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Your Friendly Library -

Published in: Education, Technology
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Nt abc

  1. 1. NoodleTools Citing Sources from ABC-CLIO
  2. 2. ABC-CLIO includescontent that isavailableexclusively online.Therefore, you willbegin by selecting"online database" inNoodleTools.
  3. 3. Here is our sample article.The title is "Cleopatra I"
  4. 4. A citation fromABC-CLIO isone of thesimplestcitations inNoodleTools. Afterselecting "onlinedatabase," thenext step is toselect "yes"when asked ifyour contentis original. 
  5. 5. Next, the entry screenappears. Scroll to the bottomof the article for the neededdata. Notice that it gives youthe MLA information, but ifyoure using another format,you can click on "view allcitation styles" for  APA andChicago style formats.You wont typically have anauthor in ABC-CLIO, so skipthat question. 
  6. 6. Scroll down to "Page title"and add the name of yourarticle.Then you simply add thename of the database.Designate which ABC-CLIOdatabase youre using. Also, add the year “2012.”Finally, add in ABC-CLIOfor the publisher.Youre done!
  7. 7. Click on “Check for Errors” to allow the wizard todouble check your information. If you’re not sureabout its suggestions, check with your teacher orMrs. Hill. Then click “Generate Citation” and here is your finished citation: Created by PamelaHill 2012