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Womens health june%202009

  1. 1. Its Good to Be You"TWO WEEKS TOA ... ~ FLATBIKINI BELLY FOODS LoseREADY Weight WhileBODY!Reshape Your Abs, Butt You Eat!& Thighs-Fast! - j Losts Evangeline Lilly.GO-Second The super-fit (andfeistyl) actress holdsStress Cures nothing backBurn MoreFat WithLessWorkEasy Ways to RevYour Metabolism j... Staycation iTheUltimate ~Quick GriLL-to- J I TabLe Recipes * No Blow-dryer Pre!tY Hair,RED-HOT Required!5BOOSTERS.WomensHealthMag.com i
  2. 2. BEAUTY LUMINOUS SKIN FOR LIFE Applying sunscreen can kinda suck. Buta new breed ofblocks-----andthese brUlianttips--wiLl make protecting your complexion so much easiel~. By Elizabeth Einstein LOTS OF PEOPLE AT THE BEACH HAVE THEIR heads in the sand: A recent Skin Cancer Foundation survey says 40 percent of adults neglect to wear sunscreen, despite the abundance of infonnation about how damaging the suns rays can be. To do our part to reduce this number, WH talked to top dennatologists and tested dozens of products to find simple solutions to every SPF gripe under the (cant resist) sun. Gripe IT LEAVES BEHIND A WHITE FILM You shouldnt have to make yourselflook like a Twilight extra to enjoy a day at the beach. But no matter how hard you rub, its tough to get rid of that nasty white SPF residue. "The mask effect is caused by physical (as opposed to chemical) blocks such as titanium dioxide and, to a lesser extent, zinc oxide-ingredients that reflect light as they sit on the sur- face of the skin, causing a bluish cast; says Jeannette Graf, M.D., an assistant professor of derma- tology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the author of Stop Aging, Start Living. Solution Try quick-absorbing blocks with chemical ingredi- ents that sink into your skin88 WOMENS HEALTH JUNE 2009 womenshealthmag.com
  3. 3. BEAUTY 3instead of sitting on top of it.Heavy-hitters like MexorylSX, Helioplex, and AvoTriplexhave been available in Europefor years.megaprotectors Lucky for you, these are now ap-proved for use in the States. 1 Broad-spectrum You can also avoid looking bLocking La Rache- Pasay Anthelias 60like Casper with new clear sun- Melt-In Sunscreen Milk ($32,laroche-posay.us)screen formulas. A translucentstick or gel will absorb instantlywithout leaving any white resi-due; says Howard Sobel, M.D.,clinical attending physician indermatology and dermatologicsurgery at Lenox Hill Hospitaland Beth Israel Medical Centerin New York City.Gripe Anti-aging ingredients 4IT MAKES YOUR Radon + Fields Ant/- Age Skin ProtectantSKIN BREAK OUT SPF 15 ($160 for three-product system,One major reason for religious rodanondfields.com)sunscreen use is to maintain apristine complexion.the faithful get punished But often with a 5 Foryourtinyconstellation of pimples, thanks parts Clinique Advancedto irritating, oil-encouraging Protection SPF 45 Targetedchemical ingredients. Waterproof protec- Protection tion Hawaiian TropicSolution Keep skin clear and Ozone Sport SPF 60+ Stick ($1750, ($10, at drugstores) clinique.com)protected with a sunscreenformula that is oil- andfragrance-free, hypoallergenic,noncomedogenic. And always Gripebe sure to wash your face DAMAGE CONTROL YOU HAVE TO REAPPLYbefore applying sunscreen.Look for formulas that contain Despite your best intentions, sun-care slips happen. Heres IT CONSTANTLY how to mitigate the not-50-cute conseq uences.small amounts of zinc or As any decent derm will tell Damage A lobster- to 30 and vitamins A, Grossman, M,D.titanium (hint: ingredients are red sunburn you, the keys to effective sun C. and E (try DDF Applya layer of aloelisted in order of abundance) RxThattightness Moisturizing Photo- gel around the eyes, protection are slathering on- they will play nice with you feel isyour skin Age Protection UV and avoid irritat- enough product to do the job,sensitive skin, and in small swelling: "Take Moisturizer SPF 30, ing anti-aging eye and reapplying it at least every 400 milligrams of $32, ddfskincare creams for 10 days.doses, they wont give you a two hours or so. "Nothing is aspirin or ibuprofen ,com): "Amulti-dosecorpse-like complexion. every four hours for of antioxidants Damage Fried hair effective all day - even if it s Another way to battle the first day to offset helps fight damage Rx Once a week, SPF 1,000, waterproof, and pain and inflamma- from the sun," says after shampoo- sweatproof; says Katie Rodan,blemishes: Stash a pack of tion."says Jeannette NYC dermatologic ing, follow up withacne-fighting facial cleansing Graf, M,D"of the surgeon Howard a protein-rich deep M. D., clinical assistant profes-wipes in your bag. "Periodically Mount SinaiSchool Sobel. M.D. conditioner, such sor of dermatology at Stanford of Medicine,Dab on as Redken Colorremoving sweat from the skin University School of Medicine. aloe or a hydro- Damage Swollen, Extend After-Sunhelps to decrease bacterial cortisone lotion to sun-baked lids Solution Thirty minutes before Mask ($15, redkengrowth, which can lead to hydrate skin until the RxTwice a day, soak .com for stores). heading out the door (andacne," says Karyn Grossman, burn subsides. green-tea bags Smooth it onto damp before you slip into your bikini), Too much sun in cold water and hair; leave itfor 20M.D., a dermatologist in Santa apply a heavy-duty base layer of also destabilizes the placethem over to 30 minutes andMonica, California, and New your eyes for three then rinse well. For a creamy formula of at least SPF skins oxygen mole-York City. Just dont forget to cules, releasing free to five minutes, "It very dry, stripped 30 to every inch of your skin.reapply sunscreen afterward. radicals that lead to feels soothing, and hair, Graf recom- Then you can use an SPF 30 wrinkles and sag- the polyphenols in mends treatmentsWhen you get home, wash your that contain olive oil, or higher spray or stick, for ging.Fight this effect green tea reduceface as you normally would, by using a moistur- inflammation," says ceramides, neem oil, touch-ups throughout the day.and apply your regular acne izerwith an SPF oilS dermatologist Karyn and cholesterol. "Lotions tend to provide themedication as needed. best coverage because theyre90 WOMENS HEALTH JUNE 2009 womenshealthmag.com
  4. 4. BEAUTY SPFS WITHthe thickest; Rodan says. Use at A VITAMIN Gripe the University of Miamileast a teaspoon on each major SPIKE IT SWEATS OFF Cosmetic Medicine and Studies have shown thatbody part (more for the larger DURING WORKOUTS Research Institute. topical antioxidants enhanceparts). Thats at least one ounce, sun protection. Look for The best thing about warm Another option is toor about a shot glass full. sunscreens containing weather is being able to dust on a sun-protection vitamins A. C, and E: When its time to reapply, exercise outdoors. The worst powder (one is Colorescience green tea: or soy,you can reach for less labor- thing is having to wear heavy Sunforgettable Brush SPF 30intensive formulas, such as sol- sunscreens that drip-usually Sun Protection in All Clear,ids and sprays. "Sticks are great into your eyes - the second $50, colorescience.com forfor facial touch-ups because Guard your lips with a clear you break a sweat, stores) over your usual creamthey offer so much control and balm (like Palmers Cocoa Solution Sweat- and water- or gel sunblock. These go onthe sunscreen wont get in your Butter Moisturizing Lip Balm resistant gels and lotions are like any loose powder, buteyes; Grossman says. "Sprays SPF 15, $1.50, at drugstores) the best performers for hardcore they have a water-resistantare good for the body because or tinted formulas (such as activity. "They can still drip, but formula that helps keep themtheyre easy to apply, but you Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss theyll last longer than regular (and your sunscreen) in place.still have to spritz liberally- SPF 15, $7, at drugstores). And formulas," Grossman says. And dont forget protec-enough to initially see a white carry a protective hand lotion But if your eyes are sensitive, tive gear, like a visor and afilm on the skin - to get the ap- (such as Borba Advanced you may have to settle for a good pair of UV-blockingpropriate SPF. A fine mist isnt Aging Flawless Tone Hand less-absorbent block containing sunglasses. As effective asgoing to fully cover you." Creme SPF 25, $45, borba.com) zinc or titanium, says Leslie its become, sunscreen still in your purse or beach tote. Baumann, M.D., director of benefits from a litt1e backup. _GripeSUNSCREEN FEELS TOOHEAVY UNDER MAKEUPUVA rays penetrate deep intothe dermis, causing damagethat can take years to showup-in the form of wrinkles, SUNSCREEN Myth Dark skin doesnt burn, so ($27, beautyhabit.com).brown spots, and skin cancer-so theyre seriously danger- MYTHS- you dont need sunscreen Myth Getting zaps zits a tanous. And theyre sneaky littlebuggers; they can penetrate car, BUSTED! Reality "ALLcompLex- ions can burn: says Karyn Grossman, M.D., a Reality A tan can tem- porarily camouflage the redness of a pimple dermatoLogist in Santa and dry outthe skinsairplane, and office windows. Monica and New York surface, but sun ex-Thats why you have to wear City. "A dark-skinned posure wilL eventuaLLysunscreen every single day. African-American lead to more breakouts, doesnt need as high an Many makeup companies "It causes a buiLdup SPF as a paLeredhead, of dead skin ceLls thatnow make SPF-enhanced foun- since she has more mela- cLogs pores," Rodandations and powders, but they nin in her skin for natural says, "This actuaLlydont provide enough protec- protection: StiLL,that worsens acne," The sun extra melanin doesnttion alone. "The problem is that aLso dehydrates the guard against the UVyoud ha,ve to use a really thick skin; when that happens, damage that acceLerates your oil glands try tolayer over every millimeter aging or causes cancer, compensate by pumpingof your face, and thats just If you have dark skin, you out more oiL,which may need a broad-spectrumnot realistic-nor would it be sunscreen with an SPF leave you with more zits.attractive," Rodan says. 0115 or higher, Myth Theres noSolution In the morning, put benefit to an SPFon a moisturizer that contains Myth The sun gives you great highlights higher than 30a broad-spectrum sunscreen Reality A higher number Reality "Sun exposure(these protect against both UVA damages your hairtoo," is slightly better, "Youand UVB rays) and an SPF of at says Katie Rodan, MD" get 99 percent sunburn of Stanford University. In protection with SPFleast 30. If your favorite brand fact, those highlights are 90, versus 96 percentdoesnt qualifY, mix your regu- with SPF 30: says evidence of damage thatlar sunscreen with your foun- can give your hair a dry, Howard Sobel, M,D"dation for a tinted sunscreen strawLiketexture and of Lenox HilL HospitaL cause breakage. Keep in New York City, Overproduct. Your SPF-enhanced your hair healthy by a Lifetime, a few moremakeup will act as an extra using UV-shieLding percentage points oflayer of protection. Try apply- products, Try Barex protection can add up toing a sun-shielding primer, like Sun EssentiaL Oil a Lot Less sun damage.NARS Makeup Primer withSPF 20 ($33, sephora.com).92 WOMENS HEALTH JUNE 2009 womenshealthmag.com