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Achieve and Maintain 5-Star Ratings for Health Peformance


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Two-way mobile relationships support 32 measures for improving Medcare and other pay-for-performance scores by helping patients stay healthy, manage chronic conditions, improve member satisfaction and safety.

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Achieve and Maintain 5-Star Ratings for Health Peformance

  1. 1. Helping you:Achieve and Maintaina Five-Star Rating
  2. 2. Mobile PRM >> Patient relationship platform, mobile software, and analytics
  3. 3. Mobile PRM >> Desktop, mobile, tablet solutions for patients and their health team
  4. 4. Engage Members >> 2-way, mobile, patient-centric applications support and rewardbehavior changes to maximize ratings and reimbursementsStayinghealthyManageChronicConditionsMemberSatisfactionMemberSafetySupports 32 measures for improving scoresWatch our video
  5. 5. Improve Scores >> For Keeping Members HealthyMeasure Star LabelC01 Breast Cancer ScreeningC02 Colorectal Cancer ScreeningC03 Cholesterol Screening for Patients with Heart DiseaseC04 Cholesterol Screening for Patients with DiabetesC05 Glaucoma TestingC06 Annual Flu VaccineC07 Improving or Maintaining Physical HealthC08 Improving or Maintaining Mental HealthC09 Monitoring Physical ActivityC10 Checking to See if Members are at a Health Weight(BMI Assessment)Staying Healthy
  6. 6. Annual Screenings >> remind and trackStaying Healthy
  7. 7. Vaccinations >> remind and trackStaying Healthy
  8. 8. Physical Activity >> monitor based on member preferencesStaying Healthy
  9. 9. RecordReportImprove or Maintain Mental Health >> collect scores, analyze, reportStaying Healthy
  10. 10. Improve or Maintain Physical Health >> collect, compare, improveStaying Healthy
  11. 11. Healthy Weight >> monitor progress toward goalsStaying Healthy
  12. 12. Reward Members >> for staying healthyvvStaying Healthy
  13. 13. Educate Members >> on healthy behaviorsStaying Healthy
  14. 14. Improve Scores >>> Chronic Disease ManagementMeasure Star LabelC11 Yearly Review of All Medications and Supplements Being TakenC13 Yearly Pain Screening or Pain Management PlanC14 Osteoporosis ManagementC15 Eye Exam to Check for Damage from DiabetesC16 Kidney Function Testing for Members with DiabetesC17 Plan Members with Diabetes whose Blood Sugar is Under ControlC18 Plan Members with Diabetes whose Cholesterol Is Under ControlC19 Controlling Blood PressureC20 Rheumatoid Arthritis ManagementC23 Readmission to a Hospital within 30 Days of Being DischargedC27 Overall rating of healthcare qualityC28 Members overall rating of health planC29 Coordination of Members Health Care ServicesDisease Management
  15. 15. Yearly Medication Review >> with compliance historyDisease Management
  16. 16. Annual Eye Exam >> remind and track historyDisease Management
  17. 17. Blood Pressure Control >> remind, track, alerts for early interventionDisease Management
  18. 18. Blood Sugar Control >> remind, track, alerts for early interventionMobile viewDisease Management
  19. 19. Care Coordination >> share health record and coordinate careDisease Management
  20. 20. Reward members >> for improving chronic disease managementDisease Management
  21. 21. Improve Scores >> Member SatisfactionMeasure Star LabelC27 Overall Rating of Health Care QualityC28 Members’ Overall Rating of Health PlanC29 Coordination of Members’ Health Care ServicesC32, D08 Members Choosing to Leave the PlanD10 Drug Plan Provides Information or Help When Members Need ItD12 Ease of Getting Prescriptions Filled When Using the PlanMember Satisfaction
  22. 22. Overall Rating >> complete chronic disease management support Monthly health reportMember Satisfaction
  23. 23. Overall Rating >> valued incentives tied to behavior changesRedeem points inleading rewardsprogramsMember Satisfaction
  24. 24. Overall Rating >> patient-centric services that improve outcomesMember Satisfaction
  25. 25. Overall Rating >> prescription refill remindersMember Satisfaction
  26. 26. Measure Star LabelD14 Plan Members 65 and Older Who Received Prescriptions for CertainDrugs with a High Risk of Side Effects, When There May Be SaferDrug ChoicesD16 Taking Oral Diabetes Medication as DirectedD17 Taking Blood Pressure Medication as DirectedD18 Taking Cholesterol Medication as DirectedImprove Scores >> Member SafetyMember Safety
  27. 27. Take Medications as Directed >> consolidate, remind, instructText, email, or push reminders;right medication, right dose, righttimeMember Safety
  28. 28. Take Medications as Directed >> monitoring for early interventionPatient confirmationClinicianmonitoringMember Safety
  29. 29. ImprovedOutcomes;Rewards for