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Extreme Football Student Age 9
the end!!
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Extreme Football


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A 4th grade student learning to draw digitally (instead of using clip art) designed this powerpoint using none of the animation effects in Powerpoint. He relies instead on his own eye to create the illusion of movement. His effort is impressive as two objects in his presentation appear to move. Submitted by Pamela Gustafson teacher.

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  • As usual brilliant work by the kid! But you have been an inspirational teacher!
    If only all of us learn to use the minimum resources and achieve maximum results as this kid has done (and the other kids in your class have done) perhaps we wont be facing the financial crisis/economic slowdown today.
    Pl congratulate this kid and the others on my behalf!

    tnx 4 sharing.
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Extreme Football

  1. 1. Extreme Football Student Age 9
  2. 17. the end!!