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What is sociolinguistics


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What is sociolinguistics

  1. 1. Pamela Sanhueza Castillo
  2. 2. SOCIOLINGUISTICS what is it? LanguageSociolinguistics makes a connection between Society andthe manner we use it (language) in different social events in daily life .
  3. 3. Language Variationa) Internal Variation ? a property that languages have to express the same meaning in different waysb) Language Variety ? broad term that is used to distinguish between ORTwo different languages two varieties of the same language
  4. 4. c) Dialect misunderstood term means The collection of phonetic phonological, syntactic, morphological and semantic attributes that make the difference amongst groups of speakers linguists definitiond) Accent refers tophonological variation or variation in pronunciation
  5. 5. e) Speech communities is a group of people that speak a particular and common dialect factors that influence in the existence of speech communitiesSocio-economic ethnicity status sex geographical location
  6. 6. Some questions:Do women talk more than men? answer ... NO . . . WHY? Because it is not culturally acceptable BUT Men remain silent when talking about emotional situations
  7. 7.  Do men and women speak differently? it is sometimes a stereotypical question but there are some languages in which is common to see different patters related to the gender of the person who talk and the vocabulary the person use