Primary health nursing


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Primary health nursing

  1. 1. ADVANCED PRIMARY HEALTH NURSING Strategic Plan for Barangay Improvement Written Project Proposal by Pamela M. Veroy RN, MAN PROGRAM PLANNING “Kaayuhan sa Kalawasan; Kauswagan sa Katilingban” - Operation Medical Check-up/Info-Drive DEPARTMENT DMMA College of Southern Philippines – Nursing Department COMMUNITY Purok San Vicente, Hillside Buhangin, Davao City MISSION Through community extension program, the nursing students will develop their leadership ability, and prepare themselves to be a future health care provider, community organizer, health manager and researcher guided by the mission, vision and goals of DCSP. VISION To provide a skilled, highly competent nurse, which is community, oriented? OBJECTIVES To provide the nursing students of the DCSP the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills and attitude in rendering basic health care services in the community. BRIEF DESCRIPTIONS OF THE COMMUNITY PROGRAM: The Program Planning is focus in a selected community located at the Hillside Buhangin Davao City. The implementers of the plan are from the Nursing Department in a Davao Merchant Marine Academy College of Southern Philippines (DCSP) at Tigatto Road, Buhangin Davao City. The 3 priority health problems that would serve this community service are the Maternal/Child Health Risk, Malnutrition, and Knowledge Deficit R/T Poor Health/Mental Awareness. The program of community health activities is a broader in scope wherein it covers about Maternal Health Program; The Child Health Program (Newborns, Infants and Children); and the Adolescent/Adult/Older Person Health Program. These program of activities entitled the 4K’s which means Kaayuhan sa Kalawasan; Kauswagan sa Katilingban” an Operation Medical Check-up and Info-Drive through symposiums. The operations are consisting of 2 phases. The first phase is the operation medical check-up for identifying & treating illnesses and controlling diseases. The second phase is health education for health promotion and health prevention through symposium or counseling. The symposium is implemented in 3 separate areas as categorized by the different topics to be discussed for the intended attendees (clients) living in this community. The specific dates for community activities will be based on the RLE exposure of the DCSP BSN II & IV students. Their specific days in their RLE exposure are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (MTW), every week. The budget appropriation for these operations is approximately amounted of Php 30,000. STRATEGIES TIMEFRAME RESPONSIBLE RESOURCES BUDGET PROJECTED OUTPUT SUCCESS
  2. 2. PERSON MEASURES I. Consultative meetings with the Primary Health Care Core group (Selected Nursing Students and Supervising Clinical Instructors) and the representative of DCSP Research and Extension Office - Planning community activities with emphasis on the objective of the institution in consonance with the present goal of the partner community (Hillside Buhangin, D.C.) - Discussion of proposed community activities and designing strategies of implementation - Setting the issues and considerations related to site selection and proposed activities. Day 1 – 1st week Monday Dean, Clinical Instructors, some student leaders and representative of the Research and Extension Office -Transportation cost during Protocol / Courtesy Call to Barangay Officials or Purok Leaders - Snacks during the activity Php 150.00 Php 500 - Primary Health Care Core group and DCSP Research and Extension Office discussed about proposed community activities and designing strategies of implementation on a selected site of operation. Proposed community activities on a selected area discussed. II. - Inform consent regarding identified pilot area for community extension service Day 2 – 1st week Tuesday City Health Official, LGU Representative and Clinical Instructor - Snacks during the activity for the health/govt. official Php 350 -Coordination with the City Health Office, Local Government Unit for permission and approval. Consent with the Brgy. Officials for the selected community service approved. III. -Initial visit in the pilot area, (Hillside Buhangin, Davao City) Day 3-1st week Wednesday City Health Official, LGU Representative and Clinical Instructor - Meal (Lunch) during the activity for the health/govt. official & faculty -Transportation Php 750 Php 150 Courtesy call and assembly meeting with the LGU officials and do a direct ocular inspection of the area selected. Courtesy call with the Brgy Officials done. Selected site for community service visited and surveyed. IV. -Students General Community Orientation Day 4 – 2nd week Monday Clinical Instructor and BSN Level II & IV Students -School AVR Reservation -------- - Preparation of group work plan for the scheduled community activities General students’ community orientation done.
  3. 3. V. -Implementation of Proposed Activities First Phase A. Maternal Health Program -Antenatal registration -micronutrient supplementation -Pre-Post Natal check-up -Planning schedule of post partum care visit B. Child Health Program -Newborn Screening -Management of childhood illness -Nutritional screening -Developmental milestone Screening/disability screening -micronutrient supplement -birth registration C. Adolescent/Adult/Older Person Health Program - screening and management of Lifestyle related and other degene- rative diseases - screening and management of Chronic debilitating and infectious Diseases -Post-productive care Day 5 – 2nd week Tuesday Clinical Instructor and BSN Level II& IV Students, Some Invited Health Workers (Physician, Med. Tech, PHNs, Midwives, BHWs). - People in the community -Service Mobile X-ray & Laboratory (Cost of Lab Procedures- urinalysis, fecalysis,) -Drugs/Medicines from the Botika ng Barangay -- Meal (Lunch) during the activity for the health/govt. officials & faculty -- Snack during the activity for the health/govt. official & faaculty - Transportation- -Brgy Basketball Court/ Brgy. Health Center -Honorarium for the Health Workers Php7,500 Php 5,000 Php 1500 Php 750 Php 500 Php 7500 -Conduct nursing care with the parturient during prenatal, natal, and postnatal period. - Identification of high risk/ high need client/family at risk of developing common community illness such as; PTB, Diabetes, Hypertension, Intestinal Parasitism, Skin Diseases, High Risk Pregnancies, Malnutrition, etc. -Identification and monitoring of nutritional status of children under five years old through “Operation Timbang” & Micro nutrient supplementation. - Conduct basic nursing activities such as vital signs taking and participate in various diagnostic examination (sputum, urine, stool collection & examination) - Make referral to other collaborative health agencies (private/government) for continuity and follow-up care. - Make comprehensive files of important data and findings for future reference as research based for nursing education and development program in the community. - Pre/post check up conducted -Operation Medical Check-up with the people in the community conducted identified high risk, documented and referrals to higher level of care made. -Operation Timbang conducted. Micro- nutrient supplementation implemented. - Specimen for Laboratory examination collected and examined & chest x- ray -Community data findings documented and filed. VI. - Implementation of Proposed Activities Second Phase. (Symposium) a. Nutrition & Diet counseling b. Counseling on substance abuse, sexuality and reproductive tract infection c. Managing Stress/Mental Health Day 6 – 2nd week Wednesday Clinical Instructor and BSN Level II & IV Students, and Invited Speakers/People in the community - Brgy. Basketball Court/Elem Sch Hall Health Center-Snacks for the resource speakers-Honorarium for the speakers Php 700 Php 4,500 -Info-Drive (Symposium) - Conduct health education for health prevention and health promotion based on the health problems identified. - Symposium re: health promotion and health prevention based on the identified health problems conducted. ENDpmv10-08