Reference survey questionnaire


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Reference survey questionnaire

  1. 1. Reference Survey Questionnaire Age:_______ Course and Year:________ Date:__________ Instruction: Using the 5 point scale shown below. Rate the following questions by placing a check in the box. Please answer the question honestly. Do not leave each item unanswered. Scale; Never Very rarely occasionally quite often very often 0 1 2 3 4 Questions 4 3 2 1 0 About the Internet: 1. Do you use the internet for research? 2. Do you find internet essential in making your assignments? 3. Is the internet providing answer that satisfies your query? 4. Are the websites that students believe can provide information is easy access in retrieving data? 5. Does the search engine in the internet lead you to the appropriate topic you have searched? 6. Do you find using internet a stress out specifically in searching topic? 7. Is the internet easy to use when doing your assignment? 8. Do you believe that internet provides unbounded information in your query? 9. Do you find using internet more productive even less time is spent? 10. Does your teacher recommend using internet in making your assignments? 11. Have you experienced you acquired good grades from your submitted assignment that the source came from the internet? 12. Is using internet find you less expensive in making your paper works? About the Book: 1. Do you always rely on books in making your assignment? 2. Do you find books essential in making your assignment? 3. Is the book providing answers that satisfy your query? 4. Do you feel comfortable and easy in scanning for the contents that is needed in your assignment? 5. Is the book easy to use when doing your assignment? 6. Is it easy to find answers in the book?
  2. 2. 7. Can you save time in finding your answers in the book? 8. Does the contents you find in the book giving you enough information needed? 9. Do you find it much cheaper in retrieving data or information from the book rather than using other sources? 10. Can you easily access books on hand that provide specific information you need to know? 11. Does your teacher recommend you always to use books as reference than other sources? 12. Is the book not a hassle to you in carrying along and copying the content?