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Assignment 15 all

  1. 1. Assignment 15Amy cleary - GreenMonae Minors-Gibbs - OrangeJodie Foster-Pilia - BluePamela Younes - Red
  2. 2. Who am I?• Name: Amy Cleary• Candidate number:• Colour code: green
  3. 3. Who am I?• Name: Monae• Candidate number:7413• Colour code: Orange
  4. 4. Candidate number:7362Colour code: Blue
  5. 5. Who am I?Name: Pamela YounesCandidate number : 7488My Colour is• Red
  6. 6. Se7en• This particular opening sequence isinspirational because it has a mysteriousopening and leaves enigma.Inspiration from opening sequences.Leaves enigma as you don’t knowwho the hand is and why they havedrawings of it.
  7. 7. • Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate eventsInspiration from opening sequences.This is inspirational as theopening has the storylineof the three children andtheir facial expressions.
  8. 8. Inspiration from film opening sequencesEstablishingcharactersEstablishing setting(on a airplane)Good sizedcredits on theside in clear fontMission Impossible-
  9. 9. Inspiration from film opening sequencesEstablishes settingEstablishescharacterWhy is he in a redcar? (representsdanger)Enigmas? i.e. whyhe didn’t U Turnor go the otherwayNaturallightningCreditsare bigand in aweirdfontU Turn -
  10. 10. Inspiration from film opening sequences• My Sisters Keeper - of thememoriesSmall butviewablecredits
  11. 11. Inspirational opening sequencesFilm: Almost famous (2000)I very much like the idea of the fontbeing hand written as it almostmakes the font seem personalised.This is the kind of font that I feelwould look best in our openingsequence are a variety of close upand extreme close up camerashots which immediately capturethe emotions and feelings of thecharacterFilm: Boardwalk Empire (2010) use of the overlappingtransition is quite effective, I likethe idea of being able to see twoimages at the same time. I wouldlike to use this in our openingsequence.Film: Donnie Brasco 1997
  12. 12. Inspiration from real films opening sequences• Anatomy of a Murder (1959) The style of this opening sequenceis that they would have the titles onthe actual image The style of the opening sequenceis images and its black and whitethere is no footage The enigma would be who is thedead person on the screen and whowould be the murderer
  13. 13. • Oceans 11 – (1960)• The style of this title opening sequence is based ongraphical images• The font is when most important informTIONWOULD STAND OUT SUCH AS THE NUKBERS• The fonts are colourfulInspiration from real films opening sequences
  14. 14. Inspiration from filmsThis particular sceneinspired me because itshowed a sense offreedom and that she’sreleased from the pain.This could relate to ours because at the end if shedoes commit suicide it will be her way of endingthe pain.
  15. 15. Inspiration from filmsThis lighting of this scene inspiredme as it links in well with the sceneas it is romantic.Also, his characterrepresentation is that he lovesher very much and is a goodguy.
  16. 16. Inspiration from filmsThis is a daylight tragedywith a trainA lot of panningshots was usedUnstoppable
  17. 17. Inspiration from filmsBoys Don’t CryPlot is about atransgendered teenborn as a female Comfortable asa boy and lookslike one
  18. 18. Inspiration from filmsPreciousShe has flashback ofa better/differentlifeRed clothingrepresentinglove and passionHer clotheslookexpensiveand her hairis doneArtificiallighting
  19. 19. Inspiration from real filmsFilm: CreepIsolated train station, this would begood for out suicide sceneI like the use of the wide shot toestablish where exactly the scene isThe use of artificial lighting, sets a mysteriousmoodFilm: Slumdog millionaireThe use of the yellow tint,to make the scene feeluncomfortableI like his Fearful and afraid facial expression, I wantthe character in my opening sequence to have afeel of fearFilm: premonitionChange of colour for flashback, very bright,this would be good to use for the flashbacksin my opening sequence
  20. 20. Inspiration from real films• In Timein this movie it has suicideincluded and it can show uswhy people would commitsuicide and theconsequence of it. And howpeople have a limit to howlong they would live, therich live forever and thepoor die young
  21. 21. In TimeThe convention is, people always intend tocommit suicide from a bridge. And that’swhat this guy is doing by sitting on the edgeof the bridge. I can tell as it zooms into thetime he has left in life, as he gave all his timeaway, which shows that he wasn’t happyand wants to die.He is wearing a suit,which immediatelypresents that he is a richguy that can affordexpensive clothingIts in the morning orbecoming the afternoonas it isnt that bright.You can tell it’s apeaceful place as thereisnt anyone on thebridge and no cars goingup and down the road.This shot would be an establishingshot of showing that the guy justfell of the bridge and it makes itclear that it is a bridge by showingus the whole setting, and showsthe audience enough informationfor the audience to get it.
  22. 22. Chat Room• Chat RoomThis is aboutmainly killingthem selves and itall started online
  23. 23. Chat RoomThe convention ofcommitting suicide can bejumping of a building orself harm, self harmingisnt killing but can provethat, that the persondoesn’t like them selveswhich can lead to suicideThis is set in a bedroom andjumping from her window, andshe is video calling someone, wecan tell this is a video call asthere’s a computer screen andearphonesShe is wearing shorts anda jumper, and her gestureas if she is ready as herarms are side by side onher hips, and cannot seeher facial expression.This would be aclose up to seethe previousscars and selfharming again.This story isabout howpeoplecommittingsuicide
  24. 24. 4 3 2 1• 4 3 2 1 Shows what the 4 girlswould do on the samepart of the days and howthey would meet up andhow the diamond bringsthem together at the endof the scene wen one offthe girls wanted to killher self by jumping of thebridge
  25. 25. 4 3 2 1The convention of thispicture is that theresalways one person in thefriendship groups thatneeds their support morethan othersThis is set in London Westfieldshopping centre, and the secondpicture is at night just next to thebridge where they just stopped one ofthe girls by committing suicidebecause of family problemsShe has a Louis Vuitton bagwhich is obvious that shehas more money than therest of the friendshipgroup, and she is dressingvery smartly as she has asport looking blazer, fullmakeup and curled hairThis would be a long shotas it establishes therewhole body and can seethe background a bit,however its on focus pullsas it blurs out the peopleand objects behind themand the main 4 charactersare clearer
  26. 26. Mind map on SimpleMind
  27. 27. ConventionsConvention Explanation Example from filmClimax point The high climax within thefilm where somethingdramatic happens.CrashSocial status Cant be friends/loversbecause of their differentsocial classes and status’.The boy in the stripedpyjamasCharacters Journey The story follows thecharacters journey/s tosee how they haveprogressed.Freedom writersEmotional themes When a character eitherhas cancer or leukaemiaand they are on recoveryor going to die.My sisters keeper
  28. 28. Genre & conventionsConventions Explanation Example from real filmRealistic struggles or pain •Abused•Bullied•Poverty•Racism•Suicide attemptsSeven PoundsCyber bullyThis was asuicideattemptShe gets bullied No one endsup liking herSeven pounds Cyber bullyThe scene of suicide-
  29. 29. Genre & conventionsConventions Explanation Example from real filmFriendship •Barely any friends Mean GirlsDreams of a peaceful place •Being alone, happy & free•Out of miseryPreciousMy Sisters KeeperEmotionally attached •Keeps the audienceengagedPursuit of HappinessThe outsidercoming to anew schoolFake girls that noone likesDreams of calmplacesAudience keepsattached
  30. 30. Genre and conventions of dramaMany drama films have some sortof argument/fight that stemsfrom a particular problem forexample cheating, divorceAddiction is quite popular withdrama films where by drug,alcohol, sex addictions areexpressed. Many people havesome kind of addiction and cantherefore relate to addictiondramas.Convention Explanation Example from real film1)Conflict and argument2) Addiction3)Abuse4) Problem/dilemaFilm: why did I get married 2In this scene a coupleare having a heatedargument based ondivorceFilm: Half nelsonIn this film theteacher suffers from aserious drug additionand his found by hisstudentSome sort of problem which weas individuals face during out dayto day lives, such as cheating,bullying, illnesses.Film: million dollar babyHer boxingprofession has beenruined by a deaththreatening injurySome sort of domestic dilemmarevolving abuseFilm: This boys lifeIn this film a boyis constantlyabused by hisaggressive stepfather
  31. 31. Genre & ConventionsConventions Explanation Example from filmsCrime Theres death in dramafilms which when thedrama happens to findwhat happened and whyIn time, when the mancommitted suicide andchases the wrong personHero Theres always a lessunfortunate characterand theres always a heroto help that characterFor example in spiderman, peter would be theheroPsychological Drama
  32. 32. Genre & ConventionConventions Explanation Example from filmsThe problem wouldalways be fixed at theendIt would make theaudience feel happywhen they watched it asits all fixedSuch as parent trap andboth twin would be backtogether and so are theparentsAddiction It would show howpeople would beaddicted to specificthings such as smoking,drugs and alcoholOrphan, when the mumwas an alcaholic
  33. 33. Research themes/topics.• My research is on transgender. Transgenderpeople are individuals that feel like they are thewrong sex. E.g. a male that feels he should befemale.• These individuals usually get surgery to changethem to the gender they desire to be.• A transgender individual may have characteristicsthat are normally associated with a particulargender, identify elsewhere on the traditionalgender range, or exist outside of it as other,genderqueer, third gender or agender
  34. 34. Research on transgenderTransgender is the state of one’s gender identity(self-identification as woman, man, neither orboth0 not matching one’s assigned sex(identification by others as male, female orintersex based on physical/genetic sex.Transgender does not imply any specific form ofsexual orientation. The precise definition fortransgender includes:“people who were assigned a sex, usually at birthand based on their genitals, but who feel that thisis a false or incomplete description ofthemselves.”
  35. 35. Research• - good site• Are transgender people gay?• Being transgender is not the same thing as being gay.Being transgender is about gender identity- the wayyou see yourself and the gender you identify with.• Being gay or lesbian is about sexual orientation -gender you are attracted to. Sexual orientation is adifferent thing from gender identity, a transgenderperson can be straight, gay, or bisexual.
  36. 36. ResearchThere are two videos of transgender people••
  37. 37. Research on transgenderWhat is transgender? •Transgender is the state of ones gender identity notmatching ones assigned sexi.e. someone born as a man yet desires to be a woman,and therefore may act and dress in a certain way.Is being transgender a mentalillness?•No, but this remains a stereotype about transgenderpeople. Transgender identity is not a mental illness thatcan be cured with treatment.•Transgender people experience a persistent differencebetween our assigned sex and our understanding of ourown gender. For some people, this leads to emotionaldistress.How is gender identity differentfrom sexual orientation?•Gender identity refers to the way you understandyourself and your gender. It is about the internal sense ofmasculinity or femininity that a person feels.•Sexual orientation is our attraction to someone else ofthe same or different gender or both.How do transsexual people changegenders?•Counselling with a mental health professionaltreatments• Communication between the person’s therapist andphysician indicating• Undergoing hormone therapy• Having various surgeries to alter the face, chest andgenitals to be more
  38. 38. Research on sexualitySexuality is diverse, and deeply personal. Understanding oursexuality is about the sexual feelings and attractions we feeltowards other people, not about who we have sex with. Thereare different types of sexuality, and it can take time to figure outwhat fits right with youLesbian is a term to describe sexualand romantic attraction betweenfemalesLesbianism can be caused by bothmental and physical reasons. Many atimes a person develops lesbian traitsat the early childhood itself.Homosexuality is romantic attraction,sexual attraction, or sexual activitybetween members of the same sex orgendersome people are gay because of theirbiology, including brain developmentdifferences. Some gay males havebrain development more like straightfemalesHeterosexuality is romanticattraction, sexual attraction orbehaviour between persons ofopposite sexMuch human behaviour such asheterosexuality is considered to beultimately explainable in terms ofnatural selection and variation.These are people who do not fitneatly into the categories ofheterosexual and homosexual,because they experience sexual andemotional attractions and feelings forpeople of different genders at somepoint during their livesCompared to heterosexuality andhomosexuality, very little scientificstudy has been conducted onbisexuality. Based on the studies thathave been done, it appears thatbisexuals are not people whoseorientation is fundamentallyhomosexual but who have someheterosexual sex on the sideLesbianHomosexualHeterosexualBisexual
  39. 39. Research on Peer pressure & how it influences your identityTeen peer pressure is the influence a teens social group has on him orher. Peer pressure is a part of life for everyone, but it can be an especiallystrong influence during the teen years when peers are very important toa teens identityThe desire to fit in with peers can be a very strong influence on teens.Peers influence most aspects of a teens life, including how teens dress,what music they listen to, and what kind of activities they are involved in.Negative peer pressure is when teens feel pressured to do somethingthey know is wrong, such as smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or stealing, orsomething they dont want to do such as cutting class or having sex.Which then influences their identityLearning to handle peer pressure helps a teen mature, grow and learnpositive ways to get along with others.
  40. 40. Research on Identity• Bulling• This can be because they have a disability, orbeing different than everyone else such asbeing more cleverer
  41. 41. • Peer pressure• There friends would peer pressure of doingsomething such as forcing and telling themwhat would be good about smoking forexampleResearch on Identity
  42. 42. Inspirational characters• The mother from “The Impossible”• This is because she tries her best to protect her children even though sheis badly injured herself.• Her body language is that she is scared but trying to put on a brave face soher son is okay.She is still holding onto andprotecting her son like a typicalmother would.
  43. 43. Inspirational characters• An inspirational character “Chris Gardner” from the Pursuit of Happinessbecause he is a father struggle to keep custody of his son.• He is a strong role model as he won’t give up because he loves his childtoo much.He puts on a brave face in front ofhis son however cries when theson is asleep.
  44. 44. Inspirational characterBoys Don’t CryBoyish costumei.e. jeans etc, withthe haircutmatching a malecharacters lookTransgender –female to amaleBody languageis showing heis confident inhimself
  45. 45. Inspirational characterA characterthat getsbulliedCyber BullyBullying starts to reallyinterfere with her lifeShe over comesthe bullying
  46. 46. Inspirational characters from filmsFilm: Fish tankThe costume is quite inspirational, as it is not atall feminine, in fact it is quite boyish. Thistracksuit would be a great choice of costume inour opening sequence, as it is representative of agirl who wants to be a boy.Film: PreciousThis characters facial expression and bodylanguage is inspiring as she appears to be fedup and tired of the life in which she lives,which is exactly what our opening sequenceis about.Film:KidulthoodThe way in which the girl in staring intothe mirror and is unhappy anddevastated with the refection lookingback at her. I like this idea, it may beused in our opening sequence.
  47. 47. Inspirational characters• Justin TimberlakeThe most thing I likeabout him is the way heacts and the way hewould react towardsdifferent things, such asthe policeHes wearing a suitwhich represents thathe’s a wealthy manHis body language isvery manly by the wayhe’s trying to grab thewoman so he canprotect her and to run asfast as possibleHis facial expressionseems shocks / worriedthis can be because he’srunning from someonetrying to survive byrunning and saving thewoman beside him
  48. 48. Actors• The actors are Jodie, Amy, and Monae.• They are good for the role because they can sometimes relate to the characters.For example Amy and Monae are both students and they are playing students forthe role.• Also, they are available often and when needed.Actors Strengths WeaknessesJodie Hardworking andsensible.Find hard to meetdeadlines sometimes.Amy Hard working and willput all effort in.Sometimes fall behindon work and have tocatch up.Monae Will work hard andmeet deadlines.Find difficult to meetdeadlines.
  49. 49. Costume/propsPlain dark t-shirt toenforce the darknesswithin the characterShoes thatrepresentdangerA prop- to beholdingsomething inher hand
  50. 50. Costume/propsMen straight legged jeans toemphasis the dress code of amale and for the character tofeel comfortable.Comfortable hoodie- redgiving a representation adanger to themselves.
  51. 51. Titles and CreditsFilm: almost famous (2000)The style of the font is handwritten, this makes the writingseem personalised andindividual, we would possiblywant to use this style on ouropening sequenceThe size of the writing ismedium/small which allows theaudience to concentrate andunderstand the story which isalso occurring behind, thewritingFilm: The Borgias (2011)Film: Mentiras Piadosas (2008) The placement of thesecredits are in the middle ofthe screen which highlightits importance, and thecolour is black makes itappear as bold andnoticeablePerson 3 & 4
  52. 52. Music/Sounds• – this is where weget our non-copy right soundsThis is the website where it wouldgive us a range of sound effects, thenwe would download it so we wouldbe able to use it in our openingsequence.
  53. 53. Mainstream or independentIndependent The issue of transsexuals isn’t hugely expressed in oursociety it is almost a hidden truth Transsexuals are a minority group, which anent reallyaccepted by the public The mass audience wouldn’t necessarily enjoy a film todo with transsexuals, they may find it slightuncomfortable
  54. 54. Target audienceAudience ExplanationAge 15+- You begin to find yourself, at early teenage stages, i.e.discovering what sexuality you may be which tends to take placein puberty.Social class Any class- Anyone can experience the dilemma of seeking their identity.Gender Female and male- All the people that are going through stages of finding who theyare or whom they may like.Ethnicity Any- It can relate to anyoneSexuality TransgenderPeople that are Transsexual or thinking about changing theirgender are a minority group and are the only people who cantruly relate to the issues raised in our film.
  55. 55. BBFC BBFC stands for British Board ofFilm Classification The British Board of FilmClassification is an independent,non-governmental body which hasclassified cinema films since it wasset up in 1912 and videos/ DVDssince the Video Recordings Act waspassed in 1984.Here is the site
  56. 56. Distribution companies• A distribution company we could use is“Hannover house” this is because they are apopular independent distribution company.• They have released films such as toys in theattack, racing dreams and Chelsea on therocks.
  57. 57. Distribution company
  58. 58. Distribution company• Fox Searchlight Pictures, established in 1994, is anAmerican film division of Fox EntertainmentGroup alongside the larger Fox studio 20th Century Fox. Itspecializes in independent and British films,alongside dramedy and horror, and is variously involvedwith the production and/or distribution of these films.• Fox Searchlights Slum dog Millionaire won the AcademyAward for Best Picture at the 81st Academy Awards as wellas a further 7 academy awards. Other Fox Searchlight filmsreceiving Best Picture nominations include The Full Monty,Sideway, Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, Black Swan, 127Hours, The Tree of Life, The Descendants and Beasts of theSouthern Wild.
  59. 59. Distribution companiesThe Weinstein CompanyThis is an independent film distributorwhich I think will be suitable for our film, asit makes films based on issues raised fromtransgender.Sony Pictures ClassicsThis is another possible independent filmdistributor which could be used for our film,it also makes films to do with transgenderThis film tells the storyof, a child who is seenby her family andcommunity as a boy,but consistently insiststhat she is a girl.The film tells the story atranssexual womanwho goes on a road tripwith her long-lost sonToby