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Communication assistance power point


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communication assistance PowerPoint

Published in: Education
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Communication assistance power point

  1. 1. Communication is Important Pamela Diamond Derricka De jean
  2. 2. Communication is about expressing and receiving information  One can communicate through words  One can communicate through actions  One can communicate through music  One can communicate through technology (Conderman, Johnston-Rodriguez, Hartman, & Kemp, 2010)
  3. 3. Technology has added new possibilities to the special needs population  Augmented communication devices  Adaptive equipment  Environmental control units
  4. 4. Special needs population can communicate through music with some technological assist.
  5. 5. It is important to assess all possibilities for each individual to reach his or her highest potential. Find that “just right” challenge. Do not go overboard (Corderio & Cunningham, 2013).
  6. 6.  We want to enhance possibilities, as opposed to stifle imagination (Cook & Hussey, 2002)  Communicate effectively  Help people reach their greatest potential. With new technology there is no limit
  7. 7. References Conderman, G., Johnston-Rodriguez, S., Hartman, P., & Kemp, D. (2010). What teachers should say and how they should say it. Kappa Delta Pi Record, 46 (4), 175-181 Cook, A.,M., & Hussey, S., M., (2002). Assistive Technologies; Principles and Practice. St. Louis, MO:Mosby, Inc. Corderio, PA., & Cunningham, W.G. (2013). Educational Leadership; A bridge to Improved Practice. Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.