The center for women and culture


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The center for women and culture

  1. 1. California State University 5241 N. Maple Fresno, California 93740 (559)278-5696
  2. 2. The Center for Women and Culture also use volunteers and interns as a part of their staff each semester.
  3. 3. Mission:  The Women’s Resource Center at California State University, Fresno is established to enhance the learning, work, and life experiences of women in the university community and to educate the campus on women’s issues. The Women’s Resource Center is a compassionate, inclusive, feminist place that provides a sense of belonging, advocacy, and resources for the campus community. It promotes success and nurtures holistic growth and development through various opportunities, activities, and events that focus on women with an eye toward gender, founded in a framework that is fully inclusive of diversity.
  4. 4. Vision:  Empowered women lead the campus community in self- actualizing activities. The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) and its purpose are known campus-wide. Women, men, students, staff, and faculty, all feel comfortable walking into the WRC to participate or seek services. The WRC reaches out to the campus community to help create a climate that embraces equality. The WRC leads a full spectrum of activist/advocacy efforts in areas concerning women, all of which serve an educational purpose. The activities and staff inspire the campus community to collaborate to eradicate sexism, racism, heterosexism, ableism, xenophobia, and other forms of discrimination that women may experience.
  5. 5. Goals  Goals To provide a physical space in which women can share with each other, learn in a collaborative rather than competitive fashion, and seek growth-promoting experiences consistent with the unique modes of learning and communication. To provide referral and peer counseling support services to anyone who is coping with personal transitions, crisis or any other life experiences for which they need nonjudgmental guidance and support. To promote the eradication of individual and institutional sexism, racism, heterosexism, classism and other forms of prejudice and discrimination which affect all of us in a university community. To promote choices and expanded options for women in leading fulfilling, productive lives. To provide women with a variety of intellectual, cultural, social, artistic, recreational, and professional growth activities the celebrate the multicultural composition of our community and promote healthful lifestyles and non-violenct relationships.
  6. 6. Weekly Activities Book Club Enter Mujeres Ladies Lunch Express Sistah to Sistah Annual Activities Luna Fest Take Back the Night Vagina Monologues Herstory Month Latino Heritage Festival
  7. 7. The commonalities between the Center for Woman and Culture and social work are within the core values of social work. The workshops and training are geared toward the importance of human relationships, cultural competences, and competence in self, and services. The center services that are provided or serviced with social justice in mind. Treating the individual with dignity, with integrity, and worth.  The center has a strong commitment to their clients, they always use ethical standards.  Mrs. Francine Oputa is always looking for ways to connect with the population in a professional manner. In order to connect them with the services flyers printed out, E-mails or send, and word of mouth. With the help of other organizations assistances.
  8. 8. Our World, Our Problem, Our Mission Why are there so many organizations to answer the problem, but no answers to solve the problem? I wonder if every one in the world could not see color, what would it be like. Would there be suffering, social in justices, oppression, discrimination, or poverty? Would we need organizations like the center for Women and Culture. What do you think when you see this photo?