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Osha guidelines on keratin hair treatment and products


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Osha guidelines on keratin hair treatment and products

  1. 1. OSHA Guidelines on Keratin Hair Treatment and products ___________________________________ Keratin is a protein which occurs naturally in our hair. Keratin treatment refers to the process of straightening of hair. People having the non-straight curly and kinky hair make use of this process to make their hair straight. It is also one of the most common procedures, also called the Brazilian Blowout, followed in the beauty and hair salons around the world. While it does serve the purpose of temporary hair straightening, it makes use of regulated chemicals and formulations. The Formaldehyde Connection Keratin Hair Treatment and products has had their share of controversy due to their perceived health risks to the workers who provide Brazilian hair care solutions. This risk is essentially due to the unregulated use of a chemical called formaldehyde in these products. There have been violations with respect to the correct labelling of these products, conducting the required tests at places where these are used and with respect to wearing or suitable protective gear by the workers. However, instead of completely banning these product, the US department of OSHA has reviewed these risks and provided for complete regulation. OSHA has issued detailed guidelines in this respect.
  2. 2. What constitutes the violations of OSHA guidelines? 1. It would be interesting to note that the Brazilian blowout professional solution manufacturers used nondisclosure by excluding the hazardous chemicals from labels of these products. Also, there was incorrect mention of the accurate levels of these products. So, non-inclusion of Formaldehyde as a hazardous ingredient of the Brazilian blowout shampoo and other products is considered a violation. . 2. Non-inclusion of Formaldehyde as a hazardous substance in the MSDS sheet. 3. Failure to inform about the health effects on exposure to formaldehyde on MSDS. 4. Inability of salon owners to test these products to know how much of formaldehyde is present and whether this is within the permissible limits. 5. Failure of salon owners to provide sufficient ventilation and protective gears to workers while using these products. 6. Failure to train the workers on handling of these products. 7. Failure to communicate the hazardous effects of formaldehyde on exposure to it.
  3. 3. Current Scenario With stricter OSHA enforcement, things begin to change and the manufacturers now duly comply with the guidelines. So, when you buy Brazilian blowout products now for use in your salon, you shall still double check whether the product labelling has been correctly done in compliance with the OSHA guidelines or not. As the awareness about this aspect of the Keratin Hair Treatment and its products has increased among the customers as well as the salon workers, the salon owners shall resort to buying only the safest of these products. Thank You Haircaretoday PO Box 294 Hensonville NY 12439 United States of America Phone: (518) 512-0821