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1st day of school


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Published in: Education
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1st day of school

  1. 1. Benvenuti and Welcome to Mrs. Catena’s ClassWelcome toMajor DONEHEW’s Class
  2. 2. Things we Study
  3. 3. SMA RULES• SMA school rules always have precedent and should be followed at all times. – Be to class on time – Tardy Tank – Bring necessary materials to class. – Upon entering stow backpacks at back of room. – Raise hand to speak and wait to be addressed. – When acknowledged stand to speak. – Address teachers as M’AM or SIR or by rank. – Use restrooms before or after class. – No food or drinks in class (except bottled water). NO GUM – Do not leave classroom without teachers permission and hall pass. – Approach teacher’s desk only on request. – Stay in seat until dismissed at end of class---PUSH IN CHAIR
  4. 4. My Expectations• 1. RESPECT – me, each other, my class room, SMA• 2. Be Prepared - Come to class with necessary materials – this includes independent reading book.• 3. Be seated - when the bell rings and copying Thought for the Day• 4. Complete all assignments• 5. Work hard, read/write, and have fun.
  5. 5. Classroom Procedures• A procedure is how I want something done in this classroom. – JOURNAL, GROUPS, ETC.• Classroom procedures vary from class to class and from teacher to teacher.
  6. 6. Procedure for Classroom AssignmentsWrite your full name on your papersWrite the complete dateWrite the Class periodAssignment and pageWrite the above heading at the top right corner of all your papers.
  7. 7. Example of heading paper • Major Donehew 01/18/12 Period 1 here Ten Steps p. 22-24
  8. 8. Entering the Classroom Procedure• Enter the room quickly and quietly, stowing your backpack at back of room and be seated in your assigned seat.• Get out journal and begin copying Thought for the Day.• If you finish the Thought for the Day early, read in your independent reading book quietly.• Quietly, patiently wait for instruction.
  9. 9. Journal Procedure• 1. Do not wait for the teacher or the bell. Begin writing the Thought for the Day as soon as you enter the room.• 2. If you finish the Thought for the Day early, read in your independent reading book quietly.• 3. Write the date in the upper right corner on the top of the page of the journal.• 4.Begin a new page each day. If the thought and prompt take the entire side of the sheet write on the back of that page.• 5. Journals are graded and count 20% of your final grade.
  10. 10. DO NOT WRITE ON THE BACK December 24, 2020Unless the daily thought and/or prompt “In three words I can sum up everythingAre longer than can fit on the front of the I’ve learned about life; it goes on.”page -Robert Frost I am so happy to be back at school. The summer seemed very long without the structure of getting up in the morning, putting on my uniform, and seeing all of my friends together. I can’t wait to tackle the reading FCAT and use all that I will be learning in Intensive reading. This will be my best school year ever---because I will make it the best school year ever.
  11. 11. When you finish work early• read your independent reading book.• sit quietly.• wait patiently.
  12. 12. Daily ScheduleJournal - Thought for the Day – Every dayMonday -Thursday -- (three, 20 minute rotations) 5 minutes – Journal 15 minutes – Whole Group Instruction 20 minutes – Computer Learning 20 minutes – Teacher led Small Groups or activity related to whole group instruction 20 minutes – Collaborative/IndependentFriday Vocabulary test/ Chapter test
  13. 13. Tardy Procedure• If you’re not in your seat when the bell rings---YOU”RE LATE!• HAVE A PASS!!!!! Or you will be sent back to get one.• Enter the classroom quietly, begin writing in your journal, and join in the classroom activities with minimal disruption.• If you do not have a pass from your teachers then you better have a pass from the TARDY TANK
  14. 14. Absence Procedure• When you are absent, check with a classmate and copy missed journal assignment. Do not ask the teacher. Ask three---then ask me. You are responsible for having a journal entry for every school day.• If you are missing work from an absence, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and make it up within the required time. When asked, the teacher will let you know what you are missing and provide the materials needed.• You will have the amount of days you were absent to complete your missed work.
  15. 15. Listening to/Responding to Questions• When we are having class discussions, raise your hand to be called on and actively listen to whoever is speaking.• Teacher will give specific instructions when students are to call out answers without first raising their hands.• Ask only questions that are relevant to the lesson.• Be respectful of all comments and ideas, even if they differ from yours.• You will be told if you are to stand to answer.
  16. 16. Working Together in Groups• Stay on task in groups. Group work will factor into employability score which is 20% of the grade. You begin the week with 100 points employability.
  17. 17. End of the Class Dismissal Procedure• The bell does not dismiss you, I do.• Put away materials. Make sure table area is neat and trash is picked up.• Teacher will dismiss class, do not leave seat and line- up at door.• Push in chairs and proceed quickly and quietly out the door.
  18. 18. Classroom Expectations• The atmosphere in this classroom will be academic.• We are here to learn and we can have fun doing it!!!• Reading, Writing and Vocabulary are the focus and the three initiatives of the school.
  19. 19. Procedures for Bathroom Use• The best time for bathroom use is before and after class.• You may not go to the bathroom within the 1st 30 minutes of class or the last 30 minutes of class.• You should not leave class to use the bathroom unless it is truly necessary. —• You must get permission from the teacher without disrupting class. —• Use the bathroom pass.• Only one person at a time will use the bathroom.• DO NOT RAISE YOUR HAND AND INTERUPT ME WHILE I AM TALKING TO ASK TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. WAIT FOR A BREAK IN INSTRUCTION.
  20. 20. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES• Between classes, during lunch, or any unstructured time – Report to field in back of school and fall-in by battalion formation.• Code Red – FULL LOCKDOWN• Code White – LIMITED LOCKDOWN• Code Yellow – EVACUATE• Fire
  21. 21. Procedures for Classroom Visitors • Classroom leader will call class to attention. You will stand at attention until told otherwise. • After told to sit, do so quietly.
  22. 22. Thank You!!!•Thank you for following the classroom procedures.•This will allow us to have a wonderful, creative, and productive semester with minimal stress and wasted time.