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Goal oriented and action oriented inventory


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A questionnaire to determine what type of motivational factor (goal oriented or action oriented) your character describes best.

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Goal oriented and action oriented inventory

  1. 1. GOAL ORIENTED AND ACTION ORIENTED INVENTORYDear Student, You have been chosen as respondents in our study entitled: “Goal Oriented or ActionOriented: Profile of Students in Relation to Academic Performance”. This questionnaire is for you to answer, will determine the type of motivational factors(goal oriented or action oriented) you have acquired and be determined in relation to youracademic performance. There is no right or wrong answer. Every honest response will give highvalue and reliability of the data gathered. Thank you. The Researchers---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part I - Profile: Please write your answer on the blank provided. Age:___________ Gender:__________Part II – Goal Oriented and Action Oriented SelectionInstructions: 1. Please read and understand the question. Your honesty in answering this questionnaire will lead to the reliability of the data gathered. 2. Do not leave any item unanswered. 3. Indicate your responses by putting a check (√) mark in the box before the letter which description suit to your character.1. Regarding my class schedules of all subjects in entire weekdays, I will… A Review a step-by-step list of activities to prioritize B Prepare references available needed for lectures and assignment2. When the final exam is near approaching, I will… A I set my own pace of my time schedule for review to make sure it is followed B I start early in reading books most often when I have vacant time.
  2. 2. 3. When unexpectedly I have known that I was assigned to report a specific topic in one of my nursing subject, I will… A I would set plans to search recent sources to gain assurance of good reporting Communicate with other classmates and consult to have some idea in making B report4. Once our group have set the scheduled assigned activities; A I will stay committed to achieving it even there are difficulties ahead. I would study and practice more to have much better incoming group B presentation5. Every time I will encountered difficult cases on assigned patient, I find myself; A Saying that “I will challenge myself constantly that I can make things possible.” I will pause for few moment meditating and working mindfulness, to gain full B attention of my clinical task.6. When it comes to group activities, I am good at; A Creating clear plan(s) for achieving my goal(s). B Performing the tasks according to plan and skills.7. When our mentors gave us a poor evaluation in our assigned structured activities; I encourage myself and others (my classmates) to pursue in learning more until A obtaining a good performance. B I mark what I did not understand, and note my weak points and seek alternatives8. When performing a particular clinical procedure on the ward;
  3. 3. I keep coaching myself that “I believe myself and focus that I can perform it A well” I seek consultation with my clinical instructor first about any clarifications to B prevent mistakes in implementation.9. Despite my endeavor in my studies that I have planned; A I often feel I want something in the future. B I reviewed my performance so that I could enhance more of my skills10. To be able to passed my case manuscript on time… I will gain self encouragement by keep saying to myself that “I have A commitment to finish this project.” I can spend hours commuting to work each morning and evening in order to B finish it11. When one of our members is interfering while doing our activity. I will… A Require a moment alone to avoid distractions in order to think and plan B Communicate with him/her and make encouragement on her interest in order to participate.12. When I check in the registrar, I found out that I have no grade on one of my subject, I will… A I would pause and think to review where I did wrong, and plan to whom and where I will inquire. B Consult with the advisor and find out the problems of having a no grade in minor subject.13. When I am making assignment, I will…
  4. 4. A Review and prioritize my tasks before I will initiate my learning activities. B Vary my study activities to include not just reading, but also group discussions and hands-on work14. When the semester is almost over, I will… -A Gauge myself if I am passing or failing in my subjects B Coping-up by passing all requirements and projects before the set deadline.15. When it comes to group participation, I will choose to be… The planner, because I am good about creating clear plan(s) for achieving my A goal(s). B The doer, because I am good in initiating plans16. When the next semester opening is near approaching, I will… A Set plans according to the description in the set of courses Secure materials from someone ahead of you; and inquire about their B experiences in every subject.17. When I encountered difficulties in my subject, I will… A Challenge myself constantly to maintain positive attitude to succeed. I seek consultation with my instructors about any clarifications such as B homework and requirements.18. To become successful as a student nurse, I must have… A clear goals and knowing exactly where I want to be at every stage in my A studies B Developed skills and gain more learning by studying further of the lesson.
  5. 5. 19. When my instructors I am willing to spent long hours putting new idea as long as they are sufficiently A rewarded. I am willing to spent long hours of practice develop my skills until I am close to B perfect it.20. Others perceive about my character that I am… A An enthusiastic person and have great perseverance to achieve goals B A task-oriented person and very efficient in doing my work.Questionnaire adapted and derived from the following, (2011). Personality Test Career. Higher Education (2008). Communicating at work. student_view0/chapter3/multiple_choice_quiz.htmlShapiro, Stephen M. “Goal-free living”. How to have a life you have now? Retrieved from: