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Planningness 2011 -- Dr. Pamela Rutledge


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The psychology of storytelling and communication in a transmedia world

Published in: Business, Technology
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Planningness 2011 -- Dr. Pamela Rutledge

  1. 1. transmedia storytelling stories for the braindesign for the bottom line Dr. Pamela Rutledge May 20, 2011
  2. 2. write the story ofyour organization,company, brand,or cause.
  3. 3. now, write the storyof why you wrotethat story
  4. 4. Henry Jenkins says:Transmedia Storytelling is astory that …• unfolds across different media platforms, and• each platform adds something unique and valuable.Users can…• join the story at different places, participate, contribute content, and• each piece motivates the user to seek out the others.
  5. 5. transmedia storytelling
  6. 6. Nountransmedia storytelling Adjective
  7. 7. It’s not aboutthe toolsIt’s not aboutthe toolsIt’s not aboutthe tools
  8. 8. What is a Story?what is a story?
  9. 9. connectionbodily experience meaning feeling
  10. 10. a shoe company• founded 2006 Total Sales 500,000 Employees 90• unique business model Interns 22• product distributed via COGS 37% recognized 501(c)(3) SG&A 24% non-profits and non- Distribution 300 Stores; 9 Countries governmental First Year Sales 10,000 units organizations (NGO’S) Yr Sales Goal 300,000 units Annual 10% Growth (Y/Y) EBITDA 153,000
  11. 11. Complex 5 Sensessystem deliver most infoThree parts:thinking, Filter, sort &feeling, and store usinginstinct stories
  12. 12. Cut Here
  13. 13. neocortex thinking mammalian brain emotionslizard braininstincts
  14. 14. lizard brain decision tree IS IT ABOUT ME? No Yes IS IT DANGEROUS? IGNORE! No Yes IS IT GOOD? RUN LIKE HELL RIP THEM TO SHREDS No Yes IGNORE! AM I AROUSED? No Yes yay! fire off some chemicals to the neocortex. it will make up a story to explain what i’m feeling. then it will decide what to do.... IGNORE! unless i’m already doing something. in which case, we’re going to need another story
  15. 15. brains use storiesto sort life
  16. 16. stories tell us how brandshave meaning in our lives
  17. 17. read what youwrote about writingthe story
  18. 18. It’s allreal to me
  19. 19. known narratives  rags to riches  gold digger  hooker with a heart of gold  live fast/die young
  20. 20. the new worldof marketing
  21. 21. mass media: one to many
  22. 22. social media: many to many
  23. 23. MONOMEDIA TRANSMEDIAOne way messaging Dialogue between consumer and brandAssumes all people can be reached Gives audience choice in engagementwith one media channel pathSingle message or theme is adapted to Each media platform expands narrativefit different media with unique contributionCreator controls message Audience collaborates in story developmentProfitability limited to ROI of a given Broadens life cycle and profitability of aplatform, no cross media leverage or campaign beyond traditional retailnarrative leverage windows because content is monetizableAudience attention through Interruption Audience attention through invitation Audience participation enhances brand identity and creates customer loyalty Engages the consumer long-term by providing value beyond the product Audience is validated and celebrated
  24. 24. homogeneousaudiencepassive, quietconsumers participatory psychology consumer-driven brand ecosystem
  25. 25. New psychological profileis perfectfor transmedia storytellingbecause it changes sellinginto a participatory andshared relationship
  26. 26. transmedia vision
  27. 27. Case Study: The Three Little Pigs Wolf: Website Pig 1: Website Wolf: Ning Pig 1: Anime Network for Super Pig Team Wolf Main Story Anchor: Novel Sequels Pig 2: Twitter Pig 3: Pig 3: Dialogue Cooking Blog Cookbook Pig 3: YouTube Pig 3: Fan Page Videos
  28. 28. Case Study: Jay-Z
  29. 29. Traditional ROI Calculations
  30. 30. Ripple Effect
  31. 31. Halo Effect
  32. 32. transmedia storytelling coherent experiential participatory
  33. 33. Maslow’s creativity, meaninghierarchy oftransmedia esteem:storytelling achievement belonging: social connection safety: order, stability, control physiological
  34. 34. how do you find a story? I’m a lawyer. I write contracts and wills. Where’s the story in that?
  35. 35. TheFamily LawyerWatching over your legal health
  36. 36. finding thestory
  37. 37. Story World: Building A Brand One Sheet Exercise  Story in three sentences  Work from the experience of the image of the brand  Characters in three sentences  Who are the characters?  Are you a character?  Does place matter?  Why did you choose that story?
  38. 38. 5 key take-aways 1. Start with the story 2. Identify your core story and passion at a universal level to engage the audience 3. Think multi-dimensionally 4. Connect with your audience’s lizard brain 5. Use the new media landscape—ripple out, don’t broadcast 6. Prepare to collaborate where you don’t expect it
  39. 39. thank you Dr. Pamela Brown Rutledge