Determinants of Success in Nursing Checklist


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A checklist on determinants of success in taking nursing course

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Determinants of Success in Nursing Checklist

  1. 1. DETERMINANTS FOR SUCCESS CHECKLISTProfile: Please write your answer on the blank provided.Age:___________ Gender:__________ Year Level:_____________Instructions: 1. Please read and understand the question. Your honesty in answering this questionnaire will lead to the reliability of the data gathered. 2. Do not leave any item unanswered. 3. Indicate the response by putting a check (√) mark if you agree; or (X) mark if you disagree. There is no right or wrong answer; whichever your choice of answer will be highly considered. 1. Study Habits: I become successful in Nursing Course because; _____ I spend reading books most of the time in my subjects before I sleep or any vacant period. _____ I am taking down notes while listening attentively during lectures to all of my subjects. _____ I go to the library often and find more books or other resources to find answers that satisfy my query and doubts about the subject matter. _____ I seek consultation with my instructors about any clarifications such as homework and requirements. _____ I am always on time in passing projects or requirements and completed my homework before I reported to my subjects. 2. Motivation: I become successful in Nursing Course because; _____ I am always excited in going to school because I am eager to know new information to all my subjects _____ I will usually never be bored of being present all the time in most of my subjects because I am interested to learn. _____ I do not necessary be reminded by others (family members or friends) to study my lessons, because I am self sufficient in my learning. ______ I am a self-sufficient learner and confident of doing my own pace in learning ______ I can gauge myself if I am passing or failing because I am always coping-up and monitoring my pace where I am now in my studies.
  2. 2. 3. Financial Status: I become successful in Nursing Course because; _____ My parents/guardian paid full or paid on time of my tuition fees _____ My allowances are enough to finance my projects and homework almost every day. _____ I have enough budgets to every related learning experience in different fields, specifically in out of town clinical area. _____ I have never experience in providing promissory notes in the cashier if my parents delayed or overdue tuition fee payment. _____ I never had any experience of delayed passing of requirements or projects because I am running out of financing. Thank you very much for your time.