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  1. 1. Student – Teacher’s expectations about professional practicum About my expectations, I have to say that at the beginning I was a little afraidbecause professional practicum is the last and the most important step to jump into laborlife and it is also the beginning to end this long process specially for me, because thereis always the uncertainty about the way my mentor teacher is going to be at school, orthe way in what the students are going to behave with me or if I will be able to copewith this process in a good way too. But I think these thoughts are common amongststudents that are finishing this degree like me. In other way, the four main participant involved in this process are my guidingteacher at University, my mentor teacher at school, my future students and me. Thesecharacters, including me, have different tasks and roles to play during this semester. Since my point of view, what I expect from my University teacher as well asfrom my mentor teacher at school is a constant guidance to develop this practice asgood as possible and a good disposition to solve any potential problem if needed. Fromthe students’ side I expect they behave in a good way and the possibility to learn asmuch as possible from them; and from my side I expect to have the ability to teach theknowledge I have to my future students and to be able to establish a connection withthem with the intention to have the success I expect to achieve in this process. Summarizing, I really hope to enjoy, learn and apply in the school theknowledge I have acquired during these years in University and have a goodrelationship with all the people involved in this experience. Pamela Sanhueza C.