Assignment 10


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Assignment 10

  1. 1. What is the purpose of the documentary? To aware them how smartphones has effected us To aware the teenagers how important it is for them to know the consequences about technology i.e. smartphones To tell them about health problems that can cause such as laziness
  2. 2. What would people learn about this topic from your documentary? How it would affect them mentally, as I would get an expert interview from a Dr How much money they have been spending on smartphones every year, I can create a questionnaire to find this information out How there whole live counts on these smartphones, I could use footage to prove this, can be done by multi-tasking
  3. 3. Technology of the future He is in a studio, where professional work is taking place Holding an old phone, we can tell as its not touch screen and its bulky and not slim The presenter is shown What I like How I can apply it to my Documentary Comparing the phones before and after Shows the presenter throughout the whole documentary He’s in a studio shows that he’s in a professional place I would compare phones before and after to see the improvements and what’s changed
  4. 4. Smartphone Documentary Went to professional Companies Its good how they recorded a group of people talking about the S4, can create a debate Can see how good the camera is comparing it to real life
  5. 5. Smartphone Documentary What I like How I can apply it to my Documentary Went to professional companies I would go to the Apple store and Samsung Filmed a group of people talk about the S4 after demonstrating what it does I can use my S4 and my old iPhone and can get an interview, these would be ideas why people want to keep upgrading their smartphone
  6. 6. Smartphone addiction – how much is too much Shows multi- tasking Can use there phone for studying, searching for internet Use them in school What I like How I can apply it to my Documentary Shows multitasking I would show different types of multitasking and how they are effected Shows the good part of multi-tasking I would show different types of multi-tasking
  7. 7. Mode Convention & Examples Explanation of how it applies to your documentary Expository Mode - Addresses audience directly - Narrator e.g.: Blue Planet I would have a narrator that would talk straight to the camera Observational Mode - Film maker not seen, behind the camera - Camera rushes to stay with the action - E.g.: Big brother This is not relevant to my documentary, as my documentary does not need action to keep up with
  8. 8. Mode Convention & Examples Explanation of how it applies to your documentary Participatory Mode - Filmmaker is present - Direct engagement between filmmaker and subject e.g.: Human Swarm When the filmmaker would be known and seen when talking about the topic directly Reflexive mode - Construction of documentary exposed e.g.: catfish Can show how to edit, by using an iPhone which allows me to download iMovie to edit this documentary shows the use of smartphones Performer mode - Emphasises emotional of the audience - Filmmaker is participant - E.g.: super size me I would use this buy asking my audience how they would feel about the smartphones
  9. 9.  I would use the  Participatory Mode:  because the filmmaker would be seen whilst talking about the topic and interviewing people  Performer mode:  because we need to see how the audience would feel using smartphones