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WordPress Multisite: SEO Considerations

  1. 1. 973-664-7775 1 Is WordPress Multisite Right for You? SEO Considerations
  2. 2. 973-664-7775 2 SEO Is HARD.  Keep up with Google’s latest technical requirements  Push out a ton of high quality and well-keyword-optimized content on a regular basis  Acquire quality inbound links for the domain  Constantly monitor performance  Consult with an SEO expert or agency on a regular basis
  3. 3. 973-664-7775 3 SEO Is EXPENSIVE. SEO can easily end up being a five-figure-per-year investment. The moment you deploy another website, that expense nearly doubles.
  4. 4. 973-664-7775 4 SEO Opportunities for Multiple Websites  Claim more than one spot on Page 1 of search results
  5. 5. 973-664-7775 5 SEO Opportunities for Multiple Websites  Show search engines that each site is clearly focused on one topic or geographical location  Makes each individual site more likely to rank for its topic or within its target region
  6. 6. 973-664-7775 6 SEO Opportunities for Multiple Websites  Incorporate desirable keywords in each domain name* *This “exact match domain” SEO tactic doesn’t carry the weight that it used to in the past, but it certainly does still carry some weight.
  7. 7. 973-664-7775 7 Network Design Decision If you want to try to realize some of these potential SEO benefits, and are certain that you can handle the additional workload and budgetary investment required for optimizing multiple sites, then your next decision is how to deploy and start managing your multiple websites. Multiple (Different) Domains Subdirectories Subdomains,, etc.,, etc.,, etc.
  8. 8. 973-664-7775 8 Multiple Domains,, etc. Benefits Downsides Good fit for… “Exact Match Domain” opportunity Must build up domain authority for each domain separately For global organizations that need a strong search engine presence in multiple different countries, a multi-domain approach with different country code top-level domains (aka ccTLDs), i.e. for Australia and for Spain, can be of particular benefit
  9. 9. 973-664-7775 9 Subdirectories,, etc. Benefits Downsides Good fit for… Eliminates the issue of having to acquire high quality links on multiple domains Does not offer the benefit of having various “exact match domain” names For an organization that has limited resources for public relations and social media efforts, the subdirectory approach can make more sense than having separate domain names—since search engines will see all the content as belonging to a single site
  10. 10. 973-664-7775 10 Subdomains,, etc. Benefits Downsides Good fit for… Offers the opportunity to use keywords in the subdomain name, yet have all sites share a main domain and therefore somewhat share inbound link equity across the network Domain authority still needs to be built up separately for each subdomain by acquiring reputable inbound links for each Franchises or companies with multiple physical locations, where each individual location will be doing its own marketing efforts for its own site
  11. 11. 973-664-7775 11 No Single Right Answer • As you can see, there’s no single best approach here. Different approaches make sense for different businesses. • And the decision on how to set up your Multisite network gets even more complicated if there’s already separate domains or subdomains in existence. • The decision of whether to maintain that structure, or whether to use the transition to WordPress Multisite as an opportunity to consolidate or change the structure, must take into account: • How long the separate domains or subdomains have been in existence • How much inbound link equity each has • How much the keywords in the domains or subdomains seem to be having an impact on rankings.
  12. 12. 973-664-7775 12 Recommended Reading • SEO Considerations for Managing Multiple Websites