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Abdel\'s Cards

  1. 1. NORTHEAST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Barn Swallow HABITAT: Grassland DIET: flying insects while airborne FACT: The barn swallow is the most widespread species of swallow in the world. BY: Abdel
  2. 2. MIDATLANTIC REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Golden Eagle HABITAT: Grassland DIET: Hares ,mice, birds, foxes, young deer, young goat FACT: you would mostly see golden eagle’s at foothills, plains, open country. BY:ABDEL
  3. 3. SOUTHEAST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Bald eagle HABITAT: Lakes, Rivers, Ponds DIET: Fish, Trout, Salmon, carrion FACT: Bald Eagles are mostly at coats , rivers, large lakes and mountains. BY: Abdel
  4. 4. GREAT LAKES REGION - UNITED STATES HABITAT: coast DIET: Fish FACT: The long-tailed duck is gregarious, Forming large flocks in winter and during migration. BY: Abdel BIRD NAME: Long-Tailed duck
  5. 5. MIDWEST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: common night hawk HABITAT: Mountains DIET: Flying insects on the wing FACT: Common night hawk is mostly called the bull bat. BY:ABDEL
  6. 6. MOUNTAIN REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: American robin HABITAT: coast DIET: beetles, grubs, caterpillars FACT: The American robin is active mostly during the day assembles in large flocks at night. BY: Abdel
  7. 7. PACIFIC COAST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: Barn owl HABITAT: grassland DIET: small vertebrates, rodents, small bats FACT: The Barn Owl is one of the most widespread vertebrate species on Earth, occurring on every continent except Antarctica . BY: Abdel
  8. 8. SOUTHWEST REGION - UNITED STATES BIRD NAME: house finch HABITAT: coasts DIET: grains, seed, berries FACT: The house finch may be infected by a number of parasites including Plasmodium relictum . BY: Abdel
  9. 9. ATLANTIC COASTAL PLAIN - MARYLAND BIRD NAME: American tree swallow HABITAT: marshes, swamps DIET: seeds, insects, berries FACT: The American Tree Sparrow , Spizella Arborea , is a medium-sized sparrow . BY: Abdel
  10. 10. PIEDMONT PLATEAU - MARYLAND BIRD NAME: house sparrow HABITAT: urban DIET: larvae, insects, seeds, grain FACT: The male House Sparrow has a grey crown, cheeks and under parts, black on the throat, upper breast and between the bill and eyes . BY: Abdel
  11. 11. APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN REGION - MARYLAND BIRD NAME: American gold finch HABITAT: grassland DIET: sun flowers FACT: The American Goldfinch are adapted for the consumption of seed heads, with a conical beak to remove the seeds and agile feet to grip the stems of seed heads while feeding. It is a social bird. BY: Abdel