Use develop or How? And why? Similarities/differences toare applying in challenge real filmsopening sequenceRole on the wall use In the outside Jodie is feeling normal but on the inside her thoughts and feelings are completely Film: Mean girls different.  Wanting to make Regina fat, Katies thoughts inside her  And wants her to lose weight from the outside pretends like she cares
  16. 16. Target audience• Our opening sequence is Niche because Reason Explanation Not many films have transgender This would be the case because there isnt a wide range of target audience that would watch this type of film Low budget film It wouldn’t be advertised everywhere therefore, not a lot of money would be spent on advertising Independent Only made for specific audience as not many people are interested/comfortable watching this type of film.
  17. 17. Target audienceTarget audience details Details Why?Age 15+ It would be 15 because that’s when teenagers would mature up and would realise what they want.Gender Male, female Because male and females could both understand and possibly relate to some of the situationRace/Ethnicity All Races and Ethnicity Because everyone is able to watch it and if they are not allowed it also good to see what people go through even in these situationsReligion All except Christianity and some of because they might get Islam where they would say they offended how they would should be secure. Because they watch something that they would say that theres a cure how it wouldn’t be allowed would be with the same sex,
  18. 18. Target audienceTarget Audience detail Details Why?Location In the UK It wouldn’t be in international as it’s a niche audience, and It would only be shown in the UK as it can be restricted in some places because its all about identitySocial Class Any class Anyone can experience the dilemma of seeking there identityInterests/hobbies They can all have different because it wouldn’t stop interests hobbies - All those kind of audience to watch identity films.Social Group All Because the people who are in different groups such as punks can also seek identity
  19. 19. Target audienceTarget audience Detail Why?Sexuality All Because this film has to do with sexuality, so its good for both sexes to know what other people would go through and to see what people’s opinions would be.Profession/Role All It would be all because everyone has the right to watch these kind of films if wanted, this would mean more people would be aware about these types of situation that some people would go through
  20. 20. B)Target AudienceThe reason why would our The reason our target audience The reason why our targettarget audience would be would be interested in the form audience would be interested ininterested in the idea of our film our film due to the genre conventions• The majority of the target • The fact that a significant • Our target audience would audience would be number of the target be attracted to our film as possibly be transgender audience would be they know it is a drama and therefore they can transgender, means the film, this is due to the relate to a substantial form of the flashbacks recognisable drama amount of issues raised may relate back to their conventions such as within the film the way of thinking suicide and prejudice. situations • The fact that the target• The Niche audience may audience are used to want to learn about these familiar conventions particular issues that may ensures that they will be be expressed regarding satisfied with the film the life of a transsexual
  21. 21. Uses Gratification theoryInformation Entertainment Personal identity Integration & Social interaction Can be watched to • People could see this • The audience getting • The majority of the gain information such film as entertainment an insight of a trans target audience will as.. because it is persons life be transgender, this Knowing people something different • People may film will allow them to opinions thoughts and is not really talked understand how engage, as they have about identity about. tough it is to not be in so much in common How people deal with • Also, if people haven’t the right body as they • People who watch our this situation heard of transgender expect film may inform The people who are people before then it • The audience realising people on what they relatives/close to the gives them being trans does not have seen and how person who wants to entertainment as they affect who they like their views and change their identity are learning a part of • Realising not to judge opinions of see how they would them. people on their transgender may have react towards them • In addition they can gender but try to changed, because of and what do they do get entertainment accept different the film would they from seeing what a people • Friends and family of advice them to transgender person’s those who are something better thoughts could transgender may tell them not to do possibly be. E.g. understand some of what that person suicide. their issues of thinks of doing transgender in greater how would the person detail deal with this situation
  22. 22. Person 1&2 BBFC ratingOur film would be rated 15+ Standards How you are meeting standards in your film 15 • Strong language • Aggressive behaviour • Be able to understand serious issues
  23. 23. Narrative style/structureA) Non linearB) Our opening sequence would be a teaser thatestablishes the character. It is also anachronic whichinvolves a lot of flashbacks.• We decided to create the opening like this so it creates enigmas and makes the audience have high anticipation of what will happen• Get the audience on the edge of their seats
  24. 24. Narrative style/structureC) Unrestricted Restrictive narrative- Objective characternarrative-tells all the gives minimal identificationinformation to the information regarding • The viewer is givenaudience and not the narrative. unique access to ahiding anything from • Our opening sequence characters point of viewthem. contains a serious such as seeing things• Our opening enigma, which is if she from the characterssequence focuses on jumps in front of the mind, dreams ortransgender so, an train or not. memories.example were we give • This would influence • our opening sequencethe audience hints is an audience to want to contains a lot ofwhen the main watch the rest o the memories (flashbacks)character has a film. which lets the audienceflashback of herself on a insight.searching‘transgender’.
  25. 25. Person Time 2&3 Time ExplanationFlashback • There are flashbacks in our opening sequence which change the linear progression of the story. • We used flashbacks to demonstrate memories of the past • This allow the audience to gain perspective on the eventsDiscourse time(summary) In reality, the scene where the main character is having flashbacks at the train station, happens in 15 minutes but we shortened it to two minutes, and will still get out point across.
  26. 26. Strauss Theory• Strauss’ theory doesn’t relate to our opening sequence because there are no villains and heroes etc.• This is because the girl is confused about her gender so there is not right or wrong, its about her finding herself.
  27. 27. Narrative Theory- BarthesEnigma codes• Delays the ending/resolution• Sometimes left unsolved• Answer to enigmas contribute to our enjoyment of resolutions (new equilibrium)In our opening sequence the enigmas would be:• If she jumps in front of the train or not
  28. 28. Narrative Theory- BarthesAction codes• Codes of actions that lead audience to expect contains consequences• E.g. Psycho which is a horror filmThe action codes in our opening would be:• The audience thinking that the character will jump in front of the train
  29. 29. Narrative Theory- BarthesSemantic codes• Meanings of characters, objects and locations• Learn from experience about the denotations and connotationsThe semantic codes used would be:• The colour red on her clothing to represent the danger of herself
  30. 30. Narrative Theory- BarthesSymbolic codes• Oppositions and antitheses (light/dark)• Female= close fitting clothes, crossed legged when sitting, female feature e.g. breasts etc• Male=baggy clothing, legs spread when sittingIn our opening sequence we will need to consider the male aspect as the main character will portray being a transgender.
  31. 31. Narrative Theory- BarthesCultural codes• Bring understanding and meaning to the text• References to things in popular cultures and historical eventsIn our opening there is not a cultural code portrayed.
  32. 32. Narrative Theory Todorov theory also doesn’t exist in our opening sequence because he came up with, that there should be a new equilibrium but the audience doesn’t know what happens at the end as we leave in a cliff hanger so they wont see the new equilibrium Finally, it also doesn’t existTodorov theory has the 5 stages because he says that theres one of the beginning till the end in disruption, but Jodie has more linear order, however our than one disruption, she has 4opening sequence is non-linear flashbacks and each flashback is as Jodie has flashbacks a disruption Todorov theory does not exist in our opening sequence because…
  33. 33. EnigmasEnigmas created How WhyWhen the character is It is a build up of The audience don’t knowabout to jump. adrenaline. whether she will jump or not.When the character is The audience are confused The audience startdrawing the suit. as to why she’s not drawing guessing and assuming a dress. things.
  34. 34. CharactersSocial Group Represented How Why?Jodie – changing her It would be the people Because it has to do withidentity who are identity and this can show lesbian/gay/homosexual/st how other people would raight etc. deal with the same situationMonae & Amy – her This can be any social Because the friends can befriends group anyone who is friends with the person, that is going through that situationMonica – Jodie’s Mum parents Because the parents would understand what can be best for their children
  35. 35. Actors• Main actor: • Actress: • Actress: • Actress: Jodie Foster Monae Amy Cleary Monica (Jodie’s Minors-Gibbs mum)• Availability: • Availability: always • Availability: always • Availability: always available available Most available when when when Saturdays needed needed needed
  36. 36. Actors Jodie MonaeBefore After (in Before After (in(normal) character) (normal) character)
  37. 37. Actors AmyBefore After (in(normal) character
  38. 38. Costume for main character Smart/casual black Casual White trainersCasual blue baggy jeans leather jacket(male) Example of full outfit put together Either a cap or a simple woolly hat
  39. 39. Hair and makeup of main character/props Natural look, no makeup, and if so very little Hair tied back of face. (pintail)(bun)Computer (prop) Mirror (prop) Pencil and paper (props)
  40. 40. Costume for friend of main character (Monae)Skinny, fitted jeans (feminine) Peach coloured top/blouse (feminine) Long black boots (just below the knee) Example of full outfit Short black leather type jacket
  41. 41. Hair and makeup of friend main character (Monae) Hair down/out (looks feminine) Lip gloss (looks feminine) Mascara/eyeliner (light makeup)
  42. 42. Costume for other friend of main character (Amy) Smart /casual cardigan Leopard print top Tight fitted blue jeans (feminine and girly) Black high heels
  43. 43. Hair/makeup for other friend of main character (Amy) Natural pink Lip-glossMascara (eye makeup) Hair out, straight and blond
  44. 44. Costume of the main characters mumCasual blue denim jeans Plain black jumper Full outfit of character Socks as she is at based at home
  45. 45. Hair and makeup of the main characters mum Hardly any makeup (quite natural) Hair tied back
  46. 46. LocationsLocation name & what How to get there Access to location Photos of locationfor From school get Public station openName of location the 18 bus right from 6 - 9Kensal green station outside Kensel green stationName of location From school get Available all the timeJodies bedroom (Jodies house) the 18 bus,Scene-Looking in the mirror whilst outside myapplying fake facial hair house(flashback)-Conversation with friends aboutprom(flashbackName of location From school get Available all the timeJodies living room (Jodies the 18 bus,house) outside myScene-Jodies mum shouts at her for housenot being feminine-Jodie researches transgender onthe computer
  47. 47. Risk AssessmentTasks Possible risk involved in tasks Actions to prevent harm to health or safetyFilming in unknown locations Could be dangerous because you Film somewhere you are familiar don’t know where you are with, with people around.Travelling to filming locations Might get lost Travel with people.(bus/car/walk/tube)Interviewing people for filming Could be offended and not want to Definitely ask their permission get involved. first.Filming underage (below 16) Child could hurt themselves or get Try to possibly get somebody over scared when filming. 16.Filming anyone Could not want to be involved or Ask permission first or try to film filmed and get angry. with nobody there.Health of group members when Could get an illness from being in the Film when the weather is okay andfilming cold. everybody is feeling okay.
  48. 48. Risk Assessment ContinuedInterviewing an expert for filming Could not want to be on camera for Ask permission first and make sure personal reasons. they are certain they want to be it.Types of area (how safe are they) Area could be dangerous if its Film somewhere familiar and quiet. unknown.Time of day If its too dark could be risky and the Film during the day and start early so camera wont be able to pick up the you have plenty of time. scene.Using technology (filming) Could be stolen by a stranger. Keep it safe and hide it when you getequipment a bad feeling.
  49. 49. http://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keywor d_search.phpMusic / sound This would be our first option to use when Jodie would be c on the train station
  50. 50. http://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keywor d_search.php?sindex=11&kw=sadMusic / sound cThis would be oursecond option to usewhen Jodie would be onthe train station
  51. 51. http://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keywor d_search.php?sindex=11&kw=sad Music / Sound This would be our third option to use when Jodie would be on the train stationc
  52. 52. http://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keywor d_search.php?sindex=11&kw=sadMusic / sound c This would be our fourth option to use when Jodie would be on the train station
  53. 53. http://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keywor d_search.php?sindex=21&kw=sad Music / sound cThis would be our firstoption to use whenJodie is near the traintracks, and the train isabout to come
  54. 54. http://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keywor d_search.php?sindex=21&kw=sadMusic / sound cThis would be oursecond option to usewhen Jodie is near thetrain tracks, and thetrain is about to come
  55. 55. http://www.freeplaymusic.com/search/keywor d_search.php?sindex=21&kw=sadMusic / sound c This would be our third option to use when Jodie is near the train tracks, and the train is about to come
  56. 56. The script
  57. 57. The script
  58. 58. The script
  59. 59. Storyboard
  60. 60. Storyboard
  61. 61. Storyboard
  62. 62. Storyboard
  63. 63. Storyboard
  64. 64. Storyboard
  65. 65. Storyboard
  66. 66. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesEstablish To aware the audience that, that’s N/A where everything will happenLong shot To show how Jodie looks like and c what she’s doingMid shot To show an even detailed Top, jeans, hat, earrings character of Jodie and how she looksSide long shot To show what Jodie would be Top, jeans, trainers, hat, doing from a different angle earringClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking and Hat, earrings is about to have a flashback
  67. 67. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesOver the head Showing an over head shot of Joie N/A typing on the computerClose up Showing whats on the computer N/A screen in detail and what Jodie has typed on GoogleSide long shot Showing the audience that Jodie Grey cardigan, hat, jeans, Is searching on the computer and trainers an see her facial expressionOver the Showing the audience what Jodie Top, earringsshoulder shot was searching on the computerExtreme close up Showing Jodie’s facial expression N/A while she is researching on transgender
  68. 68. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesExtreme close up Showing what Jodie looking at/ N/A focussed onClose up Of Jodies reaction when she saw Hat, earrings what she had to doClose up When Jodie comes back to reality Hat, earrings and carries on thinking when shes on the train platformSide long shot Showing her body reaction, to Top, jeans, trainers, hat, how she was feeling about her earring flashbackMid shot from Showing Jodie leg shaking, which Jeans, trainersher hips to her makes It clear to the audiencelegs that she is frustrated and stressed
  69. 69. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesClose up A closer shot of Jodies leg shaking Trainers, jeansMid shot Showing what Jodie is going to do Top, jeans, hatClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking and Hat, earrings is about to have a flashbackEstablish shot Showing that Jodie is in a new Jacket, jeans, trainers, hat location in her flashback to show what shes doing from behindOver the Showing what Jodie s doing, while Jacket, jeans, trainers, hatshoulder tilted showing half of her face and half of her back
  70. 70. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesOver the Showing the back of Jodie looking Hat, earringsshoulder at the mirror and can see Jodies reflectionClose up Can see the mirror with the Hat, earrings reflection of Jodies faceExtreme close up Of Jodies fake facial hair on the Hat, earrings desk and can see Jodies faceClose up Of Jodie trimming her facial hair Hat, earringsExtreme close up Of Jodie putting the scissors on N/A the desk
  71. 71. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesExtreme close up To show Jodies expression from N/A the flashback, When Jodie comes back to reality and carries on thinking when shes on the train platformClose up Showing her facial expression Hat, earringsmid shot Of Jodie crying because shes Hat, earrings, top depressedClose up The train timer, showing when the N/A train was comingOver the head To have a variety of shot Hat, earrings, top,shot trousers, trainers
  72. 72. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesMid shot To see Jodies body reaction Hat, earrings, trousers, trainers, topClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking and Hat, earrings is about to have a flashbackLong shot Showing Jodie walking towards Top, jeans, trainers, hat, the stereo, for her to dance earringsMid shot Jodie dancing looking at the Hat, earrings, top mirror and can see her refectionLong shot Of Jodie’s mum Monika in the Trousers, uggs, top living room talking on the phone
  73. 73. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesLong shot from A long shot from the back of Trousers, uggs, topthe back Jodies mum walking towards Jodies roomLong shot Long shot of Jodie dancing and Top, jeans, trainers, hat, you can see her reflection on the earrings mirrorLong shot Jodie walking towards Jodies Trousers, uggs, top roomLong shot Long shot of Jodie dancing and Top, jeans, trainers, hat, you can see her reflection on the earrings mirrorLong shot A long shot from the back of Trousers, uggs, top Jodies mum walking towards Jodies room
  74. 74. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesLong shot Long shot of Jodie dancing and Top, jeans, trainers, hat, you can see her reflection on the earrings mirrorClose up Jodies mum about to push the N/A door of Jodies roomTwo shot Jodie behind the door trying to Jodie : Top, jeans, cover herself from her mum, trainers, hat, earrings while her mum is trying to come in Jodies mum: Trousers, uggs, topMid shot Jodies mum being shocked topMid shot of Jodie Showing her facial expression, by Hat, earring, top the way her mum is looking at her
  75. 75. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesMid shot Of Jodies mum talking to Jodie Top and what she feels about Jodies actionLong shot Of Jodie slides down the door, Top, jeans, trainers, hat, because shes upset when her earrings mum leaves the roomClose up To show Jodies expression from N/A the flashback, When Jodie comes back to reality and carries on thinking when shes on the train platformSide long shot Of Jodie in the train station, and Hat, earrings, top, can see her body reaction to the trousers, trainers flashback she just rememberedLong shot Of Jodie getting up and getting Hat, earrings, top, towards the edge of the train trousers, trainers tracks
  76. 76. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesClose up Of Jodies feet walking towards Trousers, trainers the edge of the platformEstablish shot A shot of the timer, to allow the N/A audience and to build up tension to when the train will comeMid shot A mid shot from the back , when Top, hat, earrings Jodie is at the edge of the platformClose up To show that Jodie Is thinking and Hat, earring is about to have a flashbackEstablish shot A shot where Monae, Amy and Jodie: hoodie, trousers, Jodie is seen, to show the trainers, ipad audience who is in this scene Amy: top, trousers, converses, ipad Monae, skirt, blazer, top, converses, ipad
  77. 77. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesTwo shot Amy and Monae having a Amy: top, ipad conversation Monae : top, blazer, ipadMid shot Of Amy talking to monae Top, ipadClose up A shot of Amys ipad, showing what N/A she wants to wear to promMid shot Of monae replying back to Amy Top, blazerClose up A shot of Moane’s ipad, showing N/A what she wants to wear to prom
  78. 78. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesLong shot Of Jodie sitting down and looking at Hoodie, trousers, trainers, her ipad hat, earrings, ipadOver head Showing what Jodie is looking at, Hat, trousers, hoodie, which is suits on her iPad trainers, earrings, iPadOver shoulder Moane and Amy talking to Jodie Amy: top, trousers, converses, ipad Monae, skirt, blazer, top, converses, ipad Jodie; hat, earrings, hoodieMid shot Of Amy about to snatch Jodies ipad Top, ipad from her hands so she is able to see what she is looking atClose up of Amy taking Jodies ipad N/A
  79. 79. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesTwo shot Amy’s and Monae’s facial reaction Amy: top, trousers, when finding out she wants to wear converses, ipad a suit to prom Monae, skirt, blazer, top, converses, ipadClose up Of Jodies reaction, to her friends Hat, earrings responseTwo shot Of Amy and Monae talking to Jodie Amy: top, trousers, about wearing a suit to prom converses, ipad Monae, skirt, blazer, top, converses, ipadOver shoulder To see Jodies reaction to what her Amy: top friends are saying to her (opinion) Monae: top, blazer Jodie: hoodie, hat, earringsEstablish shot Of Jodie getting up and leaving the Hoodie, trousers, trainers, room hat, earrings
  80. 80. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesLong shot Jodie leaving g the room Hoodie, trousers, trainers, hat, earringsClose up To show Jodies expression from the Hat, earrings flashback, When Jodie comes back to reality and carries on thinking when shes on the train platformMid shot A shot behind Jodie looking at the Top, hat, earrings platformPOV Shot of the tracks N/AClose up To show her facial expression to Hat, earrings how she is feeling about suicide (confusion)
  81. 81. Shot listType of shot Description Prop/costumesPOV Shot of the train tracks N/AEstablish shot Shot of the train approaching N/AClose up To show how she is feeling before Hat, earrings she commits suicideEstablish shot Of the tracks N/AEstablish shot A shot of the train beside Jodie Top, hat, earrings
  82. 82. Group meeting recordDate Time People Agenda Targets Due Notes attended (points to date/deadline discuss)21/2/13 2pm-8pm Whole group Discuss the Did the 25/2/13 preliminary storyboard, script, short list25/2/13 3.20pm Whole group Discussed Had to put 1/3/13 ideas for our together a opening strong idea sequence26/3/13 11am Monae, Discussed Had a 1/3/13 Monae and Jodie and more ideas clearer idea. Amy further Pam and putting discussed. it together1/3/13 3.20-4.30pm Monae and Discussed Change of Discussed with Ms Connell everyone’s idea. everyone in ideas. Change of group storyline.
  83. 83. Group meeting record continuedDate Time People Agenda Targets Due Notes attended date/deadline4/3/13 10.40am The group Cleared up Had the full the idea of idea of the the opening opening sequence sequence5/3/13 9.50am The group Discussed Inputs on 8/3/13 the timeline the timeline (planning) and backup plan6/3/13 3.30pm Monae, Discussed Finished 8/3/13 Went Jodie, Amy the storyboard through this storyboard, and script with Pam script
  84. 84. Long term Planning
  85. 85. Long term Planning
  86. 86. Long term Planning
  87. 87. Short Term planningDay & time Filming what scene? Travel Equipment/costume/props How will you checklist (what do you get there? need to bring with you)Sat Mar 9 - Filming all the train On bus Camera, tripod, ipad, station scene costumesSun Mar 10 - Filming at Jodies house On bus Camera, tripod, ipad, long mirror (in bedroom), computer, costumes, paper and pencilSaturday 23 - Filming at Jodie’s house Bus Camera, tripod, iPad,march costumesSunday 24 - Filming at the train Bus Camera, tripod, iPad, longmarch station mirror (in bedroom), computer, costumes, paper and pencil
  88. 88. Short Term planningDay & time Filming what Travel Equipment/costum scene? How will you get e/props checklist there? (what do you need to bring with you)Sunday 7th April -Filming the train - On the bus to kg Camera, tripod, station scene in the station then the iPads, computer, morning train to Paddington costumes -The computer then another train scene to Langley -The friends scene as wellThursday 11th April - Filming the - On the 18 Camera, tripod, dancing scene and iPads, long mirror beard scene (in bedroom), computer, costumes