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VARSITY PLAYER STUDY HABITS RATINGPart 1-Profile:Age: ________ Height: ___________________              Weight: __________...
SOCIAL                                    1 2 3 41. I have gained more trust and confidence from being a varsity      play...
Varsity Player Impact Rating Scale
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Varsity Player Impact Rating Scale


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This is a questionnaire to determine the level of impact of being a varsity player in college

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Varsity Player Impact Rating Scale

  1. 1. VARSITY PLAYER STUDY HABITS RATINGPart 1-Profile:Age: ________ Height: ___________________ Weight: _____________Sport:Part 2: The Level of Impact as Varsity Player According to Physical, Social and AcademicInstruction:1. Please read each item carefully and answer honestly on every item given.2. Do not leave any item unanswered3. Give each item a rating by putting a check (  ) mark according to the following scale that describes: 4 – Always 3 – Often 2 – Sometimes 1 – Never PHYSICAL: 1 2 3 4When you become a Varsity Player do you observe any changes anddevelopment on the following; 1. Compliance on the required medical check-ups and laboratory exams of the school becomes on-time and regular. 2. Make sure I am physically fit to play by passing all medical and laboratory exams to maintain being a varsity player. 3. I feel that I have increased my stamina and can sustain longer in any physical activity. 4. I feel that I had a better sleep or for at most 8-hours specially after my practice. 5. I feel that my muscles increase in strength when I join the varsity team. 6. I observe that I am more physically active with my reflexes and not easily get tired. 7. I feel that I look good because my skin become much clearer and healthier. 8. I am not easily get sick such as flu or anything since I join the Varsity Team 9. My skin become much firmed and well toned due to many times practice and playing the game 10. I feel I am much healthier than usual when I entered sports and as part of the Varsity Team
  2. 2. SOCIAL 1 2 3 41. I have gained more trust and confidence from being a varsity player.2. I feel much proud of myself when I joined the varsity team of DMMA College of Southern Philippines than3. I gain more friends when I became a Varsity Player.4. My social activities increase such as going out with friends and gaining more friends than usual.5. I feel I became much known by many students in our School when I became a Varsity Player.6. It adds more potential when I belong to Varsity team.7. I am used to expose to a lot of people, since I am playing in the public most often.8. My family and relatives become much proud and supportive of me because they appreciate well of my talent as a player.9. I find it easy to meet new friends since I am a varsity player.10. I am much adaptable to the environment specifically meeting strange people and going to new places where we play or where our game event held. ACADEMIC 1 2 3 41. Do you find difficulty in following class schedule when you entered Varsity Team.2. Do you still have time for studying your lesson due to many practiced and training sessions specifically when the game event is near.3. Do miss quizzes and assignments in any of your subjects because of conflict schedules in your practice or game event?4. Do you have many late and absences in your class when you become a player?5. Do find difficulty to maintain a passing grade in any subject than usual when you entered the sports?6. Do you observe that you are quick in thinking and enhance concentration of your lesson when you become an athlete?7. Do you find yourself adjusted in your class schedule even when you have many practice and training sessions?8. Do you feel you value more your studies than usual as you value your Varsity Player status?9. Do you think you can still acquire passing grades in your subjects when you entered a Varsity Player?10. Do you feel that being a successful Varsity Player will not affect your studies and learning?