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Chapter 8: Human-Centric Marketing for Brand Attraction


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Building Authentic Brands as Friends

Published in: Education
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Chapter 8: Human-Centric Marketing for Brand Attraction

  1. 1. Human-centric Marketing Now that we’re moving in the digital world, will our human touch fade?
  2. 2. DIGITAL ANTHROPOLOGY Study of how human interacts with digital interface Behavior of humans and his/her activities Interaction with one another Brand perception in the digital world
  3. 3. DIGITAL ANTHROPOLOGY Why do someone “trend”? *Digital Analytics 3 METHODS: Social Listening Netnography Emphatic Research
  4. 4. Method 1: Social Listening Proactive process of monitoring what is being said about a brand on the internet (through social media and online communities) Monitoring social conversations into usable customer intelligence information *good for identifying leads and prospects
  5. 5. Method 1: Social Listening AKA: social customer relationship management Identify praise, sentiments, criticisms, etc. Efficient way of Market Research
  6. 6. Method 2: Netnography Method that accepts the practice of ethnography to understand human behaviors in e-tribes or online communities Study humans through immersion *deeply engaged participants *disclosure of purpose and ad permission
  7. 7. Method 2: Netnography Whereas social listening mostly uses social media monitoring software to automatically create data visualizations, netnography still requires the researchers to synthesize their deeper insights Netnography entails reflection of observations and a high level of empathy
  8. 8. Method 3: Emphatic Research Involves human perspective and empathy in the research process Involves participatory observation and immersion in the contexts of customer communities with the objective of uncovering latent consumer needs. Involves multi-disciplinary team members such as psychologists, anthropologists, product designs, engineers and marketers.
  9. 9. Six attributes of human centric brands Understanding the human side of customers through digital anthropology studies is the important first step of human-centric marketing. Equally important is to unveil the human side of brands that can attract customers.
  10. 10. Six Attributes When brands want to influence customers as friends without overpowering them, they must posses these six human attributes: physicality, intellectuality, sociability, emotionality, personability and morality.
  11. 11. Physicality Brands that aim to have influence over their customers should have physical attractions that make them unique, albeit not perfect. *deals with Marketing’s Physical Evidence – the ambience, visuals, well-design logo, trademarks – the “total presentation”, must be coherent and aesthetic *logos also forward brand identity
  12. 12. Intellectuality Related to the ability to think beyond the obvious and the ability to innovate. Brands with strong intellectuality are innovative and have the ability to launch products and services not previously conceived by other players and by the customers. The brands thus demonstrate their ability to effectively solve customers’ problems. *considered as market leaders – those who offer solutions first in the industry
  13. 13. Sociability
  14. 14. Emotionality Emotions drive one to act. Brands that evoke emotions solicit favorable customer actions. Forwards brand message.
  15. 15. Personability Self-awareness; conscious of what they are good while admitting what is yet to be learned. Show self-confidence and self- motivation to improve themselves. Brands which are not afraid to show their flaws and take full responsibility for their actions. DO YOU THINK MITSUBISHI EXHIBITS THIS?
  16. 16. Morality All about ethics and having strong integrity. Values-driven Forwards the care for customers and reliability; that they are a dependable brand